Dear Dream Boat,

Here’s a little Holiday Chard for you:-) Happiest Solstice, Merry Christmas & all other holy*days to you from me! And a most abundant and relaxed New Year.

This glowing vegetable photograph represents abundance in every way!

I send you these gifts:  

   *Acceptance and allowing of all of your feelings, and the ability to love yourself while feeling them

   *The wisdom you need, when you need it

   *Brand-new insights that easily solve longstanding puzzles

   *A magic clock that tells you how time is always helping you

   *An easy feeling wherever you go, whatever you do

   *Presence of mind, body and spirit

   *Willingness to be of service

   *Loving the “unlovable”

   *Silent nights and hula hoop days

   *Uncommon new ways to play and have FUN

Yours in deep peace and glee,
Susan (aka SARK)

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