Juicy Journaling Testimonials

OH MY GOSH! I cannot tell you how amazing, how inspired, how ON FIRE I have felt following your writing prompts! The words have fallen like ripe fruit upon my head and the prompts have been shaking up the tree! I considered myself to be a good writer, but have always suffered from over-working, over-thinking my writing which has made the process unpleasant even when the results are worthwhile. Your course is showing me another, more creative and playful way to liberate my writing and it has been life changing. Prior to this course, I had a number of projects floating around in my head and emboldened by this process, I have exploded into activity. I now believe what I have to share is valuable if only to show others the joy of creating and expressing their individual voice.

I had never written poetry – if that is what one calls my compositions – but I have written a poem a day since starting the course. I cannot wait to see what the second half of the course brings! I am trying to savor each prompt and not rush through. A very humble, heartfelt bow to you in gratitude and thanks. – Lisa

I absolutely love Juicy Journaling. I am reading each one, printing it out to save for later when I have total peace and can concentrate on each days prompts. I also really love the colorful artwork.

As usual, reading any of your material is always such a joy, it’s so personal and moving. The color and visuals just add so much, they sort of reach out and grab the reader, and whisper, “hey, come this way, I have something magical to show you”, and you never disappoint. So, thank you so much!

and P.S. The “refreshing recordings” are as good as the juicy journaling. I like them because it feels like more of a personal connection- to hear a voice; so, thanks for including them. And, of course they are chaulked full of wisdom and inspiring words. You’re very wise, and good at sharing the wisdom. – Tracy

The Juicy Journal is stupendous! The questions often seem deceptively simple, yet I’m discovering all these amazing things about myself – some thrilling, some stunning, some a bit scary – as I write in response to the prompts. Without consciously trying to do so, I’m addressing stuff that I thought was long handled and dealt with – good-bye! It’s just pouring out of me. BRAVO! I must be in the right place at the right time to do this program, and I thank you for creating it.

I know what I’m experiencing here will make me a more prolific and expressive artist/writer. After a couple of years of putting my writing on the back burner while I reinvented and developed myself as a visual artist, I’m reclaiming my writer self in a new way. Can’t wait to see what happens through the rest of the Journal – I’m only on Day 5 now!


Hi SARK, thank you for my Juicy Journaling experience. I am very grateful to you for your books and your journaling. I feel I remember who I am and I’m very comfortable with myself now. I have even changed how I dress. I’m a bit slow with my journaling but this is not because of the programme it is because my life is busy. I love the programme and it appeals to me on many levels. It helps creativity flow and it gives confidence. Please find attached the outcomes for my day one on the programme. I would never have written these without you. I am on my writing journey and I fully intend to continue. – Nicola

You really made, and are still making a difference in my life, in my way of thinking and doing. You have been around in my life for about 10 years now, I have all your books and are doing my third e-course at this moment. I love the sparkle you bring to everything I do, everything is so much more fun! My life is so much more creative, just by living it in a creative, juicy and succulent way, from making art, writing and drawing to doing laundry and the dishes. Creativity, juicyness and succulence is in everything and a choice you can make, thank you so much for making me see that, for changing my way of looking at the same things. thank you again for your never ending stream of inspiration, for changing my life and for your honesty so I can do the same! – Lou

Your program has been the best gift. My birthday is this month and I didn’t have much money, but i just did it. I signed up. Your wonderful artwork, your wonderful words, all your questions, all of your inspiration has been pure joy. I treasure all your emails. – Aimee

Thank you very much for allowing me to be part of this program! I am really enjoying this program and it has been more than I ever expected. Some of the exercises (like the dream chair) have blown me away. It’s been so wonderful and I would recommend this program to anyone struggling with creativity and, “where do I go next in life?” I always look forward to reading the emails and I even print the entire assignment and draw and color in my journal and just have a great time at my own pace. – George

