Happy Other’s Day, in addition to Mother’s Day

Happy Other’s Day, in addition to Mother’s Day

Loving is the whole point of course. 

And this is especially for everyone who isn’t a mother of physical children. For everyone who wanted to be, but didn’t or couldn’t. Or wanted to want to, but just didn’t.

For everyone who never wanted to be, but sometimes wishes there was a holiday for them too. For everyone OTHER than and in addition to, all the wonder~full mothers

For everyone who helps mothers mother, and everyone who is behind the scenes for all the mothers and the children, and those that love them. For all the great-grandparents, grandparents, godmothers, aunts and uncles and all the mothering with animals too

And for all who have lost a mother or never had one. 

So here’s to a new holiday I’m calling Other’s Day, and of course it fits for Mothers too, because they are not only mothers mothering. 

And here’s to the never mothers who relish the idea of being an other

and the others of EVERY description who didn’t fit in, or didn’t, or still don’t- play a role that everyone could see or understand. 

Here’s to all of us unique, illuminated, astounding human BEANS, bouncing along and BEAMING our love, no matter what day it is, or what it’s called.

The greeting of “Happy Other’s Day” makes me smile, so of course I wanted to share it, and my



60 Is The New Sexy

60 Is The New Sexy

I invite you to join me in celebrating my beloved David’s 60 years on this planet on this day of April 28, 2021.

After this date wishes are welcome too!

And if you’d like to add any life wisdom you’ve gleaned, please do. Favorite quotes or good books to read appreciated also.

This is a favorite photo David sent me shortly after we met on the phone almost 3 years ago, when he received one of my blankets as a gift from me and a love note I’d tucked in. I love him and his open beaming face and spirit.

To celebrate his 60 years, I could easily focus on all his successes in life: more than 25 years as a Hollywood movie producer and screenwriter, and all that it produced, his two loving and successfull grown children, his loving relationship with his family, his willingness to do deep psychological work and cry easily, his being a man of faith, spiritually rebuilding his life after divorce and marrying himself before he had ever heard of SARK!

This man is truly loving the world and we practice doing that together. As much as we are partners and lovers, we are joyfull creators of the NEW.

I’ll be so incredibly glad to share with you what we’re creating together- of course I want to just burst in and start exclaiming about all the exciting things- and I must wait until they ripen and ready.

I asked his Dad what he loves about David, and he said,

“David is the most thoughtfull man I’ve ever met.”

What could be better than that?

Happy happy happiest birth?day my darling most beloved David.

Welcome to Level Six. (I like describing age in “levels.”)

You illuminate my soul every day and re-mind me to embody the gifts that I’ve been given. You help me to breathe through the obstacles and fears, inhale the ecstasy, and then share the integrated version of that.

Thank you for loving me so fully in my succulent wild woman self.

Thank you for being present for it ALL- the marvelous messy middle in all of its forms, and for the terrible things that happen.

Thank you for occupying your shadows and being willing to work through the difficult patterns that arise, and keep working- in therapy and in life.

Thank you for asking for, and allowing all the miracles.

Thank you for being so sexy and so real.

Thank you for lifting up all the souls you can reach with your prayers in action and your creativity in expression.

Thank you for being a gifted teacher and creator.

Thank you for BEing.



How To Be A Happy Writer

How To Be A Happy Writer

As we know, the living of life does not always feel happy, and there are countless reasons. 

I believe and practice with the idea that happiness can be cultivated in the marvelous messy middle places where most of the living of life takes place. 

My mom always said, “it’s not always marvelous!” When I would talk with her about the messy middle. 

And of course it isn’t, and doesn’t always feel, marvelous. 

I put marvelous in there to befriend messy. 

My life is so messy and so marvelous, and I’m sure yours is too. To live as fully as possible, I write, create and express my creativity. 

I’ve been writing for most of my life and publishing since 1990. 

Millions of my books have flown around the world to touch other hearts, and all those hearts have inspired me, and continue to inspire me, as I write and create my next book. 

I write and share my Magic Blog every week, and love all of your comments and supportive words. 

I love inspiring and mentoring other writers to write, and I know that 

“Every time you write, something valuable will occur.” 

Thank you to everyone who applied to my Magical Mentoring program – private 1 to 1 mentoring with me. We filled that up to overflow last week, and I have some other exciting ideas to support the writers and creators in my community. 

Come and write with me on Fri/26! At 1pm Pacific on FB Live(ly). I’ll be teaching and sharing about the wonders of writing, and some ways to begin, continue and complete your writing. 

