The Power Of The Afterlife

The Power Of The Afterlife

This is John, my beloved former fiancé who died in my arms in March 2016.

It was one of the most horrifying and gorgeous experiences of my life, and I’ve written a lot about it previously in my Magic Blog, including about many of his amazing activities in the afterlife.

You might wonder why I also describe the experience as gorgeous- it is because of the incredible love I felt and feel as a result of knowing him, and everything I’ve learned and am learning, since. 

I now understand that there is no “death” in the conventional understanding, and that there is tremendous under, or unutilized power available to us from the afterlife- especially in this current time.

With respect to everyone reading and all the different belief systems, I want to share more now about what I believe and have experienced about the power of the 

afterlife and to share John’s gift with you. 

I started connecting with beings in the afterlife in my childhood- actually I connected with beings from all sorts of dimensions, including those in the future. 

I have all sorts of memories of the future. 

When I was young, I saw Native Americans cooking in the corner in my bedroom at night. When I told my parents, they told me I was over imaginative. So I learned not to talk about it- with them.

Before John left, he told me he was eager to mentor people from beyond the physical realm and that all they had to do was ask. He was so excited that he could be all over the universe in an infinite number of places at once. He has asked me to remind you that you can ask him.

If you’re drawn to this idea, you can ask him as simply as this: 

“John, could you help?” 

You might picture his face or just his energy. You don’t need to “know him” to be able to do this. I often ask for him to connect before I go to sleep, and he appears in my dream and responds.

I ask him often and he has: fixed things, found things, reassured me, helped me to create new things- I have profound experiences with this all of the time. One of the most profound of all was that John told me that my life partner was arriving in May. I met my beloved David on May 21 2018, and we’ve been joyfully loving and living together ever since. 

And of course it’s not only John, anyone in the afterlife can be called on for help or insight. I know for example that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is very active right now. 

You might already be doing this and accessing this power with people in your life who have departed physically.

I asked John recently if he knew who would win the upcoming United States election, and he said that the outcome is being powerfully developed by all of us, and that loving is the whole point.

He had given me his wisdom about this prior to the last election in 2016 after he departed and has been helping to guide me in communicating about it since.

So vote for love with your whole heart and keep doing that no matter who “wins.

We have mighty missions now, and every soul is needed, including the ones we don’t agree with. Practicing unconditional love- no matter what- is the key- which is often the hardest vote of all. And remember that if you practice badly, it still works.

If you wish, let the beings in the afterlife know what you need and want- they have tremendous power in all ways– especially without having physical bodies and personalities to deal with.

John is available in his infinite presence, and eager to be asked. 

Let me know if you’re drawn, or have experiences with this sort of energy, I’ll love to hear. 

And of course, vote!




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I Miss Sitting Close

I Miss Sitting Close

This photo is from a tiny party I had in July 2018, before David moved in and before the world of ourselves changed.
Thank you dear Andrea for standing on the couch to take the photograph.
Thank you from left to right: Virginia, Yofe,
moi, Val, Eric, Vanda, Monica.

When I saw it, it made me realize that I miss sitting close- leaning, squeezing, hugging, singing, laughing, crying close together with people that I like + love.
Maybe you do too?

Since I’ve been teaching on video calls since 2010, a certain kind of visual closeness is familiar to me- and I’m so gratefull to technology for being able to gather closely in that way.

But I miss sitting close.

I’m writing about this to be close in another kind of way- to closely share my intimate experience with you helps me to feel closer to you, and myself.

There are lots of other things I miss, and some I don’t.

I don’t miss pressuring myself to “be social,” when I don’t feel like it. As much as I am usually clear and direct about what I want, I sometimes “do things” or go places out of fear, obligation or guilt.
Can you relate?

Years ago, I figured out that that spells
FOG:-) and I now adjust my activities accordingly. It feels like quarantine supports me in practicing with that, and instead of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) I am much more able to practice JOMO
(Joy Of Missing Out.)

What do you miss?
What don’t you?
What are you practicing?



p.s. if you miss listening to something real and nourishing, call me on my Inspiration Line 415 546 3742 and say hi. I’ll love to hear your voice. Or, you can simply listen and hang up- I’ll appreciate that too.

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You Are Your Own Healer

You Are Your Own Healer

I send you this art as a reminder of your healing abilities- no matter what.

As I was deciding what to write for this Magic Blog, I found myself bereft of words, caught in what felt like a hopeless entanglement of sadness and loss.

No-thing in particular, everything in general.

I imagine you know what I mean.

I’m reminded of what someone said to last week when I wrote about being yelled at in my Magic Blog.

Kathryn Tabor wrote;
“How do you do it SARK? Cheerful on top of Cheerful?”

