I Send You

I Send You

Here we are in these moments of our lives, feeling our way through it all. 

Life and love go on, no matter what else is going on

I’m feeling an immense tenderness for each of us, creating our ways forward, and inward. 

We contain multitudes in our stardust selves, and benefit from reading about, seeing and feeling the certainties of love

I Send You: 

Daily prayers and the constancy of love. 

Pray for surrender. Love is always with us. 

Harder laughter and more tears. Let’s cry more. 

Rich butter cookies with no calories. Shortbread is good. 

A sudden unplanned nap. A luxury nap. 

I send you a dream in which you fully realize that none of us are alone, and that we are all seen, heard and loved just for being. 

I light a candle in your name. 

We are succulent and brave, holy, ordinary, stumbling creatures

I send you love



If You’re In Despair

If You’re In Despair

I am frequently feeling despair these days, and am navigating anxiety deeply. 

People still get surprised to hear this- I guess because I use a lot of bright colors and often write about miracles. They forget or don’t know about all the ways I write and have written, about the darkness and all of the many ways I experience it. 

I’ve been doing this for my whole long writing life. 

I started writing and publishing at age 10, and then spent 25 years experiencing so much fear and procrastination, that I silenced myself. 

Then I learned how to get truly connected to my creative gifts, make them REAL and continue offering them. I’m still doing that. 

And thank GOODness that I’ve learned more about continuing to move along and through whatever challenging feelings I have, and keep practicing avidly. I used to feel like I was the only one feeling so much. I now know that our feelings are a universal language and experience

Isn’t it odd that we persist in thinking that others have it better or easier than we do? Meanwhile, we’re all human, humaning along, with all of our feelings and resistances and fears, with all of the feelings in our emotional families. 

I believe that the more we feel in community and communion with other people about our feelings, the more easily and often that we’ll love ourselves and others

Share ways that you are feeling and what’s working for you with feelings like despair, grief, loneliness or fear– or any others- we’ll love knowing and sharing in your experience, and add it to our internal resource libraries.

If you wish, read more in my Magic Blog about fast ways I uplift myself in times of despair- or any other challenging emotions, and how you can too~ 

Upliftment can happen when we can feel what we feel and keep moving with our feelings. 

Many people try to avoid, deny, repress, anesthetize, or otherwise hide from their feelings. 

We know it doesn’t work, but the alternatives seem worse, so we keep practicing NOT FEELING, and then that habit gets stronger. 

There’s a much easier way to feel better more often, and that’s to feel your emotions.

E-motions are feelings that MOVE

I’m always practicing ways to let my feelings be felt and moved. One of these ways is giving myself permission to feel whatever “it” is. 

Give yourself permission to feel your feelings by saying their name or names out loud. 

You can say sentences like this one- any kind of acknowledgement will work: 

“Despair, I see you, I feel you, I hear you” 

And you can add the word love to that sentence if and when you wish. 

This allows the feeling to soften and change shape, and allows your love in

As a result, you will feel more of your feelings more often, and be able to move WITH your feelings, instead of resisting, refusing or trying to hide from them. 

More love will get in, more love can be delivered, more love will be generated. 

More feelings felt = more love to feel. 

Isn’t that lovely? 





It’s incredibly fun to “be SARK.” And I always love how my Australian friends change my name to “SARKY.” It makes me SMILEY;-) 

I feel like I’m the representative of the SARK spirit, and in that way, we’re all “SARK.”

I’m inviting you and your inner SARK out to play today

As I go around in this world, and in our inner worlds, I just love mentoring with people to SPARK their creative dreams and desires into ACTION.

We’re all full of so many dreams! 

Then we fall asleep. 
Some people keep sleeping. 

They say things like, 
I always wished that I’d had the time, money, courage or BALLS to create: 
Fill in all the blanks! 

Many people don’t know how or why to PLAY with their dreams. 
They labor and puff, try and test, rise and fall, forget and freeze. 

Dreams want to play with you! 
Toss a dream ball! 

You can do this by filling in these blanks: 

– My dream wants me to: 

– My dream is most visible when I: 

– I don’t know what my dream is, so instead I: 

– My dream gets lost because: 


Do this by keeping your dream out to play. 
Make it visible in some way. 

Fill my comments with your dreamiest play statements of what you are creating or want to create. 

