Words of Wonder for You

Words of Wonder for You

SARK in 1st GradeI came home from first grade and said, “Mom, show and tell should be me everyday.”

My mom tried to gently explain that the other kids needed a chance, to which I replied, “The other kids don’t want to do it- they’re begging me to do it.”

So my mom went to the school and met with my teacher, and together they cooked up a plan to have me go to a different grade each day doing show and tell.

This gift had a lasting impact, as I always say that that’s where I received some of my greatest communications training- when you’re in first grade, trying to hold the attention of 5th or 6th graders, you want to be really good to keep their attention. I practiced sharing and telling in front of those classrooms. Some episodes were better than others:-)

The words I spoke in those classes were filled with the wonders I experienced each day walking to and from the school, and in the “ordinary days” of my life. I found miracles in nature, my family, in the ants on the sidewalk.

I learned to show these miracles and tell how they’d affected me.

These experiences shaped the writer, artist and creator I am today. These Words of Wonder jumped onto the pages of books, created themselves into posters and paintings, and wove themselves into the magical blankets that exist today, blanketing the world with love.

It’s easy to see why my newest blanket in the SARK collection is How To Be A Happy Writer. It’s designed to inspire you, and everyone, to share your own words of wonder and create.

With our writings and creativity in ACTION, we can all write our visions into world.

  • What’s your vision?
  • What do you dream of creating?
  • What do you want to show and tell?
  • What are the stories that only you can tell?

We are all the writers and creators of our lives- and we have the profound opportunity to be happy doing it- in the “marvelous messy middle” where all the feelings are, where all the stuff of life happens, and where you find and create your places of joy wherever and whenever you can.

You are a WONDERment. Just as you are, alive and wondering.

I am celebrating the words and stories that are inside of you and enCOURAGEing you to let them out so the world may be illuminated.

Creatively + Courageously Speaking,
SARK (aka Singing Artist Radiates Kinship)

p.s. Your Words of Wonder spells WOW.
WOW. Let your WOW be inspired by the new How To Be A Happy Writer blanket while it’s on a very special pro-MOTION here

Succulent Wild San Francisco

Succulent Wild San Francisco

One of my favorite Succulent Wild Relationships is with the city of  San Francisco, aka SARKFrancisco;-)

When I moved here 30 years ago, I said that someone took a picture of my heart, drew a city around it and named it San Francisco.

 I feel that way more than ever.

When I’m away and return, I feel like I’ve returned to see a lover. Now I share this beautifull city with my lover and partner John.

This city first welcomed me in my eccentric, creative and flailing ways.

This city now welcomes me in all of my growth, changes and soarings.

The light is captivating here. There is a particular purple twilight that is truly enchanting.

It’s a feisty, flawed and fabulous city. I am so glad to live, love and laugh here.

I published drawings in the newspaper every week on Sundays for 6 years.

Here is one of them, celebrating my love affair.

View from SARK Window

Having Succulent Wild Relationships is more about being you than about anything else. Tonight my partner John and I begin our new program, guiding a small succulent group to become people who create succulent wild relationships in all the areas of their lives. We can’t wait! And we’re even starting on the full moon….(There are a few seats available – you can see details here.)

Do you have a Succulent Wild Relationship with your city or where you live? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Loving My Succulent Wild Relationships

Loving My Succulent Wild Relationships

Alcatraz cake 325

Dearest Adventure Bean,

In addition to my beloved partner John- and my Succulent Wild Relationship with myself- my friends, family and readers amaze me all the time, in ordinary and extraordinary ways.

My friend Yofe is amazing me right now with her plan to swim from Alcatraz in the San Francisco Bay, to shore.

She’s been training for the swim for months, adding time to her usual daily bay swims. She doesn’t even wear a wetsuit and the water temperature is about 58 degrees!

On her swim planned for thu/18 or fri/19 next week, she’ll also face currents & marine life (aka sharks).

She’s doing this to celebrate her 65th birthday. This is a photograph I took of her lying ecstatically in glitter at an art exhibit. The cake showed up one day at her swim club, and I just love how it looks like a painting.

Yofe glitter 150

If you’d like to leave an encouraging or celebratory note here for her, I’ll make sure she receives it. She doesn’t know I’m writing about this:-) I plan to surprise her after she reaches shore.

And, if you want to know more about Succulent Wild Relationships, you can go here.


With wild amazement,

SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)

Love is like Really Hot Chocolate

Love is like Really Hot Chocolate

Wash * DryDear Life-loving Human,

As we took the clothes out of the dryer, I noticed major rust colored streaks on almost every piece of clothing!

I immediately thought that it must be something in the machine at the laundromat until I saw John’s sheepish expression.