And I replied;
Dear Kathryn Tabor!
“I’m cheerfull layered in with crabbiness, despair and absolute horror. I just don’t get stuck there.”

Lots of people thanked me for my honesty, for being real.

I’ve been doing this work of being real and vulnerable my whole life, and for my whole writing life, and since I began publishing my work in 1989.

I cannot imagine being any other way, and have waited my whole life for the world to openly share more of their real selves too, and am so pleased by the significant positive shifts I see and experience in those directions.

Especially when that realness contributes to real healings for real people in this world.

The more we can each be who we really and truly are, embracing and sharing our shadows and sharing our light, and opting out of trying to bypass the real stuff, the more we can move forward in and with love.

What about you? Do you feel like you can be real? What stops you or supports you in that? In what ways are you healing yourself? Let me know in the comments if you wish.



You Are Your Own Healer

So. Much. Love.

The other day, I was standing tucked into the corner of a garden space on the street, far away from all people, writing on my cell phone with my mask down.

A woman with a small dog on a leash appeared on the sidewalk-about 3/4 of block away-shouting,
“You’re part of the problem! It’s people like you without a mask!!!”

I didn’t realize at first that she was shouting at me.

I pulled up my mask briefly to show her that I had one and continued writing.
She shouted louder and started screaming all sorts of things at me.

As irritation and anger rose large in me, I suddenly also saw all her fear unmasked. I realized that she felt terrified to be out walking in the dangerous (in her mind) sunshine air in any kind of proximity to an unmasked person- even though we were at that point, more than 30 yards apart.

I then located my compassion and was able to just beam love towards her- she continued screaming, so there was no chance for dialogue.

I think that deliberately occupying love is our greatest activism. Occupying love in the face of hatred or fear is our “no matter what” opportunity.

If course it doesn’t always “work.”
Then we must have love for ourselves.

And when we experience our own versions of fear or hatred, that we remember that we too are “them.”

I am often busy thinking that I’m not “like them.”

It is a time like no other, and we are being called to generate love like no other.
Of course this doesn’t mean we can’t or don’t get angry or resist.

I believe it means that we let love be larger and more frequently visible, and that we return to love swiftly much more often.

As you vote, vote for that. You are voting, or have voted, right?

What about you? How are you moving through your life with love? I’ll love to know.



A Miracle Encounter + Invitation

A Miracle Encounter + Invitation

A few months after my former fiancé John died, I replaced the blinds in our bedroom, and the installer helped me take the old blinds to the recycling bin. 

As we did this work together, I said, 

“Thank you for helping me do this. My fiancé John would have helped, but he changed his residence to heaven.” 

(I was experimenting with different ways to say that he had died.)

And this man practically shouted,

“You mean he DIED?”

And I replied that he had, and then he exclaimed,                                                    

“How long ago?” 

I told him it had been a few months. He then said,                                                                

“How can you be this good, after that happened?”

I explained that I lived in so much love, and was filled up with so much love, that even this huge loss couldn’t take that love away. I also shared that I had been helplessly sobbing on the floor before he arrived- that I had felt, and feel both horribly sad and incredibly glad, and everywhere in between. I explained that this is what I do with losses.

He then said,

“Well not me! I’m not married, I don’t have kids or even pets, I’m not going to risk losing love and getting my heart broken. Nope, no big-or little- losses for me!”

I told him I understood, and then gently asked if that didn’t mean he was living in loss every day? 

He just stopped and stared at me for the longest time and then said,

“Well, I never thought of it that way. I think you’ve opened my heart right here by this recycling bin. It’s a miracle.”

He asked if I was writing a book about this and I said that I was:

 Living (Mostly) Wonderfull: The Surprising Gifts of Terrible Things.

Now I’m inviting you to attend a brand new depthfull retreat I’m teaching called:

The Surprising Gifts of Terrible Things

*gift locating is optional

 Alchemizing Losses of All Kinds and Letting more Love IN

Get all the details and SIGN UP HERE. I’ll see you there. 

I had a conversation with my dear friend Elissa after this miracle encounter, and she offered this:

“When you try to protect yourself from loss by not loving, or by loving less, you are subject to a feeling of continuous loss.

If you choose love, and eventually lose it, the pain of the loss is temporary. You can practice loving through all the losses, over and over.”

During the retreat you will learn new ways to let more love IN because of the losses, and how to fill yourself UP with the capacity to alchemize both the wonderfull and terrible things that happen.     

(Note: this is not achieved by positive thinking- rather by feeling and loving your way through.) 

You will experience significant new ways to practice alchemizing loss and change and receive immediate benefit as you move forward in your life.

I send us all the willingness to keep feeling and alchemizing our losses and letting more love in.

