SARK’s Creativity Clubhouse

SARK’s Creativity Clubhouse

A clubhouse for grownups with creative spirits, wild women, and succulent souls!

Dearest Sparkle Star,

You are most lusciously invited to my brand-new, super cool Creativity Clubhouse!

When I read the book Pippi Longstocking as a child, I wanted her house most of all, because it was crooked, painted bright colors and contained MAGIC.

That’s what I’m creating for SARK’s Creativity Clubhouse!

Straight from my Magic Cottage in San Francisco, I’ve created a fantastical place for you to play, transform, be creative and have FUN together with ME and other creative, magical souls.

So come on over and lounge around with me. Of course, pajamas and naps are encouraged;-) along with all the real life stuff too- all feelings & experiences are welcome and true transformation abounds.

Come along – EVERYBODY INTO THE POOL – we’re having a PARTY, and you’re our special guest!

Radiantly loving,
Susan (aka SARK)

SARK’s Creativity Clubhouse

I want to support you in all of the exuberant ways that I know how.  So I’ve created a safe place to dance with your wildest desires….dream your magic life into being….create…inspire and be inspired….

I’ve named it SARK’s Creativity Clubhouse, and I designed as THE PLACE where we can gather, grow, dream, dare, and transform – using your creativity and my creativity, and the creativity of a magical community! 

I want to know you – your dreams and desires – your fulfilled wishes – your struggles and efforts – and I want to support you to make REAL all that you dream!

Here’s what I’ve created just for YOU:

A Virtual Clubhouse!

This is a private community that, just like your childhood treehouse, has a secret door knock to get in!  Once inside, you know you are a part of something big, special, and magical.  You’ll feel the support of me, my amazing team, and hundreds of kindred spirits all waiting to support you and cheer you in your creative desires.

Each month, we’ll go off on a different adventure together – each one designed to support whatever transformation you need to make your dreams real!  We’ll be dancing through life, gathering our universal gifts, learning to love and cherish, expand our horizons and dwell in gratitude, just to share a few of the plans I have!

To support each adventure, you’ll get:

  • A fun game to play with your friends – virtual or real!
  • A fresh new creation of Inspiring SARK Art
  • An Audio Inspiration from me, SARK, that you can listen to over and over
  • An INspiration Support Sheet… a “playsheet” to guide you along the pathway to your dreams

A Creative Contribution Station!

Some people call this a private Facebook group – I like to think of it as your dedicated way-station on the path of life where you can create and contribute with others – and receive inspiration and contribution. 

We aren’t meant to do so many things alone – and now you don’t have to.

When you’re here, you can know that you are always seen, you are always known, and you are always heard. 

And we are dreaming big with you!  You’ll grow close to this group of kindred spirits, bouncing creative beans – it will be your joyFULL community to connect with each and every day.

A Club Discount to most everything available on PlanetSARK!

You’ll hear about what’s new before anyone else, and you’ll be given special discount codes to use as well.  You’ll be able to save 5-25% on most everything offered here, totally paying for your membership every single month!

Special Surprises and Member-only Invitations

I’m so excited to get to know you and create what will support you the most. We’ll be doing fun things like surprise tele-Parties with me and some of my friends, serendipitous messages, and even special Member-only events. 

Even I don’t know what all this will include – you’ll be able to make suggestions and tell us what you want – and I’ll be so happy to provide it for you!

Our First Member-Only Exclusive Event is happening on Oct. 30th!

To celebrate the opening of the Creativity Clubhouse, we’ll be having a
Club-Housewarming Tele-Party

We’ll be opening the doors to the Creativity Clubhouse together during a special event on Tuesday, October 30th. 

Join now for special Charter Member benefits and an invitation to this very first exclusive event.

To celebrate Charter Membership, I’m hosting our Club-Housewarming Tele-Party where I get to party with you LIVE.  I’ll be sharing my vision for the Clubhouse, inviting you to share your intentions, playing games and offering coaching and support.  It’s going to be a FUN, FESTIVE time, and it’s only for Charter Members, so join me in the Clubhouse today!

There are two ways to join SARK’s Creativity Clubhouse

Join us as a monthly member for just $9.97/month!  With this membership, you’ll get instant access to new content as it becomes available each month, and you’ll be automatically renewed each month, unless you tell us otherwise.

Or join now for the ENTIRE YEAR!  Make sure that you don’t miss a thing that’s happening at the Clubhouse, and get 2 months free, by choosing today to be a Charter Member for the entire first year. 

When we gather in creative community like this, it is truly powerFULL.

I’ve been gathering people together on the Internet since 1998, and I’ve seen it result in so many real life
friendships, business inventions, sharing of resources, magical mentoring, creativity outbursts, surprise in person meetings and most of all;

MIRACLES in motion.

The Creativity Clubhouse is full of transformational SARK words and art to nourish your spirit and soul to overflowing. I can’t wait to see you inside!

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