Register HERE and you’ll receive the recording, plus a serendipitous SARK surprise if you can’t be there live.



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There Is A Method In My Gladness + An Invitation ? For You

There Is A Method In My Gladness + An Invitation ? For You

After experiencing a particularly harrowing part of my day the other day feeling anxieties, fears and resistance, I tried to “feel better” before I actually did.

This really never works.

Feelings always know 🙂 

I’ve learned and practice that if I can “be with” the feelings, instead of trying to get away from them, they can shift more easily.

When I shared with David that I needed to go on a long fast walk in order to move my energies, I described it as a “method in my madness.”

“It’s probably a method in your gladness” David replied calmly.

And I stopped to realize that this was probably true.

As you may know, I love to play with language, and possibly interrupt my use of common phrases with new ones.

And when I looked up the origins of “method in my madness,” this is what I found:

Telling someone “there is a method in my madness” is a way of asking him (them) to trust you until the outcome becomes more apparent. The phrase is derived from the play Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, performed in 1602. The line is spoken by Lord Polonius: “Though this be madness, yet there is method in ‘t.”

And so it was both! Madness led to gladness and would surely lead back to madness again. Feelings are always arising to be experienced, felt, heard and seen, and when possible, loved.

And when we can consciously practice doing this with our feelings, our creativity flows most easily.

During this long fast walk, I found a spot to lie down and put my legs up, and there was a woman doing some kind of marvelous stretching at a railing in front of me. When David took this photo, he also captured her in a backbend. She probably had a method in her madness/gladness too.

In this time especially, it feels essential to move myself around more – emotionally as well as physically, so that I can create the new more easily.

How about you? What do you do to feel differently or better when you don’t? What “madnesses and gladnesses” have arisen? What are you creating these days? Let me know.



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My 2-hour online workshop is called:

Be Totally Inspired With SARK: Ignite Your Creativity and Do MORE of What You LOVE. 

Of course this will be an uncommon experience 😉 

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SARK and the Purple Crayon

SARK and the Purple Crayon

 When I read the book Harold and the Purple Crayon as a child, I felt like I could create anything. 

Then I was challenged by life, and the living of life, and fell into a long silence with what I dreamed of creating and writing. 

Thankfully I reread Harold and the Purple Crayon, and began really living what is in that book;

If you dream it, it can be created and written. 

So I started dreaming of EVERYthing and then creating ways to write and create what I was dreaming of. So far, I’ve published 18 books and intend to publish many more!

You might know that I love being inspired and inspiring others – dreams made REAL are what is positively changing our world, and we are writing our new world into being. 

Me and my big purple pen are here to inspire you to write what you dream of, and I’m going to be inviting you to join me soon for something I’ve created that you will ABSOLUTELY LOVE.

I thought I would be ready to let you know about it today, but it needs a little more of my creative time – til next week- before your invitation is ready.

Let me know if you have writing dreams, or are writing something now or new- I’d love to celebrate you.



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One of the very best love mentors ever

One of the very best love mentors ever

 One of my very best love mentors ever was and is my big black cat Jupiter, who lived and loved with me for 17 years.

I called him my “fur husband” and he slept with me every night – and part of each day as I was completely nocturnal at that time in my life.

Here we are in my Magic Cottage in San Francisco in the beginnings of our lives together.

I found Jupiter in the window of a department store in San Francisco called Gumps. He was part of a Victorian scene to promote adoption – having been rescued by the SPCA.

I had never had a cat, and had been taught to fear them by my mother who loved animals – especially dogs- but felt that cats couldn’t be controlled – and that all must be controlled 😉

 When I moved into the Magic Cottage I had just ended a long love relationship and felt lonely.

 Jupiter was not only an antidote to my loneliness, he was my unconditional love teacher, as I believe all animals are.

He mentored me deeply in the ways of love and loving, and showed me that love is infinite and extraordinary, and that all my fears were ordinary and couldn’t be trusted to guide my life.

 Jupiter and his extraordinarily loving ways helped me to create a life that was made of love, and I let that guide me.

 And so when the time came for his physical life to end, I was able to feel all the pain, all the loss and sorrow that were contained within that love, and let love lead in that ending, which immediately became a beginning.

 I took care of Jupiter for 9 months before he died in my arms. The unconditional love I experienced through his mentoring allowed me to practice next with people, and I created such great love relationships as a result.

 After Jupiter left, he became a magnificent spirit guide for me, and that continues in all sorts of ways.

 When I met John in 2012, he said,

“I’m your Jupiter now. Not to replace him, but to join him in loving you.”

