730 Days + Nights Of Wonderment

730 Days + Nights Of Wonderment

Photo by Andrea Scher

My darling and daring David and I are celebrating 2 years of being together. 

Some wouldn’t count the first 3 months, because we didn’t physically meet until 3 months after we first met on the telephone (he called my Inspiration phone Line 415- 546- 3742) May 21, 2018. 

I count it all as a miracle because after my former fiancé John died in 2016, I was pretty positive that my time with romance or the possibility of a great new love in my life was OVER. 

I believed this way because I couldn’t SEE any ways that it could be different

Then, I kept multiplying my non-seeing so what I saw matched it. 

I am so SNEAKY when I create- sneaky in the sense that I can create anything- including WHAT I DON’T WANT. 

And I frequently repeated the common phrases: 

“All the good ones are taken”
“I’m too old”
“I’m too controlling” (basically “too” anything)
“I’m not willing to settle” 
On and on and on, including; 
“You already had one great love- don’t be greedy.” 

Thankfully as I kept creating what I didn’t want, my quantum sight abilities were also being created

My quantum sight was so much larger and more fascinating than the prior program I was listening to. 

I wanted a love affair with life. A full hearted passionate affair of huge dimensions.
A consciousness of curiosity. 
A caravan of wonderment. 

I then made the statement: 

I am truly willing and available for love, so show me the way! 

First I wrote a love letter that stated: 
I Am Dating the World. 

And I did! I began really truly romancing the world, in my own unique ways, and lived with the passion- back and forth- that I said I wanted in a person. And most importantly, I began seeing it that way. 

And in just one day after that, David POPPED UP into my world. 

And I “saw” him with my quantum sight, and allowed him IN. 

To my heart, to my life, to my home. 

And we made a new kind of quantum home together– as we were both dating the world that way before we met! 

Now 2 years later, we are more deeply in love with each other and the world than ever

Celebrate our love and your love with life and loves, with us in the comments– let’s flow more love forward using our quantum sight abilities. What kinds of love are you seeing? Let me know

We realized right away that to have a creative, magnificent and full hearted love relationship, that we would each need to fill ourselves up and share with each other from the overflow, rather than coming to each other half empty, trying to get filled up. 

So we vowed: 

To tend to our own alignment first. 

(Meaning, that we do our own inner work consistently so that we’re not projecting onto or blaming the other person for ANYthing.) 

Does it all-ways work? 


When we practice keeping our commitment to doing it. And when we can decipher who’s not doing it:-) 

Do we still experience problems, issues, conflicts, disturbances, upsets? 


We just don’t stay there too long. 

And when we do, we have an excellent therapist who helps us. 

Here’s to everyone further developing their QUANTUM SIGHT abilities, to trans-form whatever is un or less wanted, into what is wanted

And then we can each be loving ourselves, each other and the world EVEN MORE. 



Part 2/The Mind Creates the Movie

Part 2/The Mind Creates the Movie

In my last Magic Blog, I wrote about how our minds create the movies we live in.

You can read or reread that HERE.

I received so many emails and comments of appreciation, and so many people sharing how they “change their channel” of their mind.

I wanted to write a part 2, because I also received some admonishments from people who wanted to advise me to “stop feeling sorry for myself and why don’t I try to help the world to be a better place.” And people who wanted to share that they don’t live in a good place, and that outside circumstances prevent them from seeing or experiencing the world differently.

I understand.

I pay attention to both compliments and complaints, and know there are sometimes things I can learn from the latter.

I know that I often resist changing anything inside myself when I “see” something terrible. It’s as if the very sight of the terrible blocks the transmission of other more benevolent layers.

There is always so much more happening than what we can see.

It can feel all consuming to be seeing and experiencing life in the midst of a terrifying pandemic and reading someone writing about their meditative picnic as though everyone has the same privilege and access as everyone else.

And of course we don’t.

As it has been written, we are all in the same storm, but we’re not in the same boat. We are all in our own boats, perceiving the world and our experiences in our own unique ways.

