Dear Sweet Faced Wonder Soul,

When I created my new healing blanket, I never imagined that my beloved fiancé & co-author Dr. John Waddell would be underneath it, healing from stage 4 cancer. He has much to share about his miraculous and ordinary healing process.

I know that healing happens in spirals and layers, rather than steps on a ladder. My process with this has been one of experiencing my biggest fear as my greatest blessing and sharing about that.
Carl Jung said, “The Gods visit us through illness.”
Healing is non linear.


And so we all travel the layers and spirals in our various ways.
When our friends Shiloh, Dori, Amy and Michon created an indiegogo campaign called the Loveboat, I never imagined that we would be the recipients of this kind of giving. I’ve always been on the other side of the campaigns. Plus, so many people have donated incredible goods and services to support us also.
We are so gratefull.

When I wrote the foreword for Shiloh’s book, Heart of the Visionary, I didn’t imagine that she would invite us some years later to her Livestream Salon to do a live video teaching, healing raising, transformational event like the one we are doing this Friday. And she did, so kindly, so intuitively and also donated her time & studio & equipment.

So we are raising ALL the healing roofs and gathering together on Friday, September 25th from 2-5pm, to create a healing manifesta together, offer new healing perspectives for you and share the JOY and gifts that have emerged from this healing journey.

It’s a FUN-raiser for our Loveboat, and is just $47, live & recorded here.

Love in all dimensions,
SARK (aka Susan)
Dr. John Waddell (aka John;-)


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