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Succulent Wild Love

Six Powerful Habits for Feeling More Love More Often

Six powerful habits that can transform any relationship or open you to create the partnership you want.

Glad No Matter What

Transforming Loss and Change Into Gift and Opportunity

How to really feel glad more often, no matter what happens in your life. Transformative stories about my mom and cat dying, and all about how to innovatively support yourself and others during losses and changes.

Succulent Wild Woman

Dancing With Your Wonder-Full Self!

My statement of vulnerable self-liberation and how I came to truly love and marry myself, and guide and support you in doing the same. Succulent Wild People embrace what’s in this book.

Prosperity Pie

How to Relax About Money and Everything Else

An abundance magnet that explores manifesting and creating money in brand-new ways. How to think and feel differently about money so you can create more of your desires.

Transformation Soup

Healing for the Splendidity Imperfect

Healing of every description, vulnerability, and wisdom shared for all. Contains real-life healing stories and miracles you can experience too.

The Bodacious Book of Succulence

Daring to Live Your Succulent Wild Life!

Bulging with succulent stories and suggestions for how you can live more succulently more often. Portraits of Succulent Wild Men too.

Eat Mangoes Naked

Finding Pleasure Everywhere and Dancing with the Pits!

More ways to live powerfully and joyfully no matter what your circumstances are. Full of adventure stories and ways for you to feel like your life truly is an adventure.

Make Your Creative Dreams Real

A Plan for Procrastinators, Perfectionists, Busy People, and People Who Would Really Rather Sleep All Day

A comprehensive, 12-month “manifesting your creative dream” life program book for you and all your dreams. Includes helping you identify what your dreams are.

Fabulous Friendship Festival

Living Wildly, Learning Deeply, Living Fully with our Friends

How to celebrate and expand your friendships in new ways more often and understand how, when, and why to transform them.

Living Juicy

Daily Morsels for Your Creative Soul

365 extraordinarily juicy morsels and wisdom for you for every day of the year. Created to be perpetually nourishing.

Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper

Gifting the World With Your Words and Stories and Creating Time and Energy to Actually do it

How I created all my SARK books and how you can share your writing and creative gifts with the world, and create the time and energy to do so.

SARK’s New Creative Companion

Ways to Free Your Creative Spirit Updated Edition

For creative spirits of all ages. A classic for energizing and expanding your creativity and sharing it with the world.

Inspiration Sandwich

Stories to Inspire our Creative Freedom

Super-inspiring stories and art that contain food for your spirit and soul. Includes transformative sharing about my childhood abuse experience and also shows you how to have more daily tiny adventures in your life.

Change Your Life Without Getting Out of Bed

The Ultimate Nap Book

This book is your ultimate permission slip to take a break, put your feet up and take a nap. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if more people napped more often?

A Creative Companion

How to Free Your Creative Spirit

For creative spirits of all ages. Energize and expand your creativity and share it with the world.

SARK’s Journal and Play Book

A Place to Dream While Awake

A guided journal with plenty of free space too — for all ages. A place for you to dream while awake and inspire yourself.

The Magic Cottage Address Book

An eccentric and extremely creative and colorfull address book for you.

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The Washington Post
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Julia CameronJulia CameronBestselling Author of The Artist's Way
SARK's gentle and effervescent work is a festive, creative catalyst that throws open a wide and generous gate.
Amy AhlersAmy AhlersBestselling Author
SARK and Dr. John Waddell have written the new bible for creating soulful, conscious, loving relationships.
Cheryl RichardsonCheryl RichardsonBestselling Author
SARK has done it again. She's taken the harrowing life challenges of dealing with loss and change, turned them upside down, and created a powerful healing path that will calm fears, warm hearts and transform lives forever.
Christiane Northrup, MDChristiane Northrup, MDBestselling Author
In my humble opinion, this is the best book SARK has yet written.
Kris CarrKris CarrBestselling Author
This is true heart nourishment...drench yourself in the pages and revel in the goodness.
Tosha SilverTosha SilverBestselling Author
A sweet and insightful book with practical how-tos on fostering and nurturing love with another soul on this life’s journey. Very beautiful.
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.Bestselling Author
Succulent. Wild. Love. When I first saw the title, it made me want to rip my jammies right off. Then I read it, and WOW. It really is a whole new philosophy of love and relationships in a whole new way!
 Arielle Ford Arielle FordBestseling Author
If your soul is ready for love — self-love and soulmate love — read this book.
Rachel Naomi Remen, MDRachel Naomi Remen, MDBestselling Author
The best self-help book you could possibly read!
Lissa Rankin, MDLissa Rankin, MDBestselling Author
Medicine for the soul, as well as the heart.

“You are always on your way to a Miracle.”


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