I felt this keenly in childhood when my older brother who had been my best friend, began molesting me inside the home where I’d previously felt so loved and safe. My friends played the same games outside, while inside, I experienced a horrifying change to my whole life and my sense of the world.

The abuse continued throughout my childhood.

It was the ultimate kind of quarantine.

What I was seeing and experiencing daily felt life threatening to me.

I developed many ways to “change the channel” of my mind during those years- some more successfull than others- some just desperate escapes.

What I was seeing and experiencing in my home did not feel safe, magical or hope filled at all. It felt beyond hopeless. 

I had to change the channel in my mind to survive. I built a world in my imagination to live in, and literally created a different world for myself to occupy.

Of course the trauma of it all caused me to disassociate from my body, and I created destructive habits and patterns that took years to disentangle from.

After a mid life suicide attempt, I began extensive therapy to really repair the damage and learn to begin my new life- one that could include everything- all the shadows and light and in between. And this work now continues every day.

This is why I live and teach in what I call the marvelous messy middle, with all the feelings in my emotional family, blending and alchemizing the wonderfull and terrible things.

So this includes too the people who judge, don’t understand or want to attack, and everyone else who lives in a movie that is very different from mine.

My choice to see differently is wholly mine.

Let me know about your experience with this too and share what might benefit others.

I created an Inner Alchemy process to help me practice alchemizing every situation and be able to mostly blend it into a brand new healing mixture.

It requires copious amounts of practice and is not a quick fix, and doesn’t always “work.” This is why I say mostly.

Because it is also important to recognize that some things just remain feeling terrible. My mentally ill older brother never transformed his drug and alcohol addictions, and died from them after years of self torture and abuse. Our family did everything we could think of to help him and to help ourselves, and it didn’t “work.”

What also happened is that tremendous understanding, love and forgiveness were generated by the whole experience, and that he had a beautifull daughter.

There is a wistfull grieving bruise in my heart about my brother Roger that will likely never go away, and I trust that what I’ve been able to alchemize about it serves others on similar journeys. 

This alchemizing and blending work is not about positive thinking, a quick fix or spiritually bypassing the necessary excavations and repairs.

Much more than looking on the bright side, it’s about being willing to be and live with, the bright, dull and in between sides- I call that the marvelous messy middle, and that’s where I mostly live- in between the wonderfull and terrible things.

There are so many terrible things, and wonderfull things, and we must become alchemists to blend the two and receive the healing benefits. And then keep practicing



Happy Mom MONTH

Happy Mom MONTH

Clearly, Mother’s Day is meant to be more than a day. Especially now, in the stupendously elongated days and hours we are living in. 

The mothers in this world need at least a month of acknowledgement, gifts, and someone else cleaning, cooking and also REST. 

Since moms don’t get much rest during quarantine times, my friend Amy and mom of 2, suggested we give all moms a month off later on- maybe in the fall. And let’s throw in some extra time for solitude and tantrums too. 

When my mom, who I called “Marvelous Marjorie,” died in 2003, a movie began playing non stop in my mind- this movie was of all the incredibly kind and thoughtfull things my mom had done for me– all the tiny, medium and large things that make up a child’s life. 

Every sweater she remembered to bring, every sandwich cut diagonally with just the right ratio of peanut butter and jelly, and buying me the biggest box of crayons in the neighborhood. This incredible mind movie played in detail for weeks. 

And I felt loved by my mom, which I know now as an absolute blessing. 

I had already processed and forgiven most of the unkind things, all the knowing and unknowing ways that hurt traveled between us. 

We were both “difficult” in our own ways, and there were primitive betrayals and times of silence and rage. 

No matter what had happened though, she still made a certain “mom sound” whenever she first saw me- a kind of accepting tone that held no words, and yet held all the love. 

I can still hear it. 

I wrote a tribute poster for her called Just For Mom. She read it out loud with pride to her bridge club, which was how I really knew she liked it. She didn’t like that it said “Forgive all the old junk,” and asked me sharply what I meant by that. 

I replied, “You know, the grudges we both hold towards each other.” 

She retorted loudly, “What grudges?! I don’t know what you’re talking about!” 