I’ll be leading and teaching a super special 2-hour interactive live workshop about how you can make your dreams REAL on Wednesday, August 19th and you and your dreams are especially invited! This event is designed to help you find, revitalize, and re-energize your dreams in every way


How You Can Make Your Creative Dreams REAL and Thrive in These Times

Wednesday/19th August

3 pm Pacific


This is an Interactive LIVE Video Workshop on Wednesday/19th August and is all about amplifying your creativity, so you can share YOUR unique gifts with the world. 

You will learn: 

• Discover how to use your intuition to activate and empower your creativity

• Identify and transform your inner critic messages 

• Experience beginning more easily and completing more often using my powerfull MicroMOVEment Miracle Method

• Practice asking as if your dream has already happened- activating the energy so it can multiply and expand

It could also be considered: 
A plan for procrastinators, perfectionists, busy people, avoiders and people who would really rather sleep all day:-) 

Take advantage of the super earliest bird price until Sun/16th August and if you’re drawn, take inspired action today!

You are the creator of your dreams, and dreams need a human channel to bring them down to earth, and that channel is YOU.  

Building a creative dream life is not just about achieving, succeeding, or meeting goals. It is also about floundering, stumbling, tripping, and failing. If you practice building a way to weave these together, then your success will be measured by the process of your creative dream life, and not only the progress. 

May we welcome changes and choices that allow our emotions, bodies, minds and spirits to create our dreams AND our wonderfull lives, in unison. This will allow sustainable true miracles to happen, and keep happening!



P.S. In true SARK style, there are always succulent gifts, surprises and serendipitous happenings. I’m inviting you to be delighted and sign up today.



I’m always asking this question, “What will spark me?” and wondering what will get me going on one of my many creative plans or projects.

The siren call of lethargy is always strong. 
The voices that tell me all the reasons why not are loud. 
The absences of belief in myself are prominent. 

Since I became SARK in this world in 1982, I’ve been challenged to continually inspire myself so I can inspire the world

People tell me I make it look easy. 

I’m glad that they don’t see the divine agitation that often precedes my actions. 

Here I am after a recent miracle walk, lying down with my legs up on a railing, recovering from some series of crabby thoughts, and then looked closer and saw that someone had reminded me to look differently by writing on the railing that “Life is good.” That sparked me into having a new series of creative thoughts

I’ve learned that there is always a spark that sets off the flame of creative activity

Questions like these start swirling around: 
“Why don’t I?”
“Maybe I could?” 
“What if I” 


I dreamed of a Magic Cottage in San Francisco and drew it in my journal and moved in a month later, and still create in it today. 

After 25 years of actively procrastinating, I lit 100 candles in my Magic Cottage and wrote my first book; A Creative Companion: How To Free Your Creative Spirit, in 2 weeks. 

I was asked how I creatively live, and read out loud a poem I wrote that we are all called to be artists of life. That poem How To Be An Artist went on to be printed millions of times and flew into hearts and souls around the world, and activated my entire brand and business. 

I wanted to feel healthier in my body, so I sparked a book called Transformation Soup: Healing for the Splendidly Imperfect, and that led to my giving up eating refined sugar, which continues to this day. 

I saw how I was hiding from prosperity, so I created a book called Prosperity Pie: How to Relax About Money and Everything Else, and developed “wealthier habits.” 

I wanted more love, so I co-wrote and drew a book called Succulent Wild Love: Six Powerful Habits for Feeling More Love More Often, and created another great love in 2018 with David after my previous fiancé (and co-author) John died in 2016. 

All of my creations have required that SPARK, that preceded the flame, that then cause things to burst into BEING. 

You know I’m going to ask you: 

What are your creative dreams and desires? 

Where do they live? Maybe in a drawer, closet, computer or somewhere in your big beautifull brain? 

Now: When are you going to do them? 

Now is clearly the time. 

We are each like the bees: 

IRREPLACEABLY valuable with such rich gifts to share. 

Our refusal to believe in the power of our creativity is the absence of a spark. It is what’s missing in this world. 

What sparks you is what wakes you. 

So I always want to know: 

What’s your dream? 
If you name it here now, sparks will fly, things will get created, ideas will move, your vision will be made REAL.  

I dare you. 



