GrateFULL for Every Step

GrateFULL for Every Step

Here I am happily standing in my new rainbow shoes- a wonderfull surprise gift from friends Val & Eric.

After breaking my ankle over 2 months ago, I’m so glad to be standing so strongly now, having had my last doctor visit this week, where he told me I was “good to go.”

Now I’m considering very carefully where I’m going.

If you read my Magic Blog last week, you’ll know that I wrote about healing happening in spirals and layers, rather than like steps on a ladder.

I think it’s both- steps and spirals and layers- and sometimes crawling

I’m always wanting to measure forward progress, and I’m learning to both stop measuring, and to measure differently.

The author Thomas Moore said, 

“The soul needs regression as much as it needs progress”

These words have captivated me for years as I’ve lived my forward slanting life. 

I’ve wanted to DO IT ALL and often became discouraged by what looked like setbacks, delays and what seemed like lack of movement. And all of the abundant successes have their timelines and requirements too- I’m practicing choosing differently now as I blend my doings with my BEing.

I’m focusing even more on what I want to do, why I want to do it, and who will most benefit from the doing. As I prepare to reopen my Succulent Wild World membership next month, I’m carefully considering how I and it, can be of most luscious service.

I’m even more gratefull now for every step, and every kind of step. I’m still healing my tendons and ligaments from the injury, and it’s much slower than I had originally planned. My new plan is to follow what my body needs, rather than my leaping gulping “mind over matter.”

I understand now more than ever that it’s as important to whisper as it is to shout, that singing is good for all occasions, and dancing is a great mode of transportation. I’ve also learned (again) that how I start my day affects how I live my day.

I’m practicing going slower to get where I want to go faster.

Can you relate? Let me know. Or just include a word of encouragement if you wish- I’ll soak it right up.

It’s so tempting to reach for the phone in the morning, and I’ve learned that it’s more nourishing for me to reach into my heart and begin the day in my breath and the light of a candle. (Of course sometimes I feel rushed or forget, and just get the phone;-)

When there is a bit of spacious time, here are 3 of my favorite morning activities, and I invite you to join me if you wish, or let me know how you like to begin your day in a nourishing way:

1. Self hugging: This is where you wrap yourself up in a great big hug- really feel the contours of your body and squeeze deeply. Then kiss your arms and shoulders and say endearing things about yourself- to yourself. This will raise all your endorphins, and you’ll get out of bed feeling like 10 good friends have just hugged you.

2. Love lifting: This is how I give to myself so I can give more to the world. I activate more love to share by saying or writing things I appreciate about myself or others, using the alphabet as a guide- A is for the delicious apple I cut into segments and enjoyed in afternoon light, B is for Brigette who left me the most soul satisfying voicemail… I sometimes do a few letters, or occasionally the whole alphabet. This practice is so fun and energizing and produces more love.

3. Intention asking: This is where I ask for the day to provide what will most nourish myself and others. It can be a simple statement or in the form of a prayer- “Dear day, I ask you to ease the way for everyone’s healing, and for more love to flow into every corner and place. Illuminate hearts to open and creativity to flourish. Deliver nourishments, sweet surprises and indelible faith. When conditions and circumstances are challenging and despair arrives first, surround everyone with grace. Thank you.” This practice creates a place for love to live, and expands the chances for it to express and be expressed.

It’s also so much fun to create something new- here are some love notes I left for David. 😉

Here’s to all of the love that is constantly circulating, and here’s to us being able to feel it, and use it to create even more.




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Healing In Spirals And Layers

Healing In Spirals And Layers

After I broke my ankle 2 months ago, I began trying to recover full mobility just like a steps on a ladder. My doctor had given me a timeframe and an order of things, and I set up a schedule to follow it. 

My ankle and foot hurt every day, and I thought that was just a necessary part of the process. I kept marching along to “get better faster.” 

I did my exercises 4 times daily for a prescribed amount of time, started adding time and weight in increments, and elevated my foot, and treated my ankle like a problem to be solved. And I was sure I could solve it

My body thought differently. 