I just looked long at her, and she started laughing, and admitted that she probably did have some grudges. We both did. 

I’m glad to say that we cleared them all up before she left her body. And I know it doesn’t always work out that way. 

I want to honor anyone that has, or had a challenging kind of mother- I know that it isn’t necessarily popular to talk about moms in their entirety. Mother’s Day seems to be mostly for the idealized version of mothers- the one where they have to hide all their feelings and endlessly support everyone with everything.

Thankfully that is changing in our culture, and I am seeing a lot more willingness for moms and children to be vulnerable and authentic in their expressions. And awareness of the importance of mental health care is expanding also. 

Because moms contain it ALL, and to me- that makes it richer, deeper, and more REAL. 

And what could be more real than this long-ago photo of me and my mom? 

What was I thinking with the bow?? 

Never mind about the perm and the thumbs up. The sight of her big blue hand in that glove pierces my heart with the memories of all the good things those hands did. 

I fiercely love these 2 women in the photograph, this mom and daughter, loving each other through all the times and places, and whose legacy remains in me, as I am a kind of mother to my godchildren and readers of my books, and now also as a nurturing and loving presence for the adult children of my partner David. 

Happy mom MONTH, and abiding appreciation to all the moms still here and the ones who have departed, ones who were abused themselves and as a result, couldn’t really mother, and of course to everyone mothering with love in any kind of way. 



The Mind Creates The Movie

The Mind Creates The Movie

I was lying down on the grass under this palm tree yesterday afternoon, wishing that this quarantine was over, wondering when it will be over, hoping for it to be over, intending for it to be over.

Basically, I just felt “over” it.

Then I realized that the sun was shining, the birds were flying, the grass was growing, the wind was blowing, the clouds were drifting, and none of those are wondering when anything will be over.

I went into a meditation and received these words:

The mind creates the movie.

And then I remembered that I can put myself into any movie I want to- no matter what else is going on.

And that the present moment is the best movie of all.

I heard the palm fronds rustling and felt the breeze on my face, and wondered,
How is this different than any lovely spot in nature I’ve ever been in?

And of course it wasn’t, it isn’t, and will not ever be different. Because it all takes place in the movie of my mind.

And that movie can be changed.

Even if and when the outside circumstances are not lying under a lovely palm tree, I can still change what movie I play, or choose to watch. I can change the channel. Throughout my life, through every kind of challenge and adversity, I’ve utilized my imagination to “change the channel” whenever possible.

⭐️ I can pick reruns, or a brand new feature.

⭐️ I can create or consume.

⭐️ I can walk out early.

⭐️ I can star in the movie, or choose to be a supporting player, or one of the extras. I can direct, produce or be in the audience.

⭐️ I can be behind the camera, or spend my time editing.

⭐️ I can play the movie from the end to the beginning.

⭐️ I can stop the movie and reflect on the words or images.

⭐️ I can invite others in to see my movie.

⭐️ I can join people in their movie.

⭐️ I can offer my movie to be of help.

⭐️ I can rewind or fast forward my movie.

⭐️ I can be the movie that I wish to see.

The mind creates the movie, and the body plays it out.

I got up from my lovely spot in the grass and realized that I didn’t need anything to beover.”

I went to meet my next moment with as much love, grace and appreciation as I could possibly feel.

The birds waved goodbye, the breeze said, “see you tomorrow,” the clouds drifted happily along, and the grass just kept growing- confident in its place on the earth. 



A Wonderfull Note

A Wonderfull Note


If you saw & responded to my April 19th birthday wish social media post where I asked for how and when SARK has touched you or your life, your response really touched my heart. THANK you so much for your thoughtfull, lovely, loving and inspiring comments

It feels incredible to know the effect that SARK had and has, and that whole new generations and future ones can benefit. I’m so honored to represent the spirit of SARK who appeared in my life in 1982 and changed everything. If you didn’t see that post and would still like to respond, I’d love to hear from you in the comments and thank you! 

Now I’d love to share the miracle that happened the night before my birthday.

