FlowerPeople Amaze Me

I love that our dreams never stop knocking and desires keep coming.

No matter what happens in our lives, we still dream and desire and want more.

When I mentor people, I have the great privilege of witnessing & facilitating their dreams & desires being made REAL.

My mentoring clients amaze me with their visions and expressions and everything that gets created, produced and released.

In every case, there are fears, doubts, uncertainties and avoidances.

There are also brave moves, ingenious solutions, feelings transformed, grace glowing and hearts leaping.

All of it comes together into the NEW.

People amaze me with what’s inside them.

We are made to allow our desires to flow through and take shapes, to invent new lives, all along this great wild ride called life.

When I attempted suicide at age 35, I of course had no idea what I would have missed if I hadn’t stayed around.

No SARK books, products or programs.

No cat named Jupiter or Magic Cottage in San Francisco, or officiating at my baby brothers wedding, or finding this remarkable partner and man that I live with and love so happily now.

When I called the suicide prevention line to share what I’d done and get some help, the woman on the phone said; “Did you really want to die, or did you just want the pain to end.”


I had just wanted the pain to end, and hadn’t known how.

I found out that the HOW was me learning to really love me, with the help of my inner Wise Self, and to express all the dreams and desires I had inside.

And transform the pain.

And so I began…….

And continue.

p.s. It’s such a privilege to mentor those in my Magical Mentoring program. It’s currently fantastically full, but if you are called, please let me know here, and I’ll notify you when there’s an opening.

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