I started having more pain and feeling a lot of discouragement about “how long it was taking.” I began to despair about getting “back to normal” and did even more researching about “faster healing from a broken ankle.” I wanted to just skip anything uncomfortable and get to the end result. 

I have an inner drill sergeant- it could also be described as one who pushes. This part is not bad, it’s just not as usefull in the spiral nature of healing. I’d learned a lot about emotional healing over the years, and didn’t have nearly as much experience with physical healing

I knew that when I tried to push myself emotionally, my emotions pushed back, and that way just slowed whatever healing was trying to happen. I’ve learned to dance with these variables throughout my life. 

For years, I’ve been writing about how true healing happens in spirals and layers, rather than like steps on a ladder. We always teach best what we most need to learn. 🙂 

I realize now more than ever, that I’ve consistently used my mind to try to overrule my body– and this healing experience with my ankle was the most noticeable time that it wasn’t “working.” 

In the past, I would pretend to listen to my body, to get what I wanted, but I wasn’t actually listening- I was telling- or even yelling. If there was an image of this- it was me yelling at my ankle- or other body part- “Hurry up! What’s taking you so long?” 

Enter my enlightened physical therapist, who I’d wisely hired, and she educated me about the power of healing from the inside out- instead of the outside in- and helped me to equip myself with new abilities to heal differently. 

She also said, “Let me armor you with some science. You have tendons and ligaments that have been injured. When you use a tendon or ligament and it has had enough, it simply closes a door and sends a signal to your brain to not use that part. You have been trying to pry open the doors.”

This changed everything. 

Here I am, contemplating life and healing in the garden. Let me know if you relate to pushing yourself, or what you know or have experienced about the spiral nature of healing– I’ll love to read and ponder. 

After expressing my frustration at the amount of time this was all taking, I said to my physical therapist, “How much aching is normal?” 

And she smiled gently and said, “How about no aching?” 

“Great!” I replied. 

And then I said, “I don’t believe that it’s possible to heal without aching.” 

I didn’t realize until then that I had such a deep belief in “no pain, no gain.” I’d done weight training before, and I knew about tearing muscle fibers in order to build new muscle. Why wasn’t this the same?

And of course it’s not the same to heal as it is to build muscle. 

She explained about deeply healing by actually listening to my body and really following that, instead of a clock or a schedule. This felt quite surprising and alarming to me. Having pushed myself and my body for so long, it felt like this “no aching body listening” method certainly couldn’t work as well- could it? 

Oh, it might feel better, but wouldn’t I just stay at some kind of plateau, being coddled into oblivion? I asked her every question that had been building up in my mind. 

We also talked about all the things I felt like I was missing out on until I was “all better.” David and I had gone on a fun spontaneous picnic a few days before, and a cascade of other fun activities to do flooded into my mind as I sat on our blanket in the sun. 

During this epic talk, she said many other inspiring things, including encouraging me to have more enriching experiences along the way instead of waiting, did her incredible lymphatic massage to reduce swelling, and used a cold laser to bring oxygen to the area, and sent me home. 

On our way home, we stopped at a magical lookout, and then went to the beach, and I sat on a bench in the sun, while David took a run on the sand. 

I realized then that the whole world is available to me during this whole healing process– just more in micromovements right now- which is also what I teach. 

There have been more picnics, mini expeditions in nature, and adventures around the house and in our neighborhood. 

I woke up the next morning and couldn’t tell which ankle had been injured- there was no swelling or aching at all! Then I started being able to drive the car pain free, and am experimenting with my walking practice with no clock or schedule. I’m learning to really listen to my body now and responding to it with love. There is more dancing. 

I’ve experienced little to no aching since that session a week ago and am healing faster than before- except now I’m not measuring and counting for speed- I’m measuring how my body feels- actually how my whole “vehicle” feels- mind, body and spirit. And it’s feeling peacefull and glad

Of course, this is all a big fat metaphor for healing of all kinds, and it’s changing how I work and think too. Working without the pusher part of me being so active is going to be interesting- I’ve long been challenged by the right ratios- for me- of structure and flow, and felt reliant on pushing to “get things done.” I’m looking closely at what I was actually getting done, and for what reasons. It’s all quite fascinating and I’m sure I’ll be writing more about it.