I arrived home and found that my phone wasn’t charging with the power cord. I tried 4 different cords, and none of them worked.

I began to panic, because I knew of course that all the phone stores are closed, and I do almost all of my work and writing on the phone. 

Of course I also know that this is very much a first world problem;-)

I called customer service and didn’t know whether it would take forever to get help.

The calm man that answered in less 5 minutes kindly said, 

“This is John, how may I help you?”

To which I replied with a smile in my voice, “Oh hello, I just love that your name is John!” 

He said with curiosity, “May I ask why you would say that?”

So I told him, “My former fiancé who died in 2016 was named John, and my phone just broke, and it feels like a sign that he’s helping me.”

He said, “Oh wow. Okay, thanks- that feels very important.”

I then told him with tears in my eyes,

Also, I know this is a minor thing, but it’s my birthday tomorrow, and now I won’t be able to get texts and calls.”

He sympathized and said he understood- it just felt good to say it and have him hear it and understand.

He then ran a diagnostic test on the phone and it confirmed that there was a “thermal” issue, and that the phone would need to be repaired. 

I knew that repairs would take quite awhile and I certainly couldn’t wait for their stores to reopen.

I explained to John that I write everything on the phone, so I’d have to create some kind of miracle

I then remembered that John’s old phone was in a drawer and I hadn’t turned it on for 3 years- I kept paying for it for a year after he died, because I couldn’t bear to deal with it or turn it off.

I plugged it in and saw the battery start charging. It felt like a miracle and that John was there with me.

John from customer service said, “Could you wait on hold for me to ask a supervisor what else I could do?”

I said I could wait. 

He was back very quickly and said,

“Get a paperclip and we’re going to try something. Look in there and see if anything is blocking that port.”

I got a flashlight and couldn’t see anything but a tiny white speck, and told him about it, that it didn’t look like enough to block anything. He said, “Use the end of the paperclip and get anything that’s in there out.”

So I did, and then more white specks came cascading out. I couldn’t believe how much was in there! I think it was lint, even though I don’t keep the phone in a pocket.

David came in then to hold the flashlight and encourage me to keep digging. Finally, it seemed like it was clear.

Then John told me to try plugging it in, and we all heard the sweet sound of it charging!!!!

I said, “Oh my god, that’s the sweetest sound ever!”

And David exclaimed, “That’s the best birthday present ever!”

John then told me that he had gone to get a supervisor and some kind of energy stopped him. He said it was very direct and persistent and that it “told him” to do what he did.

I told him that I was sure it was John from the afterlife, and that I was so gratefull that he listened.

We both just sat there in silence on the phone, feeling astonished.

John then said, I’ve never experienced anything like that- it was real- I can’t explain it, but I know he was telling me what to do.”

I told him that it’s perfectly natural to contact and be contacted by people in the afterlife, and that the veil is especially thin right now. And, that John does these kinds of things all the time. He listened closely.

I then said,This might sound strange, but I want to tell you that I love you.”

He paused, and said definitively,

I love you too.”

I asked if I could email him, because I was going to write about this experience, and he said that I could, and that he wished that I would.

He said, “God bless you Susan. I’m going to be thinking a lot about this.”

I said that I would definitely write to him, and of course I will. John in the afterlife already knows all about it.



Angels Love Overtime

Angels Love Overtime

Since there is no “time” as we know it in the angelic realms, and because angels rise above any of our slim concepts of time, I imagine that all the angels are all working over-time these days.

I’ve been painting and drawing angels for decades- I love connecting with their energies by drawing or painting them into form.

One of my dear readers Lisa Koppleman-Roy got a tattoo of one of my angels on the inside of her wrist.

She gave me permission to share the image, and says that it’s her constant reminder of self love.

So of course I wanted to share it with you, so you can have that constant re-MIND-er too.

When I was being abused as a child, I sensed that angels were very near, and sometimes thought I heard the fluttering of their wings, just out of my eyesight. I’m hearing those wing flutterings these days too~ and feel them at work on our behalf.

Let me know if you see, sense or celebrate angels! Or have an angelic message for us. 

