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Introducing the ALL-NEW

SARK’s Writers Wisdom Series

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This is for every writer (and writer-to-be) who has questions, like:

  • How do I even begin writing and publishing?
  • How do I transform the writing I have stuffed in a drawer (…or a closet…or my computer), into something for others to read?
  • How do I liberate my writing dreams and share my writing with others?
  • What do I have to say?
  • What exactly is the role of a publisher, an editor, a publicists and a literary agent?
  • Is it my time to come out and PLAY and declare myself a writer?

Hear 15 experts, who’ve been there and done that, tell you their insider secrets about what it’s like to be a writer, and share with you everything they know to help you be the writer you really are.

Listen in on my wonderfull conversations with these 15 pros…

  • Hear from Amy Ahlers, Julia Cameron, Chip Conley and other first-time and long-time best-selling authors and artists as they share their insights, surprises, pleasures and expectations…as well as strategic tips for completing a writing project, tapping into your writing genius, and becoming a published author.
  • Hear Publisher (and author) Marc Allen share what to do (and not do) to get noticed by a publishing house.
  • Hear Editor Jason Gardner and Editor-in-Chief Robyn Hessinger clarify how editors make an author’s message better, reveal what an editor is looking for, and illuminate how to make your writing stand out.
  • Hear Senior Publicist Kim Corbin share how to network and build community before even writing or publishing your book.

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Get the SARK Writers Wisdom Series
15 Downloads for just $24

This special price of just $24 for all 15 downloads is good for only 48 short hours! Get this delightFULL and inspirational Writers Wisdom Series delivered at a savings of 75% when you act now!!!


Writers Wisdom Series Volume 1:

Get the perspective of a Publisher, and Editor, and a First Time Author in Volume 1 of this series. Hear New World Library Publisher (and author) Marc Allen share what to do (and not do) to get your book noticed by a publishing house. Then hear from New World Library Editor, Jason Gardner, on the how an editor makes an author’s message better, what an editor is looking for, and how to make your writing stand out. Finally, listen as Amy Ahlers shares what she’s learned as she traveled the path of the First Time Author.

Writers Wisdom Series Volume 2:

In this download, I talk to a Publicist, Editorial Director, and a best-selling author. Listen to Kim Corbin, New World Library Senior Publicist, as she shares the role of the publicist and how to network and build community before even writing or publishing your book. Then hear from Georgia Hughes, the Editorial Director at New World Library, on the purpose and value of a great Editorial Director. Learn the one word an editor really wants to say to you and how to communicate best with an editor and publisher. Finally, listen as Arielle Ford shares what she’s learned in almost every aspect of the writing business (as author, book publicist, literary agent, and more), including creatively balancing being a writer and her life. She even tells how becoming a writer can transform your life—in the best possible ways.

Writers Wisdom Series Volume 3:

In this volume, you get the perspective of an Editor-in-Chief, a long-time best-selling author and a first time best-selling author. Listen to Amy Ahlers, Wake-Up Call Coach and Best-Selling Author, as she shares the changes—including the surprises, pressures and expectations—since becoming a published and best-selling author, as well as providing strategic tips for launching YOUR book. Then hear from Julia Cameron, Best-Selling Author of the Artist’s Way, on the how morning pages work and what writing by hand gives you that a computer can’t. Learn what you need for your creative process to be a success and how to complete your writing projects. Finally, listen as Robyn Hessinger, Editor-in-Chief of, shares insight on how to balance between your writing and your life. She even tells you what a great editor will bring to you and your writing and you’ll learn what an editor is looking for and how to make yourself and your writing stand out.

Writers Wisdom Series Volume 4:

Listen and gain insight from three inspirationally innovative artistic sources who discuss supporting your inner critic, declaring your value, and spreading your creativity with the world. Brian Andreas, Writer, Painter, Sculptor and Publisher, delivers a joyFULL perspective on being present in every moment, letting go of the pieces that aren’t you, and erasing expectations to allow light into your publishing. He also explains and explores the paradigm-publishing shift and what that means for you.

Listen in as Shiloh Sophia, Visionary Artist and Teacher, shares playfully about setting a price or value for your art, quieting fear that’s louder than your muse and your higher power, and separating what crafts you do for your personal being as opposed to the crafts you do for the world. Marney Makridakis, Founder of Artella Land, shares her secrets on keeping the momentum while getting a book published and being thankful for rejections. She also shares marketing tips to help your book take off once you get it published.

Writers Wisdom Series Volume 5:

Listen and learn from three different authors and business creators who talk about on breaking your resistance, getting more prolific and powerful, and shining a light on and claiming yourself as a writer. Join Author and Founder of Joie de Vivre, Chip Conley, for an insightfull journey on lifting your life by doing an emotional inventory each week and asking yourself what wisdom and emotions did I build today? He’ll share tips on taping into your writing genius

and discovering harmony in your life. Leonie Dawson, Author, Blogger, Retreat Leader, Visual Artist, and more, leads us into the self-publishing world where she talks about being your own cheerleader, pushing your boundaries, and starting your journey now. She shares tips on marketing while still supporting and loving your spiritual and creative being. Integrative Medicine Physician and Founder of, Lissa Rankin shares her wise self and provides tips on discovering your creativity, getting your inner critic out of the way, and creating through writers block. Lissa also shares insight on getting over expectations to permit your vulnerable, true self into the world.

This delightFULL and powerFULL Writers Wisdom Series is available in 15 individual downloads for just $19 for each volume of 3 downloads.

With my wishes for successful writing,


Get the SARK Writers Wisdom Series
for just $19 for each volume of 3 downloads,
or get ALL 15 for just $95!

Get just the downloads you want at $19 for each volume of 3 downloads. Or get all 15 downloads (and listen to 15 experts!) for just $24 for the next 48 hours.


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