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About Dr. John

Dr. John Waddell has spent over 30 years as a practicing psychologist helping individuals and couples lead more joyful lives.

IMG_2678While a psychologist by training, he also spent many years studying metaphysics. This enables him to integrate the tools from both these fields to help people create richer, more fulfilling lives.

His interest in metaphysics led him to specialize in the practical application of the Law of Attraction. And he wrote two novels showing how the characters are able to consciously change their lives using this approach. (John and Jeanie Fly: Living the Law of Attraction and John and Jeanie Fly: Our World and The Law of Attraction).

In understanding his own life and in working with others, he begins with the attitude that we have the power to change any experience, and we have the ability to rendezvous with more joyful and fulfilling experiences, whether it’s with someone close to us, a physical situation, or a desire for more abundance. John created significant wealth and is exploring the true nature of wealth in all forms.

John was able to transform the painful loss of his wife in 2011, into a marriage where the honeymoon never ended.

His vision was to continue to grow, to be with someone in a relationship that was just as nourishing and would continue to new levels. John kept his vision and in 2012 met Susan Kennedy (SARK). Their lifestyles and spiritual connection are uplifting in more ways than John had even imagined. John and Susan live and create happily together in San Francisco.



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