P.S. Calling all creators for a DREAM RAISING DANCE PARTY on FB Live(ly) I’m doing on Fri/14 August @11am Pacific. Bring a dream as your dance partner and let’s boogie. If you don’t know what your dream is, bring your desire.

Register NOW
and you’ll receive the rePLAY if you can’t be there live!

Reflections About Being SARK

Reflections About Being SARK

33 years ago, I published this art in the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. It’s now one of my beloved David’s favorite pieces of SARK art, and says it just makes him laugh every time he sees it. The newspaper called this art that I did cartoons, and I just called them SARK

I had drawn a lot of art when I was living in the Victorian Hotel of Arts and Music, during my decade of voluntarily opting out of the money system and living on barter and trade. I was trading my art for my room in the hotel.

I took this mismatched stack of my art pages to the newspaper to see if they might want to publish some, and went off on a little adventure to Big Sur, with an eccentric artist who wanted to hear my stories in exchange for a ride.

When I returned, there were messages for me saying they wanted to publish me every week! It felt like a real miracle.

It was the first money I’d made from my art. It was just $25 per drawing, but it literally meant the world to me, and I started doing even more art.

Soon the art I was doing was larger than the room in the hotel I was living in, and I knew I needed to find a new place to live.

Without any money other than the $25 I was making per drawing, this was going to be a challenge to create.

How has your creativity served you with challenges in your life? What have you been able to create out of “thin air?” Let me know.

I created an ad to place in the local free paper that said, Incredible housesitter seeks incredible house.”

The woman taking my ad said, “That’s a terrible ad- you’ll never find somewhere to live that way!”

I secretly thought she was probably right, but said, “What’s your name? I’m going to let you know when I find something.”

After several days, I hadn’t heard anything and started thinking she’d been right.

Then I received a call from a woman who said, “I have a mansion on Russian Hill, and I need someone to live in it until it sells.” Then she said, “But I’m looking for an artist. Are you an artist?”

When I told her that I was, she replied,

“Oh good! I’ve interviewed 100 artists so far, and none of them have been right. I hope you’re the right one.”

I borrowed a cartoon size beret, and got a white shirt and splashed paint all over it, and arrived at her mansion at the appointed time. 

She creaked open the garden gate and peered out, saying exuberantly, “Oh you’re an artist! Come in!”

I entered to find that she was living with dozens of cats and began to realize why the other artists might not have worked out. I asked where the cats were going to be when she moved away, and she informed me that all the cats were going with her, and handed me the key to the mansion.

I moved in the next day. The mansion had wood floors and marble bathrooms and a garden, and room to do my art. I called the woman at the newspaper who had taken the ad, and told her what I had found, and she tried to be my roommate.

I politely declined.

I lived in that mansion for 2 years, and that’s another story!

I love to read stories about people creating and living their miracles. Reply in the comments if you’d like me to read yours.



Re-CREATING Your World, The World

Re-CREATING Your World, The World

My mom used to watch a show called
“As The World Turns.”

I’ve been thinking of that as we all find our creative ways with and through this highly unusual time.

Yes- the world turns, and so do we.

As you may know, I frequently spend time horizontally contemplating life and different, more creative ways of living it.

Creating those ways and inspiring others is one of my great joys in this life.

Here I am in a little fort at the beach the other morning, having constructed a new place for me to play and generate from.

I had a “beach breakfast picnic” as I listened to inspiring music, wrote parts of my new book and sent love notes out.

I also thought about the injustices in this world and did my inner feelings care process to support my feelings being able to be felt, and keep moving. In this way, I am better able to support the world with my creative action taking.

Of course it’s not always possible to be horizontal or to be at the beach, so I utilize these creating ways from wherever I am- thankfully they work everywhere.

Let me know in the comments about something you’d like to create, or are creating. Naming it gives it more energy and momentum.

We are curious and creative creatures, sometimes prone to repetition, and creativity thrives on surprises.

How can you surprise yourself?

Here are some immediate ways:

Go a different way- driving or walking, biking or swimming

Leave your phone at home or put it on airplane mode for a few hours. Bring a pen & small notebook to write or draw in

Write a love letter to you and put it into the mail

Leave a kind note of appreciation for a neighbor

Take a bath with food coloring

Go upside down in your home



It is really so simple: doing different things causes us to be more available to thinking different thoughts.