Here are some other Ways To Be With Angels!

  • Send a letter to an angel: write it in gold invisible ink

  • Adopt an angel: find a picture or draw one, of your favorite angel

  • Wear angel ornaments: angels love attention and want to be recognized

  • Your guardian angels are all-ways nearby

  • Build a treehouse for an angel: it can be tiny, impractical and made of leaves. The angels will love it

  • Sing to angels: everytime you sing, an angel smiles

  • Dream of angels: fly with them

  • “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets her wings”

  • Amaze an angel: start growing your own wings, and listen for the bells to ring!

  • Angels can fly because they eat angel food cake!

  • Invite an angel to dinner: prepare the lightest, freshest most inspiring foods.

    Set the table for two, and wait for the candles to flicker

  • Halo, I’m an angel!



 p.s. I’ll be representing the angels on FB Live (Oh how Lovely) on Wed/15 @ 2pm Pacific, and you’re invited. We’ll have tea & talk about healing and drawing out the angels, and surround you with love. Children are welcome! Bring markers and paper if you wish. 

>> Sign Up HERE + you’ll receive a reminder!


The Light Is Always Somewhere And It Needs The Shadows To Be Seen

The Light Is Always Somewhere And It Needs The Shadows To Be Seen

Come and be with me and so many enlivened souls this Sat/28 @ 2pm pacific

Register HERE & you’ll receive the rePLAY.

We will expand our emotional resilience, practice a new relationship with fear, and alchemize and blend the terrible and wonderfull things into a brand new healing mixture. All of the feelings in your emotional family are welcome, and we will create a spacious resting & replenishing place together that you can take with you.

I took this photograph in my neighborhood and was so moved by the light, and reminded that the shadows make it possible for that light to be seen and known. It is the mixture of that light and shadow that most serves us.

The miracles are here too, to be named, seen and asked for in the midst of it all- you and your miracle visioning self are called forward now as never before. Come awake with yourself in this miraculously unfolding time.

As you may know, I’ve been writing my new book since 2016- when my fiancé John died in my arms after a 9 month illness. I went on a deeply grieving, wildly living journey with that experience, which is culminating in my book:
“Living (Mostly) Wonderfull; The Surprising Gifts of Terrible Things.”

This book is even more of my lived experience now, and in the world, and I’m moved to begin teaching and sharing from it as we all navigate this new world together.

Here is an excerpt from the introduction to the book:

“This alchemizing and blending work is not about positive thinking, a quick fix or spiritually bypassing the necessary excavations and repairs. Much more than looking on the bright side, it’s about being willing to be and live with, the bright, dull and in between sides- I call that the marvelous messy middle, and that’s where I mostly live- in between the wonderfull and terrible things.

There are so many terrible things, and wonderfull things, and we must become alchemists to blend the two.

Part of that alchemy involves actively and ongoingly grieving while living.

There is a new paradigm of grieving available to us all, where we are deeply grieving and wildly living, both at the same time-with all the small and large losses in our lives- things like lost dreams, health, hopes, ways of living, challenging financial circumstances, climate changes, these and many others all call for our active and ongoing grieving.

It is truly a new paradigm of grieving where we don’t wait for someone to die to live and practice the art of grieving.

We can grieve everything as we live, and blend it all together, and apply that mixture skillfully to the lives we are living right now- in all circumstances. We can live in the marvelous messy middle with ALL the feelings in our emotional families, and create valuable new perspectives for ourselves.

This results in what I call Living (Mostly) Wonderfull. It is mostly because it is an art more than science to live in these ways- which does not mean it’s not practical. I like to say and live with this;

“Let the magical stand up to the practical.”

All the wonderfull and terrible things blended together serve as fuel for all our transformations.”

I welcome your heart joining me in this time, and I welcome your soul movementsboth in regression and progression– and your bright beatific buoyancy in the moments that arise, and for the tender tears that we can all cry together.

See you Saturday and after Saturday and for all the Saturdays we may have.



