Love Comes Again: Part 2

Love Comes Again: Part 2

I traveled from my home in San Francisco to Boston to meet my new lover and soulmate David for the first time on Sep 2. He had called my Inspiration phone Line on May 20, and we began our love relationship for many months- only by telephone.

We had decided that our first “date” would be a 2 week spiritual honeymoon- that we would skip the wedding and go straight to the honeymoon and have an all honeymoon” relationship as much as possible- which includes ALL of our feelings, in this marvelous messy middle place called life.

I believe that there are always angels all around, and I met two of them the moment I sat down in my seat on the plane. Sandy & Bob have been married 56 years, and were seated right next to me.

I shared everything with Sandy about how David and I met, and my nervousness and excitement about meeting him in person for the first time, and about how it was newly dawning on me that our first date would also be two weeks of living together! Then her husband Bob joined in to our wildly intimate conversation.

Sandy and I spontaneously hugged many times and cried together too. The three of us bonded on all sorts of subjects, and I felt that they were helping to deliver me to my new life experience-on the first leg of their trip to Ireland.

After I got off the plane I called David, and he was in baggage claim waiting for me. A few moments later, I descended on the escalator and saw him right away.

It felt like my heart actually leapt toward him. We swooned into each other’s arms and embraced while we laughed and said I love you and just stayed that way as a mob of people seeking their luggage kept squeezing past us- and we couldn’t stop swooning.

Here we are together for the first time, about 5 minutes after we met.

We both felt like we were intoxicated- and I’m sure we were- but we somehow got the luggage and made it to the car for the drive to his home.

David had prepared his lake home as our honeymoon suite, by asking me in advance for a specific list of all of my favorite foods, favorite sheets, towels, scents and everything he could think of so I would feel exquisitely at home. He’d even stocked the refrigerator with all my favorite organic fruits and vegetables.

We’d planned that I’d have my own bedroom. He also offered to rent me a car and let me know about hiking trails nearby. We had discussed having together time and separate time, as we’re both writers and creators who appreciate that, and wanted to create our honeymoon to also be a creative retreat.

He’d replaced the chlorinated water in his hot tub with Bromine, and ordered my favorite enlightened board game- the Transformation Game- so we could play together. The stage was set for 2 weeks together without work, for 2 souls to truly commune.

And he hadn’t only readied his home for me, he’d readied his soul. We’d both been getting ourselves ready to meet, by practicing being and living the kind of love we’d always wanted.

He had written love letters in his journal to his soulmate several years before, as if they were already together. He also wrote beautiful love letters from his soulmate to him. Those letters sounded as if I had actually written them- the letters to him, were my letters- same spellings, and intonations. It is truly uncanny.

He made a series of audios to give to his soulmate when she arrived, and I’ve received the first one- which is remarkable- it’s him, talking intimately and deeply to me- years before meeting me.

All of these experiences showed me his commitment to experience and express love, and inspired me deeply to do the same. After John left, I wasn’t sure that I could open my heart so intimately again, and his willingness to do so, caused me and my heart to bloom forward hugely.

I’d brought him gifts of bright markers- he’s a writer and artist of life who creates and puts up colorfull signs of affirmation in his home, and writes them in neon markers on his windows and mirrors to help him embody positive uplifting messages.

He even put signs on each stair leading up to the second floor, which he calls the “stairway to heaven.” As he ascends the stairway he takes in each truth one stair at a time- and also has signs facing the other way, so he can read those going down!

I’d also brought one of my favorite children’s books to read together and one of my divination card decks to play with.

As marvelous as all of our time on the phone had been, the physical was- after some adjustment to actually being physical- even better.

And yes to the holy in person orgasms! And breakfast in bed, canoeing, hiking, hot tubbing on the deck, long talking and SO MUCH LAUGHING and creating.

We floated around together in a kind of earthly honeymoon heaven for a day or two, and then descended right into what I describe as a transformational cauldron-
 in the form of his being triggered by some business things, and withdrawing and becoming distant.

We didn’t seem able to talk about things in a way that we always had before. I felt uncomfortable and like he needed space. I also felt alone in a way that caused me to begin thinking of leaving. That then triggered all sorts of other things for us both, and we found ourselves floundering.

Thankfully our foundational basis of trust had been established over the phone for the past few months. So we shared “microtruthfully” about our experiences and feelings- first on the phone, from separate bedrooms – and then on a long hike through the woods- as we navigated the form and ways of communicating we wanted our relationship to take.

Of course this is the highly abbreviated version here- it felt at the time challenging, scary and not at all easy.

We agreed that I would stay, and that we would continue on our spiritual honeymoon, and that of course “transformational cauldrons” are part of that.

We settled into an easy new rhythm of writing in the mornings- and not seeing each other until lunch- which gave us both nourishing time for ourselves.

