Dear Angelic Creator,

I created this little tableau in our kitchen- and then noticed that it was time to refresh the writing on the wall and perhaps place a little succulent there in honor of growth.

Today I peered down to see 2 tiny hearts on the edge of the counter!
I asked John if he had put them there- he had not.

I had not.

No one else had been over.
Clearly, we live with angels.


Photo of the mysterious hearts that appeared

Since my fiancé, co-author and co-teacher John was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in July, I’ve been extremely aware of angels, and of our power to create what we desire more than ever.

I don’t believe that I had a desire for John to have stage 4 cancer- I do believe that we can create in any conditions, and John and I both are.

We are both writing about our experiences and teaching in our virtual writing reTREAT the weekend of Sep. 18-20 (sshhh- the 18th is also John’s birthday!)
It will be a life expanding weekend and you can sign up here.

SARK (and all the SARKangels;-)


p.s. – Yes, you will discover how to create in any conditions during this magical & heart-expanding weekend.  Find your spot HERE.​

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