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2 Fun Games We Play

2 Fun Games We Play

I knew I wanted to be with a playfull man, who loves deeply and kindly, like breathing. David is that man of my soul. Here he is, listening to flowers again 😉 Or perhaps, letting flowers listen to him? 

We play games that create even more closeness, or just make us happy. 

Here are 2 favorites, and they’re good to play by yourself, or with anyone else. Remember that playing for yourself is self-full rather than selfish– just in case you get shy describing how much you love yourself. 

1. Do you want to talk about how much we love each other? 

And then you each speak about how much you love each other- in detail. Here’s what I wrote about him on this particular day. There is literally no end to the things I can write or speak about loving him

He won’t read this until you do- I wrote it as a surprise

Dear David, 

I love watching you laugh and your eyes crinkle up double. I love that you curate flowers. I love that you track that I have enough of a particular thing. I love that you live your life as a prayer, and are willing to really hear and be with, my fears and share yours. I love that you are so not normal. I love how timeless time is around you. I love that you enjoy repeating things that you love. I love that you are so devoted to love and spirit and your own alignment. I love how much you’re willing to explore and experience your depths and shadows, and that mine are welcomed. I love your creative brilliance, and your blazingly quick wit. 

I love loving you, being loved by you, and loving life with you. 

Who will you play this game with? Let me know~ let me read your loving sentences. Love shared multiplies love felt. 

2. The other game David and I play frequently is called Great Job David, or in your case, Great Job _______. 

You can write about a particular topic, or just in general. I’m going to write one about David’s CareLoving (aka Caregiving) for me during my 7 weeks of having a broken ankle. Of course it’s an abbreviated list, or you would just be reading endlessly. 

It can also be great to record an audio Great Job note for yourself or someone you love or appreciate. 

Great job David! 

Great job for:  

    • Getting all the icepacks and keeping my ice machine filled and flowing. 
    • Keeping me entertained and feeling comforted even when I was crying when my cast was hurting. 
    • Reassuring me that you saw me as beautifull and sexy when I hadn’t bathed in days 
    • Knowing that I would heal and be stronger than ever, and telling me so 
    • Listening to all my feelings as I processed being non weight bearing for weeks and weeks
    • Getting me the equipment I needed and right away
    • Reading Winnie-The-Pooh out loud to me every night for awhile in the beginning when I couldn’t sleep 
    • Celebrating every tiny gain 
    • Checking and rechecking everything that needed checking 
    • Taking time for yourself every day to fill up your own loving cup 
    • Trusting me to be loving myself through this marvelous messy middle experience 
    • Learning that there are many layers and levels to taking care of oneself while taking care of another, and that being a “perfect CareLover” is not advantageous 
    • Cooking almost all the delicious meals, ordering the groceries and restocking everything needed in the house 
    • Going to the library and returning my books and picking up ones I’d ordered 
    • Offering to wash my hair 
    • Taking me to the doctor and carrying all my equipment down 3 flights of stairs and then back up again 
    • Holding my hand at the doctor when they had to perform 2 stress tests on my already broken ankle 
    • Accepting some help from friends and from a Task Rabbit I hired 
    • Supporting me in feeling independent even as I learned so much about feeling dependent and growing in interdependence 
    • Loaning me your handwritten sign that says: Patience is Magnetic, Powerful and Healing 

    Playing these games with yourself or others creates a new kind of self-talk that is so nourishing. Let me know if you practice it or something like it- let’s support each other in creating kinder, more loving inner and outer dialogue. 


    Getting all the icepacks and keeping my ice machine filled and flowing. 



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Reading is Like Flying in Your Mind

Reading is Like Flying in Your Mind

In celebration of all the teachers returning to school, and all of the teachers who teach with so much love and joy, thank you! 

I recently rewatched Mr. Rogers receiving his Lifetime Achievement Emmy award. You can watch HERE if you haven’t seen it, or just want to rewatch it. 

In it, he asks that you close your eyes and think of a person who has helped you become who you are.

He says, “We’ll take 10 seconds, I’ll watch the time.” 

I cry every time. 

