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Publishing Advice

SARK’s publishing advice

Dear creative soul,

I wanted to put together a brief letter for you to have as a guideline to publishing. I know this process is can be somewhat daunting and scaling what can feel like a wall is brave. It takes strength and endurance, but and it can be done with humor, beauty and individuality. Above all, stay centered, envision and don’t give up! You will make your publishing dreams reality REAL if you continue to believe in your work, and allow others to see and experience it.

“We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”
-Marianne Williamson

If you wish to publish use this affirmation:
“A Publisher will be lucky to find me!”

Continue believing in your own writing and message. Use this expression for your benefit:
“If I’m not getting rejected, I’m not reaching far enough.”
Visualize your published book and keep going!

Here are some simple things to keep in mind as you stroll into the world of publishing your work

Make it real
Take your idea, and turn it into a physical book with a cover, art and a table of contents. Make it look as much like what you’ve seen in your imagination as possible. Lay out the design, add some writing. Give life to your book. Does it not have a life of its own anyway?

In the Beginning
Choose safe, gentle souls who are willing to not criticize, but support you in this state of your publishing journey. Share your book with them. Let them be thrilled with you. Listen and hear what they are saying to you. Do not dismiss their compliments or encouragement.

Study and read everything about publishing you can find. The library has a lot of resources. Bookstores are good places to check out the newer books. Start to pay attention to who publishes books you like and admire. Read books that inspire you to continue writing. Read anything that helps you to stay close to your vision, encourages you, makes you laugh, makes you cry and feeds your soul.

Start a List
Start keeping track of publishers you like. Ask questions. Call a publisher you like and ask for submission guidelines or who you could talk to, to get this information. Be gently persistent and wildly curious. Check the current year’s Writer’s Guide for more submission information. They also have current editors and phone numbers.

Remember this:
The only reason publishers exist
is because of authors



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