As you may know, the R in SARK stands for the name Rainbow.

The other day, I felt particularly crabby and resistant about something, and I looked up to see this rainbow in the sink.

Rainbow Sink

I yelped in appreciation 😉

Life is so miraculous- how it rolls out these serendipitous moments for us to appreciate.

I send you:

*Brand new ways to appreciate yourself, and whatEVER happens.

*Transformative super powers to leap over tall doubts in a single bound.

*The awareness that you and your life are limitless and you are not too late for anything.

*Willingness to be wrinkled, puffy, and slow, and love yourself even more.

*Abilities to for*give yourself and anyone else you think hurt you.

*The wisdom to accept your particular genius and uniqueness with grace, humility and wonder.

*Love magnified, miracles multiplied and manifestations abounding.

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