We then took a hike in nature together, and had plenty of time for lovemaking, cooking, playing, laughing, being- with plenty of both solitude and togetherness- my favorite combination, and David’s favorite too.

We continued sharing vulnerabilities and microtruths, and established even deeper intimacies.

My last love relationship with John had been like the best of being soulfully single- only better- and I knew I wanted that, or better with David. We created our version of that in this beginning of our time together, and recommitted to bringing ALL of ourselves to the relationship, and working through whatever comes up together- this is the “real life love story” part.

It’s also a commitment to use all of our feelings to create even more intimacy, which John & I wrote about in our amazing book, Succulent Wild Love.

I very reluctantly went home after 2 weeks as planned. During our month apart, we felt closer than ever, and I’ve now returned to his lake house for another 2 week visit (our second honeymoon!).

I’m also going to meet his parents and more of his family, while we continue our creative retreat- writing together and separately.

He’d like to move back to California soon, and the San Francisco Bay Area is looking really good to him- and to me. Amazingly, he had thought about moving back before he met me, and he also has family and friends in the area.

Who knows what forms and shapes love will take?

I’ve wondered about writing and sharing all of this publicly, just in case we don’t stay together in the same form we started with- as if that’s some kind of measure of “success.” I then reminded myself that the true success for us all is that love comes again, no matter what the form or length of time.

I also want to inspire those who wish to explore romantic- or other kinds- of love with another soul, to consider going inward, outward, forward in new ways, and take risks for, and with love.

David and I are committed to living the all honeymoon life together as much as possible, and that includes ALL of it- the marvelous, and not so marvelous, messy middle- and alchemizing the terrible and wonderfull things into a brand new healing mixture for ourselves and for the world.

I’m so glad and gratefull for every moment of love coming again, and plan to be as present as I can for all of its messy magnificence.

And of course I’m writing all about it, and will share my new book when it’s ready. It’s called:

Living Wonderfull: The Surprising Gifts of Terrible Things*

*and how to alchemize it all

Thank you all for traveling along and compassionately witnessing and celebrating my experience and being in my life!

I’ll be writing and sharing more of my love adventures too– let me know if you’d like to read them, and what parts have inspired you the most.

Here is my Inspiration Line number, which is free to call 24 hours a day, for the last 25 + years, at 415 546 3742.

I invite you to share this number with anyone who you feel would benefit from hearing it.



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Stay Calm and….

Stay Calm and….

Baby SARKDear Luxurious Soul,

April is my birth~day month. And here I am starting out at 1.
And here’s a birthday candle that my goddaughter Vanessa gave me, to delight me, and it does.

Birthday Candle

I started celebrating for the whole month a number of years ago.
I did it at first to have more opportunities to celebrate, AND also now to allow for all of the marvelous messy middleness of life. (The auto correct just changed that word to middlemess:-) which is also accurate.)

It is so very MESSY being a human bean.
There are so many moods and feelings, and that’s just inside ourselves!
Not to mention the other people…..

John and I are deep into the final edits and art creation for our new book, Succulent Wild Love, which you’ll be hearing all about later.

Meanwhile, we’re in our “Creative Cove,” which sometimes has choppy waters!
I have also had wonderfull experiences and birthday celebrations all month and intend to continue.

During this time, (and every time) I am reminded of that poster that says Stay Calm and Carry On- it always calms me, and I love all the iterations of it that are out there.

One of my favorites is;
Stay Calm and Carry On Writing.

And so, I shall.

What soothes you and reminds you to keep going? Let me know in the comments and we’ll celebrate together. Or, if you have birthday wishes for me, feel free to let me know! I created a new Inspiration Line message too, and you can call me at 415 546 3742.

Your very own SARK bean,

p.s. for those of you who might have planned to see John & me in June in Chicago, our plans have changed. Stay tuned in for other opportunities to see us in person- we’ll be letting you know what those will be!

Unexpected Sweetnesses

Unexpected Sweetnesses

As I move around the world in my life, I’m always being reminded that there are unexpected sweetnesses to be seen and appreciated.

While on a beach walk with my partner John the other day, I was feeling rather crabby and out of sorts, while discussing a business topic.

At the height of my frustration, I looked down to see that someone had built a little “sandman,” and his existence cheered me enormously and shifted my frustration instantly.


Sometimes I get stuck in repetitive negative stories and forget that the world can help me to see the sweet, unexpected things, and to remind me of them.

Here’s what someone wrote on the sidewalk near my house:


It reminded me to bring our insides outside, wherever we go- that we are sheltered in our explorations.

I am sending you unexpected sweetnesses in your life in this moment, and in every moment.

May we open our hearts and eyes to receive them. Let’s notice and celebrate as much and as often as we possibly can.

We can create our worlds NEW along the way, and I’m reminding us all to do it. And to transform ourselves along the way.

