My 7 year-old spiritual godchild Jonah just graduated from first grade, and I felt guided to create a symbol of how loved and supported he is.

I made a big flower with space in the center for a face, then I wrote names in the petals, of people who love him.

Flower Power

I also wrote: “Dear Jonah, every day, in every way, people are thinking of you and love you as you play.”

Then each of us at his little party put our faces in the flower and gave him our intentions for his summer.

He just sat there, grinning, drinking in the love. Later, he used the special pen I’d given him to add more names to the petals. He said excitedly:

“Susan! I added more names and still have 7 more petals to fill with love- isn’t that lucky?”

And so, I extend this flower power of love to you and to your loved ones.

The face in the center of Jonah’s flower is his mom, Valerie.

aka SARK

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