I immediately exclaimed, “ I hope that doesn’t mean you’re going to die!”

 Thankfully he didn’t die then.

John and I lived 4 more happy years together before his dying in my arms in 2016, after I’d taken care of him for 9 months.

 I met David in 2018, and Jupiter’s love mentoring helped me to keep my heart open and allow that great love IN after I’d tried to close my heart to love again.

 David & I are wildly creating and multiplying love in the world with each other, and to share.

 Do you have, or have you had animal love mentors?

I’d love to see a photo and read your words.




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A Valentine LIFE

A Valentine LIFE

The whole concept of Valentine’s Day was not ever meant to be only for couples, or if it was, it’s missing out on a lot. If we’re going to have a celebration of love, let’s make it inclusive of EVERYone.

Loving ourselves truly so we can truly love others is the real valentine, and experiencing what I’m calling a Valentine Life, is available to everyone. 

I think a Valentine Life is one where we ongoingly blend and alchemize the wonderfull and the terrible things into a brand new mixture we can more easily use for healing and change. I call the life that results from practicing this: the “marvelous messy middle.”

In my marvelous messy middle life, I’m madly truly deeply in love with the world, myself and my quantum love partner David. I’m practicing alchemizing all the time, and live with love and joy as much as possible. 

Does that mean I don’t feel sad or in despair? Of course not! I experience deep anxiety and voluminous fears frequently and cry so often. There is SO MUCH TO GRIEVE. It can all seem so huge and insurmountable and awful and horrible and truly excruciatingly DREADfull.

And love is bigger.

Love is the true message and love transcends form and measurement.

Love of ourselves and other people, children, animals, and nature is all around all of us and reminding us all the time to fill up on love, to LIVE LOVE.

And we are made to fill ourselves up from the inside – because we are all succulent creatures. A succulent consistently gives itself the nourishment it needs.

There is no need to wait for love, as much as there is a need to create love. Love isn’t to be found as much as it is to be felt. 

Let the feelings of love and joy fill you from everywhere and then offer that to others and the world.

If you feel alone or lonely, feel those feelings by acknowledging them – say out loud or under your breath; 

“Loneliness, I see you, I hear you, I acknowledge you.” 

This allows loneliness to soften and change shape, and receive your love. When we tend and care for our feelings in this way, it builds a tremendous power and resilience.

We do need to feel all of our feelings – I believe we just don’t need to stay quite so long in the challenging feelings, or let those eclipse our feelings of love. Also of course, we aren’t meant to try to skip over the challenging feelings either. It’s all about integration, flow and movement.

Emotions are made to be in motion and we’re the activators and recipients of that motion.

Go forward in love with ALL the feelings in your emotional family, including loneliness and all the others, and live more like a full cup of self love, sharing your overflow with the world.

The world needs all the full cups we can get – not half empty cups trying to get filled with flowers or chocolates or declarations of love from others.

Flowers and chocolates and all else are good unto themselves, and best applied to yourself as your own source and creator of joy. 

Share a moment of your marvelous messy middle Valentine Life with me, I’ll love to hear. 



p.s. What MAGNIFIES your joy & love? I’m going to be on Facebook Live(ly) next Tue/16th at 1pm (Pacific) to inspire your joy. Have a pen & paper with you if you can and we’ll playfully create something joyFULL together. 

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Here Comes Some Animated Love

Here Comes Some Animated Love

I’ve been loving zoom teaching since 2010, and since last year, I’ve zoomed more than ever. Representing the spirit of SARK is my full time gift and privilege. 

You will notice a lot going on in this photo of my screen from a few months ago.

My smile, a giant purple crayon, bright tulips in a festive vase, a juicy looking necklace, twinkly lights in my hair and a heart mirror above my head on the left. 

To the left of that heart are two SARK posters: How To Be An Artist and Being A Succulent Wild Woman. 

These are some of my many forms of offering love to you in this world – I’m committed to sharing love in an animated way, because it feels great to love the world as much as I can – even with VERVE and ELAN! I had to double check the definition to be sure it meant what I thought it did. 😉 

If you’ve read my books or posts, or read this Magic Blog for awhile, you know that I cry a lot too, and practice alchemizing and blending the wonderfull and terrible things together, into a healing mixture I can use & share. 

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up – I want to invite you to live a Valentine’s LIFE with me – it’s where you love what is as much as possible, and do your alchemizing work to create what will be. 

I just finished the first draft of my new book: Living (Mostly) Wonderfull: The Surprising *Gifts of Terrible Things. 

*gift locating is optional. 

