Jumping JohnI’ve now returned from vacation and am jumping for JOY- here’s my partner John, jumping;-) about how many people are watching my free Activating and Empowering Your Personal Power video series, and engaging deeply with their Inner Wise Selves and transforming their inner critics.

These kinds of transformations are truly powerFULL.

The video series is on this week, into early next and I invite you to join us here if you haven’t already- it’s incredibly fun & I’m really enjoying dialoguing with as many people there as I can.

And in the midst of jumping for joy, I’m also crawling through challenges, staggering towards ecstasy, resisting change, and revisiting previous patterns.

While all these things are happening, I’m in continuous connection with my activated and empowered Inner Wise Self, so that I can transform things skillfully and as often as possible- with great love.

Sending you love + transformations in every dimension in your life~

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