Day 5 – Journal to Joy

Ready for your Juicy words…

My Brand New, Exclusive,
Journal to Joy
With a special Limited-Time Bonus of
3 Wondrous Writers’ Guide Books!

For Only $29!
during 10 Days of Glad Giving!

I’m so excited to launch this BRAND NEW Journal to Joy to not only house your JOY – but to guide you in cultivating and recognizing more JOY-FULL moments in your life!

This beautiful 80 page journal features inspiring SARK words and images, and some of my most powerful Transformational Processes!

You’ll learn about:

  • Activating and empowering your Inner Wise Self

  • Creating Feelings Care Systems

  • Inspiring Yourself + Others

  • MicroMovement Wheel of Delight and Self Love

These Thirsty colorfull pages will hold words, and just during the 10 Days of Glad giving Celebration, I’m including specially created Wonderous Writers’ Guide Books. These e-Books provide additional inspiration to get your Journal to Joy revved up!

Journal to Joy

This creative and playful journal is sure to open yourSELF to more JOY and truly transform your life.

Every page grabs you and demands that you write in a fun and involving way.

The 80-page, 8.5″ x 11″ Journal provide additional writing prompts and ideas as well as colorful artwork to both inspire and delight you every time you sit down to make your entries. The Journal practically reaches out and grabs you and helps you savor each moment and make the most of your inspired time.

I’ve made sure each page is big enough to allow room to write BIG. So you don’t have to smush your writing to fit.

I love this journal, and I know you will too!

It’s like you private space to dream while you’re awake.

And to further fuel your inspiration fire:


SARK’s Wonderous Writers’ Guide Books

SARK’s Wondrous Writers’ Guide Books are packed with tools to inspire and support daily journaling, in addition to many different kinds of creative writing:

Thoughts to Ponder – Ask yourself questions on adventure, creativity, possibility, and forgiveness to get your inspiration flowing.

Games to Play – Unique writing prompts to get your pen juicy! These games are fun ways to create short stories, screenplays, and poems in as much or as little time as you desire.

Phrases to Spark your Creativity – Specific prompts to follow when you’re feeling stuck and need some help opening the window to your inner voice.


Quotes – Inspirational quotes to accompany your day’s journal entry.

Each Wondrous Writers’ Guide Book is presented in a beautiful, print-ready PDF, that you can continue to enjoy.

SARK’s Wondrous Writers’ Guide Books are completely self-paced, so you can work whenever it’s WRITE for you!

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