Let me know how loss is moving in your life and how I can support you in loving your way through. 



p.s. Come if you feel sad, depleted, anxious, hopefull, joyfull, inspired or eager to create the NEW. This is an uncommon retreat, created as a result of my “deeply grieving and wildly living” both- like bird wings. You will be nourished, uplifted and shown new ways to love yourself with ALL the feelings in your emotional family and the people in your life (and this will of course spill out into the world), and in addition to all of that, you will likely have fun;-) 

There is also an optional time for an hour after the retreat to be in small serendipitous groups. Sign up HERE.

For Anyone Grieving- Which Is All Of US

For Anyone Grieving- Which Is All Of US

I’m writing a lot about “deeply grieving & wildly living” in my new book:

Living (Mostly) Wonderfull:
The Surprising *Gifts of Terrible Things
*the gift locating is optional- some things just remain feeling terrible.

I believe that there is a new paradigm of grieving available to us all, where we are grieving not only for death, but for all of our ongoing losses.

We can be actively deeply grieving and wildly living, both at the same time with all the small and large losses in our lives- things like daily routines, lost dreams, relationships, health, hopes, ways of living, challenging financial circumstances, social justice, climate changes, these and so many other losses all call for our active grieving.

We can grieve everything as we live, and blend it all together, and apply that healing mixture skillfully to the lives we are living right now- in all of our circumstances.

Before my former fiancé John died in my arms in 2016, I thought that grief was known to me, and after the deaths of my parents and cat, and all my losses of all kinds.

I thought I was somewhat “experienced at grieving.” And of course I knew something about it, as we all do from living a life.

Death most often brings our awareness to grief in a bigger way- I know it did for me.
My experience with John’s death showed me how little I actually knew– because grief showed up endlessly to teach me.

There is so much to grieve right now.

Death of course, and losses of all shapes and sizes. There are all the non linear stages of grief to navigate and feelings to feel, and there is just so much to grieve right now.

That’s the good news.
It’s good because we love and we grieve. If we’re willing, we can let our grieving lead to even more loving.

Fear of grief and grieving is a larger loss than whatever we’re grieving. We fear grieving because we think we’ll feel worse if we participate, when in fact, we’ll feel…
perhaps not better at first- but different.

That “feeling different” starts the loosening and softening of our resistance to grieving, which then leads to more loving.

As you may know- in 2018, I allowed more love into my life in the form of a remarkable soulmate named David, and we live and love in this kind of “grieving while living” paradigm- deeply grieving and wildly living both, and everywhere in between. And I experience MORE LOVE as a result of this kind of grieving.

What’s your experience with grieving and what losses are you particularly experiencing right now? Let me know.

Also, I am inviting you to join me Thu/17 @1pm Pacific for a special gathering on FB Live, to show you ways to release some losses & let in some more love.

Register HERE and you’ll receive a recording if you can’t be there live.



You Are A Creative Genius

You Are A Creative Genius

I can already hear you saying that you’re not a creative genius, or that others are, or that others are more than you, or that it’s overblown hyperbole. 

It could be the word genius;-) 

But consider this definition:

“Genius comes from the Latin word of the same name, meaning “guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth” or “innate ability.” 

Isn’t that lovely? Certainly we are all qualified by birth for that.

What if I wrote: You are a creative? 

Would you wonder if you were?
Or would you know that you are creating all the time? 

Ideas, solutions, love, ways of being, food, NEW THINGS. 

And I created these words some years ago, isn’t the last line extra funny now??

I want to know:
What are you enjoying creating?
What do you wish you were creating?
What do you enjoy about zoom? 

 Respond in the comments, and we will all be inspired. 

I’m creating more love and creativity everywhere and in every way that I can.
Join me in creating a new world that works + plays for EVERYone.



I Send You

I Send You

Here we are in these moments of our lives, feeling our way through it all. 

Life and love go on, no matter what else is going on

I’m feeling an immense tenderness for each of us, creating our ways forward, and inward. 

We contain multitudes in our stardust selves, and benefit from reading about, seeing and feeling the certainties of love

I Send You: 

Daily prayers and the constancy of love. 

Pray for surrender. Love is always with us. 

Harder laughter and more tears. Let’s cry more. 

Rich butter cookies with no calories. Shortbread is good. 

A sudden unplanned nap. A luxury nap. 

I send you a dream in which you fully realize that none of us are alone, and that we are all seen, heard and loved just for being. 

I light a candle in your name. 

We are succulent and brave, holy, ordinary, stumbling creatures

I send you love



You Are A Creative Genius

If You’re In Despair

I am frequently feeling despair these days, and am navigating anxiety deeply. 

People still get surprised to hear this- I guess because I use a lot of bright colors and often write about miracles. They forget or don’t know about all the ways I write and have written, about the darkness and all of the many ways I experience it. 

I’ve been doing this for my whole long writing life. 