Then the world organizes itself around your new thoughts and creating ways- and you’ll notice that you feel happier, more resilient, more ALIVE.

Our creativity and dreaming selves LOVE when we do and say different things.

New molecules get activated, new parts of us come out to play. And if you didn’t already know,


Let yourself play and be creative more often and your whole world will positively change.

And when you put yourself in the way of surprise, serendipities can more easily appear. Serendipity thrives on color and movement, and when you move in these ways, serendipity comes out to play with you.

Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

You can help to create these happy ways for yourself!

Ask yourself;
Where, what, or how can I move?
What’s colorfully appealing?
What do I dream of creating?



Interdependence Day & Life

Interdependence Day & Life

I am moved to honor all the loss and all the love on this Fourth of July in America


I am also moved to highlight INTER-dependence more than independence just now.

Independence is so highly valued that people feel “needy” when they need each other, and don’t ask for help or support from others because they fear they don’t deserve it, or will be judged for being needy- that they should “get it together” and not need anything.

When my former fiancé John was dying in 2015 and 2016, I needed a LOT of things.

 One time, I called our “Made of Honor” dear friend Amy, and confessed to feeling like an

“endless ball of f***ing need” 

and Amy replied, 

“Oh honey, we’re all just endless balls of f***ing need.”

It felt like such deep relief to put down the pressure of being so independent all the time and accept love and care.

I wonder why independence is celebrated so fiercely when there is so much isolation and fear.

I dream of a different way- an interdependent way- where we learn to recognize that we are all connected and related to one another, and love & live that way. Where all Black Lives Exquisitely Matter as much as our own, and that we lift each other up and care for each other intrinsically in all ways.

Of course this more interdependent way of living will require that we change everything. 

Our human lives are relatively short, and we somehow live with the reality that we will lose everything.

Except the love.

Love stands tall.

In our celebrations of independence, I propose leaving room for studying about the interdependent systems in our lives:

Who and what are we connected to, (everyone and everything) and how can we grow in that?




Lie Down And Stay Awake

Lie Down And Stay Awake

As we travel through these uncommon times, we are being asked and called to both wake up and stay awake

I do a lot of contemplation and learning while lying down- it’s kind of a “horizontal life.” Here I am in a favorite park, lying down on a flat rock under a friendly tree, while hearing the sounds of a small creek. 

The heart tights were a gift from my beloved David and the rainbow shoes a gift from my dear friends Val & Eric. 

You may have noticed I like bright colors;-) they bring buoyancy to my spirit, which then allows me to share that buoyancy. 

From this horizontal life, I gain more courage and velocity for the vertical world. 

When I wrote about Black Lives Matter and being anti-racist, that was the continuation of a lifetime of work and awareness for social justice, and a reawakening of anti-racism work. 

If you missed that, you can READ IT HERE. 

In that writing I asked, “What is Yours To Do?

Do you know? 

Are you doing it, or starting to take actions? 

We need your particular way to move moving: 
If you’re a caller, call. 
If you’re a donator, donate. 
If you’re a protestor, protest.
If you’re a writer, write.
If you’re a speaker, speak. 
If you’re an artist, make art. 
If you’re a singer, sing. 
If you’re an organizer, organize. 
If you’re a visionary, vision. 
If you’re a miracle maker, make miracles. 

Whoever you are in this world, your movement and voice matters and makes a difference. 

Silence translates to violence, and we can SHIFT THAT SILENCE forever as a United States and World Collective of AWEsome Action taking instead. 

If you’re hiding or resisting, or feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, enraged, helpless, tired, deflated, upset or furious, alchemize and blend those feelings into a brand new healing mixture and get and keep moving. 

I know that many of you are reading, studying, listening and watching, in order to see how you can be of use. 

I’m writing this to inspire you to also be in AWESOME ACTION- in tandem with the rest of everything that you are. 

I’m putting into practice everything I wrote about my own action taking, and it’s often uncomfortable and inconvenient to set up new systems and add new processes for real change to occur, and to keep occurring. 

And it’s no-thing compared to what Black people live with and face every day. And yes, we all face great difficulties- right now we’re focused on the mattering and mending of Black Lives. 

You’ve probably heard it said that this kind of work is a marathon. 