The Juicy Journal Program is amazing. Packed with beautiful visuals and inspiring words of wisdom, it has been helping me slowly to look more at myself, listen to my own thoughts and provide me with the gentle motivation I needed to progress. I’m glad that I don’t have to feel overwhelmed by using all of the journal prompts, maybe I’ll use only one or two and save the others for a rainy day. It’s been a spark for me to begin telling my stories on paper again, a true release so I dont overwhelm or replay my thoughts inside my head as if they were stuck on repeat. I really have come to many revelations and realizations in this short time finding many parts of me that want to speak, some that still are reluctant to reveal themselves as I reflect on my thoughts to release, heal and continue to grow. Thank you SARK! – Heather

I am loving the Juicy Journaling program! To me the most profound exercises were the letters I wrote to myself (love letter and letter from my body). Strange how powerful it is to look at things from a different perspective. All sorts of things come out – good things – true things – amazing things. Loved being a part of the call tonight too. Powerful stuff SARK. I’m grateful I found you. – Nicole

I am taking so much from Juicy Journaling I am trying to incorporate nourishment into my everyday no matter how big or small and it is healing so much. – Megs

I love this program. The juicy journal tibits are just what I need to get my writing going. I think I get a lot out of them because I am going off on my own therapy like tangents, reliving thoughts and emotions i haven’t felt in a while. – Holly

I am thrilled that I signed up for Juicy Journaling….this journaling has helped me immensely, to heal old wounds and unleash a fun, juicy, creative part of me that has been quiet for a long time. Thank for being my “email” counselor. You are magical and you honor all your human family by sharing YOURSELF and your talent and humor with us. – Karenda

Dear SARK, Your Juicy Journaling is Beautiful! Art, Humankind and Beauty are my guides in life, and this is what I get from this program. I’m inspired, and it makes me feel not so lonely. I had heard the Virtual Open Mic recording and I was moved by all these people sharing! So nice! I really like the program, the pictures, and your colors (which give me joy and energy). – Patricia

I’ve been taking this very slowly because I want to observe my reactions. The prompts are great…my favourite ones are associated with quietness and contemplation…I really enjoy the challenge. – Margaret

Wonderful, Magical Sark! Thank you so much for all the yummy inspiration and guidance you provide in your ecourse. I am half way through and blown away by the words that are tumbling out of me. I never wrote poetry before, and I am now composing one a day! I am on fire with all of the inspiration and I feel like finally, I have found my way. Thank you! – Lis

Dear Susan, I am still working through my Juicy Journaling, but wanted to thank you for taking me along on your journey. While it’s difficult to choose favorites, I have to say I REALLY loved the Dream Pie illustration. Those are the sorts of things that pop into my head 🙂 Of course I also love the writing prompts and getting to hear your voice on recordings, etc. Even though I didn’t have a chance to attend the live readings, I feel like your right here with me. I look forward to continuing through my Juicy Journaling and thank you again! – Kari

I already miss the Juicy Jornaling! I’m working on at my own pace and I’ll keep looking at your web for information about programs online. I’d bought Magical Journey also, but I didn’t start yet. Thank you for your colored Life and see you soon! – Patricia

I love this. You have helped me discover why I am me. I love myself more and more, and there will never now be a moment in life where learning about my self will ever be enough. Everyday I find a new reason to Love Me! – Alexandria

Susan…just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying this…thanks for all the creativity, art and writing prompts…way to go girl!!! 🙂 – Kathy

I am almost totally visual as a learner. After loving Susan’s work since the beginning, I’ve just now figured out that’s why I love it! And she always comforts me and makes me feel I belong. That is quite a lot, don’t you think? – Ann

That was wonderful, hearing people from all across the country sharing their stories. I had just a string of while lights on & my eyes closed, comfy on my comfy couch while tuned in. I am definitely going to call in on those again. – Carole

I really enjoyed the open mic last night. I was a silent supporter, but I loved everyone’s stories! – Tracy

Dearest Susan, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Open Mic event the other night. When I read my story it felt empowering and inspirational. I just wanted to say thank you again for an amazing ride! – Caitlin

I am so grateful you designed it to be self-paced. I write about other people for a living, which is a wonderful thing, but am eager to start sharing my own stories. Thanks for inspiring so many of us! – Amy Lynn