Bursting with joy at unexpected sweetnesses,

SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)


For You: Love As Big As The Whole Sky

For You: Love As Big As The Whole Sky


To my dearest Love’s Blossom,

I am envisioning a spectacular New Year ahead for you.

It is moonlit and filled with fresh wonders.

New brave parts of you are emerging.

Wily old patterns are untangling.

Ways that you thought you needed to be don’t apply anymore.

You are drenched in self love and love from unexpected sources.

You are the source.

You see yourself smiling on the inside.

You walk forward with the posture you just always knew you didn’t need to “work at.”

All your dreams start manifesting in ways you always thought they would.

Dreams that aren’t happening, are not the ones that would nourish you most.

Trust renews itself.

Miracles roll in.

People come towards you in new wonderfull ways.

You are not a quitter- you are a chooser.

Your vision improves and you see love everywhere.


I love you.
SARK (aka Susan)


Write to Love

Write to Love

After I married myself in 1997, I wondered how, when or if – I would ever integrate another loving person into my life again.

Almost immediately, I met a great person and enjoyed a loving relationship for 5 years until it ended. I had another wonderfull relationship in 2008 for awhile, and when that one ended, I wrote a long letter to the universe about the qualities of relating that I wished to experience.

I also began exploring being “consciously single” and the nature of soul mates and whether I even wanted to have another partner- in addition to myself.

I ranted about what I call the “cult of couples” and started writing about being a “family of one” who was happily single by choice.

I keep a joy box in my bedroom, and write notes to put into it – about things I’d like to experience.








A few months ago, as a part of a game in my WINS writing program, I shared a note I’d written and put into my joy box, that said:

“Someone to love and adore,

who also loves and adores me.”

I know that everything I’ve ever wanted, I’ve written about first. This “write to love” brought about a particularly great result.

In August, I met a person to adore and be adored by. We are now living together in San Francisco.

This is big news, because I have never lived full time with a lover. I’ve always kept them at some distance 🙂











Of course, time will reveal what he and I are meant to do, and be together. And you can be sure I’ll be writing about it and sharing with you!

I created my WINS program to provide my mentoring and writing support for you. My WINS program is available now for the fall session, and I’ll be there, filling souls to overflowing.


Susan (aka SARK)

PS – In WINS+, I read your writing every month and respond in my own voice to you. There are only a limited number of spots available. Go here to find out more.


Who “lights up” when they see you?

Who inspires you GREATLY?

Inspiration is a pure creative dream source energy that you can manufacture and distribute yourself. Inspiration is an “inside job” that holds tremendous benefits. When we are inspired, we literally “move from spirit.”

Who and what move you and your spirit? Apply liberally, and tell me what you discovered.

Willy Nilly

Who’s Willy and does he know Nilly?


Whenever I hear the expression “willy nilly” it makes me smile.


It most often represents something scattered or all over the place, or random.


Random is perfect for writing!


If you write in a random fashion, celebrate that. If you are more linear, experiment with writing “willy nilly” and see what happens.


Take your writing process or routine and let it be willy nilly!


Share your writing experiences

with willy nilly in a rambling random fashion  😉


If you’d like some more writing insight I highly suggest taking a look at my WINS – Write It Now with SARK program.

I’m so excited to launch our new cycle of WINS – on Thursday April 12th and invite you to join us and share your willy nilly writing there!




To publish or not to publish

Published writing is not “better” than other writing. For so many unpublished years, I experienced what felt like  judgement from people who would ask what I was writing, and then quickly ask: “Are you published?”

When I said “No,” they would often lose interest. I didn’t know then that my unpublished writings were just as valuable as what I would later publish.

To publish merely means to “make public,” and my writing needed time to grow and develop out of public view. And, if you choose to publish your writing, or already have, know that there are many gifts and benefits in doing so!

I invite you to let your decisions about publishing your writing- or not- come from your belief in your own writing.


I’m so inspired by all of the wonderFULL writers in WINS – Write It Now with SARK  this cycle.  I’ll be opening up the next cycle Thursday April 12th and am inviting YOU to our Haven and Accelerator for writers!  Your words belong in the world – published or unpublished!


Your Creations Count

Sometimes we wonder if our writings or creations matter, or “count.”

I want to assure you that they do.

I want to infuse you with extraterrestrial wisdom that sees beyond the ordinary human places and KNOWS this in your bones.

I want you to expand this in your knowledge and experience so fully that the questions appear less and less often, until they’re like a vague mist in the distance and then gone from sight.

I assure you it’s true that your writings matter and count.


Only YOU can write what you write!

I’m enJOYing all the deliciousness at the Writing ReTREAT in Hawaii.

What an amazing group of Succulent Writing Women

Hearing their stories has reminded me to share with you that only you can write what you write. 

No matter how many people write about a subject, if YOU haven’t written about it, it hasn’t been written. 

You and your gifts are unique.

You gift the world with your uniqueness through your writing. 

Get going!

We need to read what you will write.