I think that life is mostly a marathon, and we need to keep in training the whole time

We can’t just get riled up and horrified when Black people are killed, and then fall asleep again. Or we can, and then continue to be enabling that violence. 

Nooses are yesterday.today.tomorrow being found hanging in trees. 

These nooses are symbols of killing by lynchings of Black people, which are also occurring. 

Rest as you must but don’t fall back asleep

If you want to encourage and support change, leave a note in the comments, we will all appreciate it and you. Let me know any action you’re taking and/or one that you want to recommend and inspire others to take. All types of AWESOME ACTIONS are needed. Movement is the main key to this movement of change

MOVEMENT is the key. Any size will do. 

Most people assign themselves things that are too large and then get overwhelmed and quit. Then inner critics start up their negative dialogue: 

“You always…” 
“You never…”
“You should…” 
“See! I knew you wouldn’t…” 

If you move tinier by MicroMOVEments, you will move more often, which will gather more momentum for you to move more consistently, and keep moving. 

Use this: 


Even if and when you don’t feel inspired to take action, move SOMEthing which will lead you to more movements. 

In my considerable research with this subject, I’ve found that when we can start in ANY WAY, 60% of the time we’ll keep going

After over 30 years of writing personal growth books and inspiring people to move, here are some things I’ve learned and experienced. 

Read through and see where you find yourself:

  • Most people really want to help. 
  • Most people get overwhelmed. 
  • Most people procrastinate. 
  • Most people quit because they don’t rest. 
  • Most people don’t find a consistent way to keep moving in the midst of their actual life and all of its demands. 
  • Most people don’t know where to start. 
  • Most people fear that what they do won’t really matter in the face of so many challenges.

    Here are some more locators;

  • Many people think that “someone else” should take care of this problem. 
  • Many people wish that someone would solve THEIR problems.
  • Many people are too tired or deflated to take action. 
  • Many people just don’t want to move 
  • Many people are too busy with their own lives to do anything more.
  • Many people feel angry and hopeless and don’t know how to manage those feelings so they can help others. 

We are all doing the best we can, and as my friend and mentor Dr. Maya Angelou said,
“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” 

Does this writing move you or make you want to move? I hope so. My purpose is to be an uplifter, transformer and laser beam of love, and we can MOVE OURSELVES WITH LOVE right now and all-ways. 

Let me know how you’re doing and moving by replying here. I’ll read your response. Feel free and invited to share this blog post, and thank you for being you. 




P.S. Follow me on Instagram HERE  if you don’t already- I publish different things there.

How To Keep Forgiving All the Fathers

How To Keep Forgiving All the Fathers

I wrote a poem for my father called:

How To Forgive Your Father, and published it in my book Succulent Wild Woman. You can read that poem below. Writing and sharing that poem helped me to forgive myself and my father, which ultimately freed me to be able to feel more love.

I believe that forgiveness is very personal and individual, and every person can decide for themselves if it’s relevant to them. For me personally, forgiveness of all made more room for love, and it took a long time to get there and to feel that way.

My father and I had a rather tumultuous relationship, and after I got my first large book deal, he said,

“Good for you honey! We always knew you could do it.”

And I replied,

“No you didn’t! You were against me, and I almost didn’t do it at all because of you. You told me I would probably end up as a homeless person and never make a living as a writer.”

To his credit, after that, he told everyone that would listen;

“Don’t do what we did to our daughter, by not supporting her all the way! We almost ruined her life.”

He also said,

“Well honey, I don’t know why people are buying these books, but I’m glad that they are! I’ve sold cigars all these years and that wasn’t good for people. I’m glad you’re selling something that is.”

My father did and said so many other incredibly kind and loving things too. I’m spotlighting here how painfull and difficult these particular harmfull things were, and how being believed in is so essentially supportive for dreams to grow.

I know my dad was just scared and trying to protect me- he’d seen me get and quit 250 jobs from ages 14-26 and then drop out of the money system for almost 10 years and live mostly on barter and trade.

He didn’t understand my vision and he didn’t trust me.

I’m glad to say that I’ve forgiven him completely and we have a marvelous relationship– especially now that he’s in the afterlife. We cleared up all our personality differences while he was alive, and I feel so very gratefull for being able to do that difficult forgiveness work with him while he was alive.