Faster Moving Miracles

Faster Moving Miracles

As most of us are now “sheltering in place” or will be soon, let us remember that we are each a miracle, on our way to a miracle, living in a miraculous world. 

Of course it doesn’t always feel like this at all.

Especially right now and after right now and then later too. 

It also feels like terror, loss, fear, sadness, loneliness, despair, shame, resistance, intolerance, hopelessness and absence of the familiar.

All of our disowned, barely felt or barricaded feelings are rising up to be seen, known and loved now. 

We do this by feeling it all, by including all of the feelings in our emotional families, and giving them room to soften and change shape with our love

We are in the most mighty compassion expanding time of all times, and as fast as the virus is moving, the miracles are moving faster. 

Let’s notice and name some miracles!

The more we do this, the more they will show up.

Creativity is at an all time high, as EVERYone moves to meet the new times.

Musicians are doing impromptu concerts from their homes, authors and artists are holding book readings and virtual art classes, and many parents are home schooling when they thought they never would, or could.

We are all being schooled in taking care of our home earth now. Polluted skies are clearing, dolphin are leaping in the Venice canals, and it’s as if the earth is breathing deeply.

And of course I’m honoring and acknowledging that there is also great despair, pain, terror, death and suffering during these times too. The miracles are woven within, and our hearts are opening to feel and experience it all.

May our love be infinitely visible throughout.

One of our biggest miracle resources is humans- and they’re creating, sharing, and offering every kind of gift, service and type of information during this time.

Thank you for being a human reading these words and moving your soul and heart forward as we all create a new world together.

Jennifer Mullins Williams compiled this list with sources-thank you dear Jennifer!

-China has CLOSED down its last coronavirus hospital. NOT enough new cases to support them.

– Doctors in India have been SUCCESSFUL in treating Coronavirus. Combination of drugs used: Lopinavir, Retonovir, Oseltamivir along with Chlorphenamine. They are going to suggest same medicine, GLOBALLY.

– Researchers of the Erasmus Medical Center claim to have FOUND an ANTIBODY against coronavirus.

– Cleveland Clinic developed a COVID-19 test that gives RESULTS in HOURS, not days.

– Good news from South Korea, where the number of new cases is DECLINING.

– Italy is hit hard, experts say, because they have the oldest population in Europe.

– Scientists in Israel likely to announce the development of a coronavirus VACCINE.

– A network of Canadian scientists are making excellent PROGRESS in Covid-19 research.

– A San Diego biotech company is developing a Covid-19 VACCINE in collaboration with Duke University and National University of Singapore.

– Tulsa County’s first positive COVID-19 case has RECOVERED. This individual has had two NEGATIVE tests, which is the indicator of recovery.

– Plasma from newly RECOVERED patients from Covid -19 can TREAT OTHERS infected by Covid-19.

Here’s to more mighty miracles gathering for us all to see and know- let us name and celebrate them, and invite more.

Thank you to everybody, especially health care workers, nurses, doctors and anyone working to be of service so that our services continue.

May we all practice applied patience, the art of letting go and build even more resilience along our way. Let us participate in building abundance more than participating in scare-city. 

Let us love and be loving as often as possible, and in that way, create more love to share.



p.s. The art is from my new series of paintings about deeply grieving while wildly living~ 

A Better Relationship with Fear

A Better Relationship with Fear

My fears are very active these days.

There is a lot to be afraid of and people to be afraid for.

These multitudinous fears jostle for position, for my attention.

They clamor for my complete attention.

I used to try to avoid or resist my fears.

For a number of years I tried to control my fears by attempting to control the environment that seemed to produce them

I heard messages like these incessantly inside my head:

“If only I could…”

“If only he/she/they would or wouldn’t….”

“If we had just planned better….”

“If only this didn’t cause…”

“Oh no! Not THIS!”

Then for awhile I tried squashing my fears into some kind of containment– by placating, pleasing or otherwise untruthfull behaviors.

Listing all of my fears kind of worked, although the fears seemed to multiply faster than I could make note of them.

I tried just accepting them, and that worked until new varieties sprang up to capture again- my complete attention, leaving me to feel consumed by the fears.

