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Story of the NEW Planet SARK part 1

Dear Vibrant Soul,

Thank you for reading my words and being my mirror of transformation as I’ve navigated my life and career all these years—or however many years you’ve read what I’ve shared. And if you’re new to Planet SARK—Welcome!

I deeply appreciate your wisdom, insights, good energy and joy.

You inspire me.

You inspire all of us at Planet SARK.

And we think it’s important to include you in what’s happening here—and I want to share more of the exciting new things currently going on “behind the scenes” in my life, too.

As you can imagine, I’ll abbreviate 😉

I’ll be sharing this story in 2 parts, and this is part 1.

When I became “SARK” over 30 years ago, I envisioned a place where kindred spirits—loving creative souls—could gather to play and learn together in the spirit of SARK. In that sense, I felt like the spirit of SARK was inside everyone, and still do.

SARK is really what I call my Inner Wise Self, and this part of me has consistently delivered creative content to me all of my life. It’s how the SARK books, products, and programs are all created.

I envisioned and created my company called Camp SARK in 1993 and formed a small yet mighty team to help me deliver all the things my creative soul was inspired to create to support inspired living for us all.

We created hundreds of SARK products, numerous transformative events, and I wrote bestselling books each year. It was thrilling, very successfull and fulfilled my vision in so many ways.

Millions of people responded and said YES to playing and learning together. It was just like I had envisioned.

It was also a LOT to do, and as much as I loved it all, I also got tired and overwhelmed by all the WORK. I gained weight, I felt unhappy and pressured. I learned a lot about how I didn’t want to live and took detailed notes about all the ways I wanted to change.

In the early years the company grew very quickly, and we were all fairly inexperienced in business—especially me.

We made mistakes, debts were incurred—along with tremendous success and creative dreams realized.

Ultimately, I knew that the form of the business I’d created then wasn’t working for me.

During my years of working hundreds of part time jobs, and then in my decade outside the money system living on barter and trade, I’d made a commitment to honor my creative gifts and not spend my time unhappily working.

I hadn’t envisioned that something like that could even happen. I thought that if I created a company, it would just be magically delicious—like Lucky Charms;-) I didn’t know that my inner critics were running my life and company, not me and my inner wise self. I didn’t know then about creating the consequences of the vision as well as the vision. I know a lot more about all of this now.

We dismantled that form of the business in 2000, and I continued writing books, teaching, and supporting inspired living in how I lived my own life.

I then dedicated myself to learning how to truly love myself and my business, and to continue to grow and share my creative gifts in ways that were healthy and nourishing for me.

Camp SARK became Planet SARK in 2001 when I formed a new vision for what the business could be, and I quickly realized that it would need to happen organically, in a non-pressured way. So I streamlined my business operations to be me, one virtual assistant and some auxiliary help from independent consultants. It was time to reduce my expenses, let go of debt, and learn more about having a business that I could love.

I needed to spend more of my time creating my new life and also to help my mother, who needed my care for several years before she died. I’m so glad that I spent those years caring for her and getting to know her in new ways. It was an honor. The following year, Jupiter, my beloved cat of 17 years, died. He was my unconditional love teacher and “fur husband,” and I learned so much from our life together. I was devastated to lose him and learned so much from loving and living with him.

I started writing a book called, Glad No Matter What: Transforming Loss and Change into Gift and Opportunity—and published it in 2010.

Over the last decade, I also turned to teaching in new ways—myself and others—how to exquisitely care for and love ourselves—no matter what the circumstances. I taught smaller groups at experiential places like Esalen, Kripalu and Hollyhock, and honed my transformational systems into what are now my core teachings. These are the systems and processes I created to allow me to create more time, love, money and feeling better more often.

I still experience all the challenges and negative feelings, I just don’t spend as much time there. I live mostly in what I call the “marvelous messy middle” where I feel all my feelings deeply and feel good most of the time.

My purpose is to be a transformer, uplifter and laser beam of love, and offer that through my words, art and spirit.

I now live life like a full cup of self love, sharing the overflow with the world. When I feel like a half empty cup, which is every day—sometimes multiple times a day—I do my transformative processes to fill myself back up from the inside—the way a succulent plant does. I not only live what I teach, I consistently live and practice what I talk and write about.

By 2007, I had further developed my core teachings and brought them to the internet to share with more people in that form. Thanks to some excellent mentoring, I discovered that my teachings worked well in these new formats, and I could reach even more people all over the world.

I’ve waited all my life for technology to catch up with me and was thrilled to create teaching opportunities and more intimacy on the internet, and along with the help of other great people, to connect deeply by telephone and video in teaching programs I created.

I’ve always worked collaboratively with excellent people and teams, and enjoy doing so. I believe we are all so powerfull together, more and differently than by ourselves.

Over the years, people have thought all sorts of things about my even having a business. I’ve been asked things like—

“Why do you even need a business? Aren’t you just SARK who writes books?”

“You must have a really big team to do all this stuff—do you really write the books? Or does someone do that for you?”

“I didn’t realize you had so much to teach—I thought it was just all about being playful and creative.”

“Didn’t you make millions from your books? Why are you even working at all?”

And also things like—

“I thought you’d have a whole company supporting you—like Martha Stewart—and be unreachable. I can’t believe how available you are.”

“I love Planet SARK and want to work there! How do I apply?”

“Your company is just like you—creative and bold. How can I find out more about it?”

What I can say now, as I wrap up part 1 of this story, is that I love the business that I have co-created, and I love writing the books, creating the programs, and inspiring YOU to create and manifest more of what you truly desire.

I’ll share the rest of the story in part 2, and I welcome your supportive comments and any questions below.

I’ll be reading and responding to them, and THANK you for sharing your response.


SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)

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