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Dear Moonbeam,

You might know that I wrote a whole book about napping called Change Your Life Without Getting Out Of Bed.

I created this book because I was so often feeling crabby and overworked. I still sometimes feel this way.

I’ve learned that when I feel good, I do good. And that when I feel rested, I feel better.

Of course it isn’t always or often possible to just stay in bed, but it IS possible to do what I call “change your moods like clothes” and take what I describe as “micro naps.”

It IS possible to change your thinking to better support what you’re doing, rather than what you say you don’t want.


The photograph is of one of my “virtual mentors.”
Her name is Irene, and she’s 81 years old. She runs races and wins most of them.
This photo of her reminds me to “rest in the middle.”
So, I’m reminding you. 

How’s your resting and napping ability? What deeply or briefly relaxes you?

Let me know below, and I’ll include your suggestions in another post about napping and resting.

Nap on! (or rest in the middle)
SARK (aka Susan)

p.s. you are GLORIOUSLY invited to rest + play + learn with us in our free Love BEAMS mentoring call on Thu/4 June 5:30-7Pm PST sign up here and you’ll also receive the inspiring recording.

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