EnJOYI found this message written on a wall on one of my hikes recently.

It reminded me of course, to enjoy where I was at.

It also delighted me that people write things like this.

The whole world occurs to me like a living book, with people creating on its surfaces everywhere.

We are invited to participate all the time.

Sometimes the messages are less appealing- we can still choose to enjoy where we’re at.

I get crabby and impatient often- the other day I was at a food bar waiting to get some food, behind a young man with headphones in his ears, moving microscopically slow as he dished up his food- the food that I wanted to quickly get.

I had urges to push him aside and definitely was NOT enjoying where I was at.

Then I remembered this sign, and refocused on a laughing baby in the store, and realized that it was my choice about what to enjoy- or not.

What are you enjoying choosing?

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