Don’t Write While Driving!

Actually, this is untrue.

You can write in your mind, anywhere your mind goes.

Some of my best writing occurs in the bathtub, while washing dishes and out walking.

I’m often stopping on a walk to make notes in my little notebook, and now also in my “smartphone” notes section.

Thinking about writing *IS* writing too!

In my WINS writing program, I also encourage the participants to write less, more often.  As a result, more writing gets written and more life gets lived. Writing while dreaming is particularly effective and all it requires is for you to lie down and sleep- or perhaps just sleep.

Writing while having a conversation can also happen, although it requires you to be an “ambidextrous listener.”

Writing while writing is another phenomenon, and it means that you’re thinking of other things to write as you’re writing something else.

Writing while eating is never recommended if it interrupts the pleasure of food;-)

So you can “write” while driving as long as you keep both hands on the wheel!

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