This book has taken me the longest to write, and I’ll be editing it for awhile before it’s time to share with you. Meanwhile, I’ll be continuing to mentor, teach, create and share my animated love with you. 

I welcome any celebration of my first draft completion you might want to share, and I thank you! 



p.s. I’m offering a Valentine’s LIFE Self Love Special! I wanted to add more color and love to your days and nights ahead and offer you a 25% discount on all 19 SARK Art Prints + 2 SARK Card Decks. Each of these are designed to be resonant messages of LOVE. 

Enjoy this luminous opportunity and scoop up the happiness HERE. This sale is on until Sat/6th midnight Pacific. 

Beginnings of SARK

Beginnings of SARK

Here I am at age 10, in Minneapolis Minnesota, in the tiny playhouse my grandfather (Boppa) had built for me. It had sliding glass windows, a linoleum floor and electricity, along with my dream of a “dutch door” where I could open the top door and peer out. I had described my dream of a tiny house to my Boppa.

On a sunny summer day in June, I stood on the front lawn with my best friend Missy, as a flatbed trailer drove slowly past my house, with a tiny house on the back! I started positively vibrating with excitement that it could be what I had dreamed about for so long- and it WAS.

Boppa mentored me in the best way- he believed in me and my creativity and let me know it, and I felt sheltered by his view. That shelter helped immensely as I was being molested at home, and this tiny playhouse became my refuge and creative retreat from those horrifying abuses. I’m wearing glasses because I developed a visual impairment due to the stress of this incest in our family. Much later on, my eyesight healed as I did.

This creative refuge and my Boppa’s belief in me also resulted in my writing my first book at age 10: Mice From Mars.

It was a thinly disguised abuse story about a mouse that comes to earth and is horrified by the kind of humans he finds, and returns to Mars. I like to say that the art in it is not too different from the art I create now 😉

Boppa also mentored me by asking me to be a “family reporter” on vacations and to write what I saw and experienced, and then perform it for he and my grandmother when I got home. This resulted in my being able to begin to speak, write and teach my creations.

Much later in my life, I went on to create all my bestselling books and art, and teach & mentor around the world. You might know that my name Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy stands for SARK, and in this tiny house were the beginnings of SARK, even though I didn’t find out about that miracle until many years later.

Who believed in you at a younger age, or believes in you now? How have you been mentored or guided in your life?



p.s. I’m reopening my small, private one to one Magical Mentoring program soon.

You can receive more information by signing up at this link. This particular offering is at a significant investment with significant results.

Beginnings of SARK

What We Must Do

Be happy.

Pure hearted happiness is revolutionary if we practice it in the midst of all of our other feelings and experiences. 

Here I am being re-MINDed on one of my daily miracle walks in San Francisco.

And when you can’t be happy, (which happens to me periodically throughout the days also) and in addition to being happy, here are some other “must do” opportunities. Here’s what I vote for, in addition to all the rest.

What we must do:

We must fail, we must regress.

We must love and be loved.

We must feel all of our feelings.

We must grieve.

We must quit.

We must resist and refuse and lie sobbing in bed at 3am.

We must help others.

We must investigate and develop awarenesses of our racist, sexist classist, ableist, capitalist, privileged existences and make essential and substantial changes, and keep making them.

We must learn.

We must rest.

We must nourish our bodies, our minds, our souls and our spirits.

We must grow.

We must heal.

We must refuse to participate in spiritual bypassing or toxic positivity.

We must allow our intuition to speak and listen to what it says and then take new actions.

We must transform critical inner dialogue to be more nourishing than that.

We must play and experience joy and happiness.

We must practice receiving as well as giving.

We must create for ourselves and for the benefit of all.

We must fail to do all of the above and be willing to begin again in new ways, over and over and over.

That’s why it’s called practice.

And of course in all our fabulous failures lives the magic, the miracles and the marvelous messy middle of it all. All the brave successes and achievements contain multitudinous failures.

We can do the new, we can do less, we can do nothing, and we can continue practicing no matter what.

We can love ourselves more in the midst, and learn to speak incredibly kindly to ourselves and then as a result, to others.

Let me know if you have other must do’s to add to the list, and what’s currently bringing you happiness, or what happiness you’re bringing!



p.s. I’m delightfully happy to have Susan B. Katz, award-winning, bestselling author join me on FB Live(ly) next Thu, 28th @ 2pm Pacific, and you’re invited!

It’s a special mini-meditation class on Loving + Kindness and the REAL life benefits. If you want loving support right now, come and be in the loving stream of energy with other miraculous souls. Children are welcome! 

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