You’ve all won beautiful blessings from the universe!

Yes, you already have exactly what you need. You can create and do and manifest everything your heart desires and more.  You’re a winner indeed, my lovely.

Today, I’m especially excited to announce the SARK Poster Love sweepstakes winners.

For 30 years I’ve been sharing my artistic gifts with women all over the world. And now I am honored to share that a few of you have manifested a transformational poster prize directly from Planet SARK…  

Let us all congratulate the SARK Poster Love sweepstakes winners…

The winner of the Grand Prize – 1 Custom SARK Poster Collage piece of art goes to Roberta L.!

The winner of the Grand Prize – 1 Marvelous Mentoring Session with SARK goes to Debbie P.!

The First Prize Winners – A complete Ultimate SARK Poster Collection are Ann M., Lindsay D., Kate M., Theresa., and Lori W.!

The Second Prize Winners – Any 3 Posters of Your Choice are Sean S., Sarah D., Dianne D., Teri W., Jenean Z., Jennifer M., Jenn G., Leila, Liz K., and Deborah O.!

The Third Prize Winners – SARK in Your Pocket are Jenelle V., Kristen W., Kristen D., Michelle, Judy N., Lucinda, Carrie S., Larkin S., Susan P., Donna W., Rhonda, Dawn, Sandy M., Marby, W Baugh, Kimmy K., Mahana, Jane, Rebecca H., Lisa O., Jess, Lisa L., Carie M., Patti K., Cheryl R., Lise G., Katie, Carol, Anne M., Honey W., Susanne K., Tanja, Sherry S., Marybeth K., Kristy, Joetta B., Mystik M., Stephanie L., Lissa D., Vicki, Hailey M., Robin W., Tara B., Danielle S., Sophie, Mary P., Yael G., Stormy, Michele B., and Brenda!

A private email was sent to each of the winners because we didn’t want to share their full names. So if you think you won, check your email. 🙂

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