Transforming with SARK and Friends

Transforming With
SARK and Friends!

Experience the Magic & Miracles of my first ever LiveStream Video Event at your convenience on the computer!

We had a magical time during our first ever Transformational Teaching Video Party. I offered powerful transformational processes you can use right now in your life, and was joined by my great friends and fellow teachers; Dori Etter, Edward Vilga, and Dr. John Waddell, and the wonder healing dog Belle.

Here’s some of what our fabulous participants had to say about their experience:

  • This was the best workshop I’ve ever been too! – Laura
  • Thanks for the love and sharing! My creativity cup is so-full! – Evan
  • What a fabulous workshop!!! I’m energized. – Joanne

I intend to support you in all of the exuberant and skillfull ways that I know how. So I’m bringing you innovative teaching methods, using technology at it’s best- intimate, connecting and transformational. I’ve created a learning environment where you can practice right along with me and other gifted teachers and mentors.

I’m so glad to share all of that with you through the power of video recording! You’ll be able to download the videos, store them on your own computer, and watch them anytime you would like to.

Here’s a juicy taste of what’s in store for you:

Succulent Self-Love – I review for you the powerful transformational processes I use daily to live like a full cup of self-love, sharing the overflow with the world, including how to fill yourself back UP from the inside, when you don’t feel that way.

The processes I share are:

  • Activating and empowering your inner Wise Self to mentor and guide you through all the aspects of your life. I share how and why to write “love notes” from yourself to yourself, and how this will support you in receiving new kinds of support in every way.
  • Developing a “feelings care system” so that your emotions can move through you more quickly, and leave room for you to experience more JOY. I share how expressing your feelings is the key, and how to do it in 10 sec to 5 minutes.

You’ll also be able to download these key support sheets:

  • Your inner Wise Self Wants To Help You Transform
  • Three Part Harmony: Caring For Your Feelings Results in Feeling Better More Often

Making Creative Dreams REAL – I’ll share the processes I use to truly manifest my dreams – from my magnificent creations to the people I have in my life. You’ll be inspired to DREAM your dreams and make them REAL.

You’ll also be able to download these key support sheets:

  • MicroMOVEments of Delight: Tiny Movements = Huge Results

Miraculous Relationships – This hour is with me and my new life partner – John! We’ll talk about a no-compromise relationship and what it means to be what I call Sole-Mates. We share 3 keys you can use in any type of relationship to have it be Miraculous.

You’ll also be able to download a key support sheet:

  • Miraculous Relationships: Three Guidelines for Creating Happy Relationships Of All Kinds

Through it all, you’ll feel the support of me, my amazing team, and hundreds of kindred spirits all gathering to support you and cheer you on in your creative desires and making your dreams REAL! We’ll all be transforming challenges together, claiming our universal gifts, learning to love who we are even more, expand our perspectives and dwell in gladness.

MIRACLES in motion.

Get Instant Access Now just $19

  • Thx for the energy and enthusiasm! – Molly
  • Great way to spend a Sunday – Meg
  • Yes! Yes! Yes! SO awesome! Accessible to so many people, it’s wonderful! – JoAnn
  • Three hours of bliss! – Elaine
  • All this Laughter together really is Heaven on Earth – Joshua
  • Amazing, beautiful and magical! – Carrie
  • This has been so amazing! You are all beautiful and amazing and succulent and luscious and delicious – Carlene
  • Many thanks SARK for a wonderful party and life lessons! – Janet

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