Do not compare yourself negatively to other writers. Sometimes writers compare themselves to other writers and wonder if they’re writing or publishing “enough,” or think that other writers are more gifted, blessed, or have more support.

These kinds of comparisons are always from a place of scarcity or fear, and do nothing to create the writing abundance that you are seeking. Look for more ways to celebrate, support, nourish, and affirm other writers.

A wonderFULL way to do this is by participating in Write It Now with SARK!  WINS is A Haven and Accelerator for your writing.  We are starting a new WINS cycle on Thursday July 12th and this is my personal invitation for YOU to join us!

I dare you to be in your own center with your writing, and nourish your own writing abundance as well as that of other writers!

Your writing belongs in the world!  🙂

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