To my dearest Love’s Blossom,

I am envisioning a spectacular New Year ahead for you.

It is moonlit and filled with fresh wonders.

New brave parts of you are emerging.

Wily old patterns are untangling.

Ways that you thought you needed to be don’t apply anymore.

You are drenched in self love and love from unexpected sources.

You are the source.

You see yourself smiling on the inside.

You walk forward with the posture you just always knew you didn’t need to “work at.”

All your dreams start manifesting in ways you always thought they would.

Dreams that aren’t happening, are not the ones that would nourish you most.

Trust renews itself.

Miracles roll in.

People come towards you in new wonderfull ways.

You are not a quitter- you are a chooser.

Your vision improves and you see love everywhere.


I love you.
SARK (aka Susan)


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