WOW! Just had to write to tell you that from the moment I listened to your publishing advice recording (which in and of itself is worth the cost of the program in my opinion) my expectations have been exceeded left and right. This program is SO rich and so full, yet also so flexible and encouraging and freeing. Ideas are just flying out of me, and thanks to all the exercises, I’m already getting a sense that I’m finding a whole new writing “voice”, one that is truly my own. Thank you for providing this program, it is so unique, so very SARK, and so full of value. I can’t remember a time I felt better about spending money on myself and my creative future. – Randi

A quick note to tell you THANKS! I have just completed day 1 of your Juicy Journaling class and listened to the very inspiring, moving, and delicious writing samples from other juicy journalers! Each reader added a bit of magic, a juicy slice of life dripping – at times with spicy sauces, sassy syrups, philosophical pulp, funny fodder – always with much love and attention. The class has been like a cool splash on my face: Get back writing girl. What a fun and encouraging way to go about it. THANK YOU! – Gena

Just had to write to say that I just started Juicy Journaling and I am already just overjoyed! The prompts, the prompts, the prompts, I can’t say enough about them!!! Also loved today’s audio from SARK, so cozy and inspiring. Really, this is WAY more than just writing … I just worked through the set of prompts I received today and feel like I completed the most uplifting, enlightening therapy session ever! The questions are really deep and also fun and lighthearted in that way that only SARK can do. Thank you – I’m beyond delighted and very excited for the next month! I can only imagine what’s in store for me! – Tara

I can’t tell you how great it has been working with you virtually and hearing your voice on the recordings…. I can say since I started the program I have had some very vivid dreams pointing me in the right direction. I have also started a piece that I have been wanting to write for a long time and I hope to have it ready to read (during the Open Mic night) on the 29th. The impetus for me finally starting the piece was the juicy journaling day on dancing esctatically….thanks to you I finally started it.

Thank You SARK, you have always been an inspiritation to me. – Dina

It is exquisite food for my imagination, a kaleidoscope for my eyes and a joy for my heart. – Teddy

I am really enjoying the daily lessons on my creative journal….It really brings out the little child in me who loved to color in his coloring books, LOL. I enjoy opening and following the advice that is on the lessons of each page. I print them out and punch holes in a three ring binder so they don’t get lost. – McHuggs

I just want to tell you how inspiring I find this program. I love when I can take the time to write each day but find myself playing catch up and doing 4 days at once! It has given me a sense of empowerment and confidence in who I am. A freedom to express myself as I am. It is hard to be specific but I have surprised myself in answering the prompts as to where it takes me. Thank you for your inspiration!! – Peggy

The Juicy Journaling is very inspiring so far! – Cindy

I am really enjoying the Juicy Journaling program- i am diving deep and sometimes there is enough inspiration from one day to carry me for three! Thanks for sharing this with us. – Josie

I love every SARK book I’ve read. I’m very good about reading and researching about writing but not as good at just writing. The Juicy Journaling is very inspiring so far! – Cindy

i love this class. what i really love about this class, (and the first online class as well) are the questions asked, and the way they are asked. They have made me go deeper and ask even more questions of myself. The answers have amazed me. I find myself asking myself simple questions that I never asked myself before as a result of this class. Thank you SARK for the many multilayered gifts that you share with the world! You are a marvel! i love you and I am grateful for you, SARK. – Marguerite

SARK – I especially love the Refreshing Recordings. They are truly inspirational and supportive. They encourage me to keep writing. – Tresa

I live in Australia, and even though i am thousands of miled away form you, you are helping me at this point in my life when i really need it. Thanks you again. – Elizabeth

That audio was so excellent, thank you! I had some awesome ideas just while listening to it! – Leslie

(During the Virtual Open Mic Night)…I enjoyed listening to the readers. It is empowering to read the words that one has written. It was a delight to hear your voice and actually be on the phone with SARK! I am just starting these lessons now and feel they will be very good for me as I endeavor to complete my book. – Arlene

The Juicy Journaling is very inspiring so far! – Cindy

The first Juicy Journal day – I got goosebumps! Thank you! You Rock!


I am loving this and I’m only on day 2 ! – Josie

Juicy Journaling is absolutely lucious! – Cynthia

Every day has of the course has been wonderful. Thanks for all your hard work. – Cynthia

I am loving the Juicy Journaling. Taking my time with each lesson, and sometimes jumping around as things strike my fancy. – Susan

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