Fish with heart CropI want to deeply thank everyone who responded in writing or sent loving energies to me about my experiences about the death of my older brother. I wrote about it here.

My godchild Jonah graduated from third grade last week, and I took this photo of a little fish on the wall at his school.

It reminded me of that wonderfull Rumi poem;


I am so small I can barely be seen.

How can this great love be inside me?

Look at your eyes. They are small,

But they see enormous things.


This tiny fish is so small, but moved my heart in big ways.

We have these opportunities to love, to lose, to find again.

To discover in ourselves parts of our hearts that may have seemed lost or were merely hiding for a time.

To know our love as immense and like a mountain.

To feel and be small and in our vulnerabilities, feel utter safety.

  • What big loves live inside of you?
  • How and where do you feel small and do you allow it?
  • Where do you see and where do you close your eyes from seeing?

I am welcoming my mysteries, my depths, my shallows and my sees/seas 

There is so much to explore, experience and discover! My appetites have grown both larger and more discerning.

Share some part of your heart here, if you wish, I will appreciate it and you.

Add your musings or good thoughts here:

responses so far (what you share will be loved and appreciated)

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