He said, “I think it may have something to do with me- I had a chocolate in my pocket….”

To which I rather vehemently replied, “Why??”

John said softly, “I heard you say that you had eaten too many chocolates and I didn’t want you to see me eating some right after, so I put it in my pocket. Then I forgot about it.”

This was so endearing, that I immediately released my mild annoyance. It was also unnecessary for him to do that, since it’s not seeing the chocolate that’s an issue, but when I eat it for emotional reasons.

And I knew how good his intentions had been.

A woman in the laundromat had witnessed this exchange and asked how long we had been together. When I said nearly a year, she thought that was why I was so forgiving.

She commented, “Most people stop the honeymoon and are just annoyed with their partner.”

And that’s definitely what I used to think too until I learned to really love myself, and realized that I was in what I call an “eternally chosen honeymoon.”

Now I can extend that to, and receive that from, my beloved partner John.

And that’s why we’re creating a book and teaching a program this fall called Succulent Wild Relationships: Inspiring Relationships of All Kinds- Especially with Yourself. And we’re sharing 2 gifts with you now- our first teaching video, filmed at our home in San Francisco, and a colorfull support sheet. Go here to receive these gifts. 

We’re offering the principles that we’re practicing and living, and that have resulted in my being in the happiest most nourishing relationship I’ve ever been in.

And those same principles extend to all of my relationships- with myself, in business, with neighbors- everyone.

I’ll be sharing more with you of course. Just wanted to let you know that these magnificent transformations and plans are happening, and share these gifts with you!

p.s. ALL the chocolate came out after we rewashed everything.

The Miracles of Packing

The Miracles of Packing

PackingMy beloved partner John, our dear friend Edward and I are going to Cancun Mexico tomorrow for a vacation, and for my birthday!

I love to pack.

I might love packing more than actually going.

Everything about it delights me- the organization, the planning, the gathering of favorite things.

My mom used to bring little “fun packets” for me on all our long car trips, and give them to me along the way, at the perfect moments.

I reveled in the magazines, puzzles, games & snacks and so appreciated that she packed these for me.

Now, I pack these kind of things for myself, and relish the tradition and the existence of miracles all along my path.

I will be saturated with miracles, I just know it!

And I’ll ask for them to appear- miracles love that kind of thing.

Miraculous people will show up to play too.

And then, I will return home and enjoy UNpacking!!



A Holiday Chard for You

A Holiday Chard for You

Dear Dream Boat,

Here’s a little Holiday Chard for you:-) Happiest Solstice, Merry Christmas & all other holy*days to you from me! And a most abundant and relaxed New Year.

This glowing vegetable photograph represents abundance in every way!

I send you these gifts:  

   *Acceptance and allowing of all of your feelings, and the ability to love yourself while feeling them

   *The wisdom you need, when you need it

   *Brand-new insights that easily solve longstanding puzzles

   *A magic clock that tells you how time is always helping you

   *An easy feeling wherever you go, whatever you do

   *Presence of mind, body and spirit

   *Willingness to be of service

   *Loving the “unlovable”

   *Silent nights and hula hoop days

   *Uncommon new ways to play and have FUN

Yours in deep peace and glee,
Susan (aka SARK)




That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of the fabulous time I had at the TEDxFIDI Women event in San Francisco last week.

I am constantly amazed and inspired by Succulent Women and all of their gifts and skills! The energy at the event was palpable and the succulence was rising all around.

EnJOY this video clip from my TEDx talk – I trust it will help you tap into YOUR Succulence!


My friend Edward took this photograph of me at TEDx, and wrote this blog post.










I’m blushing a bit from it 😉



I am basking in the glow of having just launched our new site.(sight)   I just love it and am so blessed to have what I call “the best team on the Internet.”

People amaze me with all of their gifts and skills!!!

This is one of my favorite photographs of the video day we had at my house.

My friend edward took it & I remember laughing so hard at what I was reading in my journal. This is what I read:

Peacock on the dirt pile.

Flower Power of Love

Flower Power of Love

My 7 year-old spiritual godchild Jonah just graduated from first grade, and I felt guided to create a symbol of how loved and supported he is.

I made a big flower with space in the center for a face, then I wrote names in the petals, of people who love him.

Flower Power

I also wrote: “Dear Jonah, every day, in every way, people are thinking of you and love you as you play.”

Then each of us at his little party put our faces in the flower and gave him our intentions for his summer.

He just sat there, grinning, drinking in the love. Later, he used the special pen I’d given him to add more names to the petals. He said excitedly:

“Susan! I added more names and still have 7 more petals to fill with love- isn’t that lucky?”

And so, I extend this flower power of love to you and to your loved ones.

The face in the center of Jonah’s flower is his mom, Valerie.

aka SARK

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