When I met my beloved David 2 years ago, one of the many gifts of our relationship is that he brought me a whole new family; 2 parents, 2 brothers & their partners & kids, and his own 2 amazing grown children.

It feels like a miracle to have 2 more “parents” in my life again. I never imagined that!

Barry and Arline are socially conscious, progressive, and I appreciate their abilities to express love and support in ways that I can feel.

I also feel gratefull for the ways we’re able to navigate some tough stuff too, as we grow and develop as a family- we haven’t just stayed on the surface of things.

Of course there’s so much more to say about both of them, and I want to focus on my initial experience with Barry and share it with you on this Father’s Day.

When I first met him at their home in Vermont, we sat together at their kitchen table and he was enthusiastically asking me about my books, and listening closely to my responses. I love this photograph that David surreptitiously took of us communing together at the table.

As I spoke some of my book titles out loud; Living Juicy, Eat Mangoes Naked, Transformation Soup, Inspiration Sandwich, Barry became very animated, exclaiming,

“These titles are just fabulous! The titles alone make me want to read them! How fascinating that you’ve assembled these kinds of words, and that you have an audience of readers- I’m so impressed.”

His entirely enthusiastic response delighted my heart, and I felt uncommonly seen by him. Even though I have millions of readers, it had been so painfull not to have my dad’s support with my books in the beginning, in the ways that felt most meaningfull to me. I also didn’t know how to ask him for what I most wanted to hear.

This was a reparative experience for my author self, and I appreciated it and Barry so much. Thank you Barry!

Have you felt seen and supported by your father, or a father figure in your life? In what ways? Let me know in the comments. And if not, what was your experience?

Here’s the poem How To Forgive Your Father, which my dad requested that I write, and that he loved so much.

I’m not daddy’s little girl.


I’m a mountain lion in a skirt with prayers in my heart.

When I asked my dad what he wanted in a “dream daughter,” he said, “I wanted a daughter who would wear an apron and make soup from a ham bone.”

I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t cook.

My “fantasy father” would be super literary and work at home.

My father was a traveling salesman who struggled with spelling.

When I was 4, my dad’s head was as big as the world! I rode on his shoulders, clasping his forehead with my tiny hands and laughing as we ran through the grass.

Together we were taller than God.

My dad held my red Schwinn bike as I balanced my first solo trip, and ran alongside before letting me go to pedal into a new world.

My dad always got mad at dinner and I thought it was because of me so I sat up straight and tried to do it all perfect and he still yelled.

His dad got mad at dinner too.

I finally learned that when I could show softness, my dad could show support. I wish I’d had more time to be with him.

I remember whisker rubs and “serious talks” and standing on his feet to dance around the kitchen.

He tied my ice skates double-tight, and there was always love- large and raw and imperfect.

When I prowl through all the prayers in my heart, and in certain photographs in a special kind of light, I can see my dad’s face inside my own, saying “Stick with me kid!”

I know now that he loves me in his language– that the past stuff is just fog on the mirror- that the little girl inside never stopped loving him.

She feels the love and forgives the pain.

Hey dad! I’ll love you forever you know.”

After I met Barry for the first time, I knew that he might not follow through with reading one of my books- sometimes people speak with initial enthusiasm about something, and then it just kind of fizzles out. Barry had asked me which of my books I recommend that he read first- and I said, Glad No Matter What: Transforming Loss And Change Into Gift And Opportunity.

Not only did he get the book, he actually read it, and then wrote me a thoughtfull email about his experience reading the book, and what he received as a result!

This experience with Barry reminded me how we all bloom with tending, and that in his care of me and my work, I felt tended.

And of course I am consistently tending to myself, and no longer look to people reading my books for approval in the ways that I did when I was younger- it was just such a luscious and unexpected surprise to have this kind of “dad do over” experience with Barry, and at this time in my life.

I’m also so thankfull for all the many ways my own father was able to lovingly support me and show up.

And let’s acknowledge all the men in this world who are able to love and show their support as fathers, or father figures.

I’m so glad for daughters and sons who can speak directly and clearly about the kinds of ways that love gets in, and how that love is able to be felt by them.

My wish is that we all learn and practice how love feels best for us to receive, and directly let our fathers know it – and find alternate fathers, or learn how to have our “inner father” show us love.

And if your father has departed, consider communicating with him now, and practice forgiveness* if you want to.