My tears are full of love and emotional memories of all the people who have helped me become me

One of the primary people who helped me become who I am, was my first grade teacher, Mrs. Gooler. 

She awakened a fierce love of reading in me, by daring everyone in the class to read a book a day for a year, and that whoever did that and filled in a sheet about every book, would win a clock. 

I became obsessed with winning that clock, and did so with great glee. She celebrated reading in her class in all sorts of other ways too. 

My mom also read to me, and with me, all the time, and I felt so safe in her arms, and in the pages of books. Through the reading of all those books, I became myself. 

To this day, I read voluminously every day, and take out dozens of books at a time from the library. 

Truly, reading is like Flying in Your Mind. 

This is an image of a poster I created in 1995 to support the San Francisco Public Libraries. You can see some of my favorite authors and bookstores in the borders. 

Who helped you become you? Let me know. 

Close your eyes and take 10 seconds, I’ll watch the time…

Let me know what you’re loving reading~ 

Here’s a completely random and happy list of favorite books I’ve read recently, or am rereading with utter delight:  

  • City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert 
  • How to Walk Away by Katherine Center 
  • My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell 
  • Into the Magic Shop by James R. Doty
  • Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza 
  • Blessed Are the Weird by Jacob Nordby 
  • Unattended Sorrow by Stephen Levine 





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I created the word CareLoving when I was caregiving for my at that time fiancé, John. He was sick for 9 months, and then died in my arms. 

As you may know, I have been deeply living and wildly grieving in the 3 years since John departed, and 15 months ago, met my beloved David. Here we are on vacation last week in Mendocino, bathing in the light of love

While John was alive, I didn’t understand what caregiving really required, and wrote about my experiences of it in a daily journal that I kept. I wrote about something I called being a “crabby caregiver”, which was my way of admitting that I wasn’t perfect at it, and needed to not be! That’s when I realized that caregiving could also be described as CareLoving- that it has the same elements as love, and is not only about giving, but also about receiving. I received so much love and wisdom helping to take care of John. 

John and I also wrote a book together called Succulent Wild Love, and included a chapter in it titled, “Self Lovingly Separate with Beautifull Boundaries.” 

This means taking exquisite care of yourself while taking care of another, and applies of course to everything- not only to physical illness. 

8 weeks ago I broke my ankle, and found myself on the other side of CareLoving- with David helping to take care of me, as I was completely non weight bearing for 7 weeks- I am now in the rehabilitation process. 

David has been, and is, “self lovingly separate with beautifull boundaries” during this experience- taking good care of himself as he helps to take care of me. 

If you have wisdom or experience to share here, please do! And feel free to share. 

CareLoving requires attention and attendance, and of course there are short term as well as longer term care experiences, and I’m sharing here primarily what I learned in the short term experience with John. 

I also had a 3 year experience of CareLoving with my mother where I didn’t know about these things, and had a much harder time. 

Here are a few ways of being that were helpfull for me as a CareLover, and also as the receiver of care. They of course also apply to life, living and loving. 

If you have wisdom or experience to share about CareLoving, you are invited to leave a comment. 

Be Willing to Be a Crabby Caregiver 

Being a “Crabby Caregiver” is essential over many months of CareLoving. It was essential that I allowed myself to be splendidly imperfect, and for John to be also. This means practicing feelings care so that you have a way to share with yourself how it feels to help care for another- and that includes things like rage, intolerance, and despair, as well as feeling blessed, willing, and being lovingly kind. 

Know and admit that you can’t “do it all” 

During the early months of caring for John, I asked my friend Val if she thought I was doing a “good job.” I waited for what I thought would be her praise and compliments. Instead she replied, 

“I actually think you’re doing a pretty terrible job. I don’t think you’re allowing others to help you much at all.” I felt shocked and defensive about this, until I quickly realized she was right, and began to actively seek out help, and ALLOW help. Allowing help also involves releasing perfectionism- about “how” others do things as compared to how you would do them. And Val said other very complimentary and supportive things along the way also!

Use your “sigh indicator”

If you’re about to do something for someone, and catch yourself sighing with annoyance, overwhelm or resistance, start again, take a break, ask for help, or reorient the task. Of course sometimes you must continue doing something-a lot of the times if you interrupt the sigh factor, it will create a big benefit for each person- both for the CareLover and someone being cared for. 

