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NEW! Play SARK’s * FREE * Pocket Pick Serendipity Game!

To celebrate SARK-In-Your-Pocket, I created a new fun, free game for you… Here are the steps to play:

  1. Set an intention for your Pocket Pick by asking a question. For example, “What do I most need to know right now?” or “How can I take better care of myself?”
  2. Randomly “Pick a Pocket” by selecting one of the SARK-In-Your-Pocket audio clips below.
  3. Allow SARK’s serendipitous response to inspire you!
  4. Repeat as desired! 🙂

A Message from SARK:

I’m offering this NEW tasty morsel of goodness as a hummingbird “SIP” of SARK! SIP stands for SARK-In-Your-Pocket! I created this inspiring Audio/Visual Creative Companion to provide a way for you to connect and expand upon your creative energies, wherever you go or are. So if you’re on a train, bus, car, plane or gypsy wagon, you’ll be inspired, uplifted and filled up creatively.

It’s also perfect for people lying down in beds, on picnic blankets or chaise lounges. It is the perfect break from work, or a companion on a miracle walk too.

SARK-In-Your-Pocket is an anytime, anywhere reminder that YOU are your own best creative companion! We are meant to live creatively, and BE creative, in our work and in our lives.

Creativity experienced and expressed is THE foundation of self-care. This means that you respond to life creatively, and give yourself gifts daily that delight and nourish your mind, body and spirit.

SARK-in-Your-Pocket makes my heart sing. Lots of goodies here to keep you writing, drawing, reflecting, musing. A lovely package. If you have a STOP sign blocking you from thinking you are creative or artistic, this is the package for you! – Rel

I am *so* glad that I signed up for SARK-In-Your-Pocket! The booklet and audio is the best thing I think I have on my pc. I can listen to the audio anytime I’m feeling stuck. Thanks so much! – Donna

So often, the creative process can be filled with anxiety, fear, and unhelpful suggestions from our inner critics. SARK-In-Your-Pocket is the perfect antidote to any creative process heebie jeebies! I’m enjoying it immensely. -Laura

I have been enjoying SARK-In-Your-Pocket immensely. It gives permission to do so much self care, and encourages the creative process no matter how good or bad I think it will be! -Lin

SARK-In-Your-Pocket Will Help You…

  • Free your creative spirit; this means doing what you love more often
  • Learn to be and live as an artist of life; this means experiencing life more creatively all the time
  • Nourish your soul; this means filling your thoughts with ideas, concepts, words and colors that are fulfilling
  • Commit to living a juicy life; this means making your most alive choices- the ones that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up

You already are like this, you may have just forgotten a bit. Let SARK-In-Your-Pocket remind you and give you permission to live this way all the time.

Your SARK-in-Your-Pocket Kit Includes:

  • A downloadable MP3 audio recording of my book “A Creative Companion”. The recording is one-hour long, and professionally produced with inspiring music and sound surprises to delight and inspire your senses. To enjoy some delightfull, free audio samples, play SARK’s Pocket Pick Game at the top of this page.
  • A Creative Companion Guidebook to accompany your Creative Companion adventure, which includes inspiring tools to ground the experience, such as follow-up journal questions, creative projects, downloadable SARK art, and more.

I love SARK-In-Your-Pocket! Even though I’ve read Creative Companion more than once, this resonates even more with me! It is so much fun the way SARK reads it, with the music and the sound effects! I do carry SARKin my pocket! I put everything on my IPod and listen to it when I walk the dog or do chores around the house. I love, love, love it! I hope she will make an audio version of all her books!! -Lou

I enjoy the mp3s on my ipod while I’m driving…I literally have SARK in my pocket! Some new idea always comes into my head as I listen to her speak! Thanks for your gentle nudges . . . -Randall

What I love most about SARK-In-Your-Pocket is the spontaneous feel of the creativity tips. I love that I can start and stop the recording anywhere, or skip to a random spot and see what plays. The recording is playful, which makes me feel more playful. -Rachel

I love SARK-In-Your-Pocket. SARK has such a cheerful, friendly voice that is so encouraging. I can’t wait to try out things that she is recommending here. But also just listening to it is so empowering and positive that I already know I will listen to it over and over again. I am so glad I bought this! I actually decided to get the whole Valentine’s package and I am surprised how great the adventures in “SARK’s Awesome Anytime Adventures” are. The texts are really stirring something and it is great to get the journal prompts to start the thinking and see where it takes. I am so enjoying it! Thank you, SARK! -Andrea

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  • Hour-long downloadable MP3 audio recording “A Creative Companion”
  • Accompanying “SARK-In-Your-Pocket” Guidebook

You get all of this in a digital download kit for only $29! You will be able to download the entire SARK-In-Your-Pocket Kit immediately after completing your purchase

Questions? You can find answers to most of your questions in our FAQs (Fantastically Answered Questions), here. Or you can email my assistant at or call her at (415) 390-5724

You can reach her Monday-Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. PST or leave a message and she’ll respond as quickly as possible.

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