*note that I believe that forgiveness work is very personal and individual, and better if not forced or made into any kind of tyranny. It is not “better” to forgive, if in the doing of it, you make yourself “wrong” in any way. There is so much room for growth with love.



Dreams Being Made REAL

Dreams Being Made REAL

After over 30 years running my creative business, one of my greatest joys and privileges of the last decade is to also BE a mentor and coach, and help others make their dreams REAL

Throughout these years, I have also been mentored by others and continue to be.  

We are truly not meant to create our lives, purposes and dreams alone. To this day, I continuously utilize the services of good guides and mentors at such times, and as a result, can be an even better mentor for others too. 

I live my life in the stream of energy that results in the activation of my dreams. One of the ways I love to play and create is privately mentoring people to expand their dreams playfully & exponentially.

I’m delighted to share this recent Dreams Being Made REAL story from one of my previous Magical Mentoring clients, the radiant Shereen Sun. In the picture above, we are on a Miracle Walk together in San Francisco.

Shereen became one of my Magical Mentoring clients in 2018, as she was getting ready to write her first book and share her incredible story with the world. She knew that she needed someone to hold non-judgmental, but also very disciplined space to get her words channeling and flowing. With me as her guide and mentor, we dreamed together about the vision of this book and what it could BE.

Throughout our time working together, Shereen learned how to further develop her creative process, create a more consistent writing practice and how to work with her inner critics so that they were no longer stopping her. She developed and nurtured healthier writing habits and learned how to mostly quit procrastinating. I say mostly, because it’s an art to practice. 

Above all, she learned that she loved writing, and the newfound discovery of this resulted in the biggest dream of all being made REAL. 

In her own powerfull words; 

“My ✨ Blessed Book ✨ actually started two years prior when I hired my favorite author SARK to be my writing mentor. Her whimsy and free-spirit helped me let loose. She told me her vision for me was to get messy, to cry on the pages, and to write this book for myself inner-child first. I knew that by working SARK- I’d have to show UP, because she is such an amazing model of what it means to live an authentic and magical life. 

Eight months ago, I was involved in the inaugural Diverse Wisdom Initiative led by Hay House.  This initiative is a program meant to bring diverse voices into a notoriously NOT diverse industry— the world of publishing. 13 BBIPOC (Black Brown Indigenous People of Color)were selected as finalists and we were given stellar training on how to create a solid book proposal. 

In the end, one of us would be selected to win an actual, real publishing contract with Hay House. I knew that when I wrote my book, I wanted it to be published by Hay House. But for so long, this felt like a long-shot. File this dream under completely and totally *out of reach.* 

I doubted everything when I was writing this: my work, my message, my qualifications, and myself.  After so much work and lots of showing up, about 2 years after I started, I’ve finally found myself as a writer — and, a soon-to-be-published author by Hay House! And now, this dream is becoming even more real. I’ve been assigned an editor who I adore and am officially bringing this project to life. 

In retrospect, SARK + I  dreamed about all of the things the book could be together. And everything we dreamed is coming true! I got my first, real-life book deal…. with my dream publisher!  She truly is the mastermind behind guiding others on unleashing their creativity, standing for who you really are, what you really want, and how you desire to express yourself in this world. “ 

Thank you Shereen, and congratulations! I’m so excited to read, celebrate, and endorse your fabulous book! 

You might have a book that’s wanting to be created or completed,  a visionary product ready to be born, a transformative online program, a new way of being, or another idea that’s ready to MOVE and be made REAL.

In order to make our dreams possible and to make them REAL, our dreams ask us to be willing, curious, committed, flexible, determined, and patient. I love leading people along their powerfull path to doing and being more of their dreams in ACTION. 

Magical Mentoring with SARK is open now and I have room for 6 wonderfull souls. If you’d like to work privately with me, you can apply HERE. 

Of course, it’s a significant investment to work privately with me, and the results are significant also. I’m aware that this offer is cost prohibitive for many people, which is why I also have low cost options and free resources too. 

Who and where will you be with this kind of support? I will love to join you in finding out. I’m so glad to support you in your dreams and more of your dreams being made REAL. 

Whether you’re going to apply for Magical Mentoring or not, I’ll love to read & celebrate what dream or dreams you’re in action on- let me know. 



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