Dear darling dancing DOT,

I’ve decided that BLOG stands for Beauty, Love, Openness and Gladness.

Want to play?

I’m going to be adventure posting often, randomly, imperfectly, badly, quickly, thoughtfully, kindly and with my full heart;-)

I’ll be sharing serendipitous adventures, musings, fresh perspectives, mistakes and resources that you might enjoy.

Actually, I’m sitting on a wooden bridge on the central coast right now writing this, because the internet in my hot springs cabin stopped functioning. And of course it’s a miracle to have it all!

It was amusing to walk the trails with my laptop until I found a signal.

Let’s signal more LOVE, PLAY and MIRACLES to and for each other.

Big love,
Susan (aka SARK)

Add your musings or good thoughts here:

responses so far (what you share will be loved and appreciated)

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