I started writing and publishing at age 10, and then spent 25 years experiencing so much fear and procrastination, that I silenced myself. 

Then I learned how to get truly connected to my creative gifts, make them REAL and continue offering them. I’m still doing that. 

And thank GOODness that I’ve learned more about continuing to move along and through whatever challenging feelings I have, and keep practicing avidly. I used to feel like I was the only one feeling so much. I now know that our feelings are a universal language and experience

Isn’t it odd that we persist in thinking that others have it better or easier than we do? Meanwhile, we’re all human, humaning along, with all of our feelings and resistances and fears, with all of the feelings in our emotional families. 

I believe that the more we feel in community and communion with other people about our feelings, the more easily and often that we’ll love ourselves and others

Share ways that you are feeling and what’s working for you with feelings like despair, grief, loneliness or fear– or any others- we’ll love knowing and sharing in your experience, and add it to our internal resource libraries.

If you wish, read more in my Magic Blog about fast ways I uplift myself in times of despair- or any other challenging emotions, and how you can too~ 

Upliftment can happen when we can feel what we feel and keep moving with our feelings. 

Many people try to avoid, deny, repress, anesthetize, or otherwise hide from their feelings. 

We know it doesn’t work, but the alternatives seem worse, so we keep practicing NOT FEELING, and then that habit gets stronger. 

There’s a much easier way to feel better more often, and that’s to feel your emotions.

E-motions are feelings that MOVE

I’m always practicing ways to let my feelings be felt and moved. One of these ways is giving myself permission to feel whatever “it” is. 

Give yourself permission to feel your feelings by saying their name or names out loud. 

You can say sentences like this one- any kind of acknowledgement will work: 

“Despair, I see you, I feel you, I hear you” 

And you can add the word love to that sentence if and when you wish. 

This allows the feeling to soften and change shape, and allows your love in

As a result, you will feel more of your feelings more often, and be able to move WITH your feelings, instead of resisting, refusing or trying to hide from them. 

More love will get in, more love can be delivered, more love will be generated. 

More feelings felt = more love to feel. 

Isn’t that lovely? 





It’s incredibly fun to “be SARK.” And I always love how my Australian friends change my name to “SARKY.” It makes me SMILEY;-) 

I feel like I’m the representative of the SARK spirit, and in that way, we’re all “SARK.”

I’m inviting you and your inner SARK out to play today

As I go around in this world, and in our inner worlds, I just love mentoring with people to SPARK their creative dreams and desires into ACTION.

We’re all full of so many dreams! 

Then we fall asleep. 
Some people keep sleeping. 

They say things like, 
I always wished that I’d had the time, money, courage or BALLS to create: 
Fill in all the blanks! 

Many people don’t know how or why to PLAY with their dreams. 
They labor and puff, try and test, rise and fall, forget and freeze. 

Dreams want to play with you! 
Toss a dream ball! 

You can do this by filling in these blanks: 

– My dream wants me to: 

– My dream is most visible when I: 

– I don’t know what my dream is, so instead I: 

– My dream gets lost because: 


Do this by keeping your dream out to play. 
Make it visible in some way. 

Fill my comments with your dreamiest play statements of what you are creating or want to create. 

I’ll be leading and teaching a super special 2-hour interactive live workshop about how you can make your dreams REAL on Wednesday, August 19th and you and your dreams are especially invited! This event is designed to help you find, revitalize, and re-energize your dreams in every way


How You Can Make Your Creative Dreams REAL and Thrive in These Times

Wednesday/19th August

3 pm Pacific


This is an Interactive LIVE Video Workshop on Wednesday/19th August and is all about amplifying your creativity, so you can share YOUR unique gifts with the world. 

You will learn: 

• Discover how to use your intuition to activate and empower your creativity

• Identify and transform your inner critic messages 

• Experience beginning more easily and completing more often using my powerfull MicroMOVEment Miracle Method

• Practice asking as if your dream has already happened- activating the energy so it can multiply and expand

It could also be considered: 
A plan for procrastinators, perfectionists, busy people, avoiders and people who would really rather sleep all day:-) 

Take advantage of the super earliest bird price until Sun/16th August and if you’re drawn, take inspired action today!

You are the creator of your dreams, and dreams need a human channel to bring them down to earth, and that channel is YOU.  

Building a creative dream life is not just about achieving, succeeding, or meeting goals. It is also about floundering, stumbling, tripping, and failing. If you practice building a way to weave these together, then your success will be measured by the process of your creative dream life, and not only the progress. 

May we welcome changes and choices that allow our emotions, bodies, minds and spirits to create our dreams AND our wonderfull lives, in unison. This will allow sustainable true miracles to happen, and keep happening!



P.S. In true SARK style, there are always succulent gifts, surprises and serendipitous happenings. I’m inviting you to be delighted and sign up today.

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