Dearest Gleaming Hearts,

Thank you all everlastingly for your kind & nourishing comments to John & I after my fiancé & co-author John’s recent health diagnosis & challenge. And for continuing to follow and inspire our journey.

You can read about that here if you don’t know about it. And thank you for your support for the Loveboat supporting us-it is very very much appreciated and it’s still going on!

John is home and healing now, with many more unknowns and major things to navigate.
What a wild and mysterious land.
I and we, have learned and experienced so much throughout this experience.

Death coming so close is a great inspiration, and a powerfull guide. We’re both writing a lot about it too- which we’ll be sharing along the way.

It feels like the prospect of death turned everything inside out and upside down. I’ve found out that upside down love is just as good;-) ​ 

So many of my fears about this kind of thing ever happening are being transformed.

It causes me to wonder how many other fears I’ve lived with and haven’t explored, and given so much power to.

I’m definitely learning how to be a love warrior more often, instead of a worrier most of the time.

A few other things I’ve learned and am learning from this experience that you might wish to utilize in your life;

  • Caregiving of any kind without considerable self love practices in place is dangerous to ones well-being
  • All feelings want to be heard and noticed- especially including the “unattractive” ones like guilt, rage, frustration and hopelessness
  • The way to practice more receiving is to say “I accept” before your ego can decide it’s “too much” to accept
  • Angels and other entities and animal spirits will appear to offer support and joy- allow and notice them

As John & I navigate these new conditions, we are also releasing our new book on schedule this fall, and we’ll be inviting you to participate in a variety of ways. More about that in upcoming posts and emails.

I am also offering a virtual writing reTREAT the weekend of Sep 18-20, which takes place on the phone and Internet, and inviting YOU to join me. I guarantee adventure + expansion.
You can find out all about it & sign up here.

​W​e did​ this reTREAT before, in June​, and it caused so much writing and creating to be started, continued or completed in new FUN ways, that we simply had to do another.

​Whether you consider ​yourself a “writer”​ or not, you can receive way more than ​you can imagine​. It’s really all about writing and living your new stories into existence. It’s about your life changing in wonderfull new ways.​ 

John is planning to teach at the virtual reTREAT also! Along with members of Planet SARK and LOTS of yours truly, me;-)

Bright raspberries & a chaise lounge to you-with love,

SARK (aka Sweet Susan)


p.s. let serendipity lead you to what fills your soul here.

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