Fears and their cousins worries, eventually moved in and wildly acted out with each new affront.

I finally realized some years ago that it was best to live primarily in the marvelous messy middle and stay out of the extremes with my feelings. This involved welcoming and allowing ALL the feelings in my emotional family- including my fears.

I tried to be friends with my fears, until I realized that they didn’t meet my friendship requirements, the most important being kindness and truthfulness. Fears most often responded by being unkind and lying.

I then informed my fears that while we couldn’t be friends, that I would practice allowing them. This allowing takes the form of my listening to my fears under supervised visits, giving them love, and no longer letting them run my life or my mind.

This actually worked. By including all my feelings in my emotional family, I’m now able to fully feel them, give them love and integrate them into my life in ways that allows for a LOT more calm and ease, and allows me to help others do that too. I practice with my feelings care methods daily and that has shifted EVERYthing in my emotional life.

I went on to establish new and better relationships with all of my feelings.

I released my feelings of shame where I had duct taped them in the basement to try to silence them.

I welcomed my worries and stopped trying to stop them. Then of course I worried about THAT. Worries are incessantly active in the negative- they can’t help it.

I invited anxiety to tea and discovered that it had lots to anxiously say about EVERYthing, and anxiety informed me that I hadn’t really listened in a long time, well maybe really never….

My fears informed me that I had better get and stay prepared, because there are worse things than I had ever imagined that could and would happen- especially if I don’t stay:


(Fears can get very active and agitated, and they love to take up all the space and air until they feel heard- once heard, they will soften and change shape.)

How’s your relationship with fear? How do you relate to your life and the world with regard to it? Sending fear softening and love expansion to us all. Leave a note 🎶 if I can reduce the fearing and add some loving to your life, or if you’d just like to say hi~

Fear feeds on the unknown and lives primarily OUT of the present moment.

Ask yourself “How am I in this moment?”

And then ask again, until your nervous system calms. Ask to be shown ways to help yourself and others release from fears.

Fears will settle right down with some simple attention. Say out loud or under your breath, “Fear, I see you, I hear you, I acknowledge you.”

This will allow fears to soften and change shape. In that shape changing and softening comes relief. In that relief you can breathe deeper and feel more love flowing.

Here are a few other (mostly free) resources: 

Watch the movie Inside Out
Feelings and emotions are brought to life in the most innovative and creative ways, causing the viewer to expand their feelings capacities.

Let yourself laugh heartily while watching this gem with Bob Newhart

Listen to these sounds and more easily let go of fears, worries and overthinking. 852 Hz 

Do this simple 5-minute tai chi routine to support and calm your nervous system

Here’s a great 2 minute video on breathing for calming and receiving from Steve Sisgold- author, speaker and Whole Body Intelligence Coach

Consider doing EMDR
Due to current circumstances, Valerie Tate is now offering EMDR Online! 

(Free consult via video)

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma or persistent thought patterns that are affecting you in day to day life. It is used for phobias, traumatic events or fears.

I HIGHLY recommend this modality, Valerie’s skills, and how quickly it can cause positive changes. Read More HERE

Practice EFT
I’ve utilized EFT for years, and it’s superb for easily and quickly shifting your emotional state. You can download Stephanie’s FREE course HERE.

EFT is a highly effective self healing technique, implemented by gently tapping along Meridian end points on the face and body. When we experience fear, our bodies release stress chemicals. EFT has been proven to turn off the fight or flight response, calm the nervous system and promote healthy energy flow, returning you to a state of feeling safe and grounded. 

Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Programs
This work is simple, PROFOUND and life changing- I practice it daily. There is a fabulous directory of practitioners and lots of free resources for you to explore- simple 1-2 minute ways to shift your energy from fear to love and expand your innate vitality and health.

Call me on my Inspiration Phone line a free 24 hour phone line I’ve offered for over 25 years. It’s real, loving and calming, and it’s there for you:
415 546 3742

Whatever ways you choose to practice, keep choosing and practicing and be an embodied example for others.

Here’s to less fearing and more loving,


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