Bless every CareLover and every receiver of care. May we all tend lovingly to ourselves and others, may love all-ways lead the way, and when it doesn’t feel like love, that we practice realigning to love





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In The Healing Times

In The Healing Times

As I complete my 7 weeks of being weightless (aka non weight bearing) after a broken ankle, I’m reflecting on the nature of healing, which is not linear like a ladder- it is spiral like a coil. 

Healing happens in spirals and layers, and within the layers lives the love

Here I am with my wonderfull acupuncturist Paola, who is helping to bring oxygen to the area, and love to my heart. 

I’m also thinking of a new word that I created: 


I believe it is through the acceptance of it ALL, is the healing. And I don’t believe that including and accepting it all means loving, or even liking it all- it means being willing to see and be with it all. 

I’m often resisting the all, saying or thinking things like, “not THAT!” 

Certainly not that??” Or even, “NO WAY!” 

And the universe calmly nods her head and shows me more of whatever that is. 

As I move soon to partial and then full weight bearing on my ankle, I’m so incredibly gratefull for all the healing that has occurred. I’ve learned (again) that healing takes the time that it needs to take, and that my resistance only slows- or makes more difficult- that process. 

What wisdom have you gathered in the healing times in your life? I’d love to know. 

Here’s to us all, in all of our infinite varieties of healing~ 

 And here are my words and art about healing, may they swirl all around you, and enfold you with love. 

Here’s to us all in our healing times, in all-ways, allsomely. 





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Inspiration Sandwich- Eat this Book

Inspiration Sandwich- Eat this Book

Inspiration Sandwich is the second book I’ve written and created. I published it in 1992 and wrote “Eat this book” on the cover.

I created my books to be like ripe fruit- where you can take a bite from anywhere and receive nourishment. It also contains food for your soul.

This book is also my younger brother Andrew’s favorite SARK book. I asked him why, and he said,
“I don’t know why, it just IS.”
He can be quite plain spoken.

All my books are my favorites for one reason or another. Inspiration Sandwich
is full of stories to inspire our creative freedom.

You might know that most SARK books are handwritten & drawn, and this book is that. It was done at the time in signatures of black and white pages, mixed with full color, so many people took the opportunity to color in their black and white pages- and I love this!

“This book is meant to be nibbled and tasted in no particular order. If you can manage to be in pajamas while reading it, that would be wonderfull, and lying in bed with pajamas on is even better! But, if you happen to be in the clothed, vertical world, at least take your shoes off.”

It says on the back cover;
“Remember the sandbox? All you needed was bare toes in warm sand, and maybe a good bucket. Then you could build your own world. We all have wonderfull new worlds to build.”

What’s inspiring to you? What wonderfull new worlds are you building? How are you inviting yourself to be delighted? Let me know, I’ll love to read and celebrate.

Inspiration Sandwich invites you to choose a number between 1-46, and then that’s the chapter that you begin reading first.

Chapters include:

     1) Invite someone dangerous to tea
     2) Swing as high as you can on a swingset by moonlight
     3) Learn to watch snails
     4) How to take a miracle walk
     5) Make friends with freedom and uncertainty
     6) Drive away fear

Here’s an excerpt from chapter 46, Find Inspiring People:

“All of my friends inspire me too. I believe that inspiration can illuminate tiny parts of ourselves and help them to grow. When we speak I have a dream, or creative idea, and inspirational friend can help give it the juice to take shape. How can you tell if a friend is inspiring?

After spending time together, you will feel lighter, happier and bursting with some new kind of energy. It can be quiet energy, and it may not reveal itself until later, but you will begin to recognize the feel of inspiration.

Then you can expand upon it, search it out, spend time there.

Bask in the light of inspiration. Soak up the slanted rays of its energy.

Once we begin to spend time with inspiring people, we will become more inspiring ourselves. It will stick to us. I wish you absolute inspiration.
It’s rare
It’s free
And makes us full.”

I send you absolute inspiration and the courage and willingness to be that for yourself and others. Let me know who and what inspires you- it will expand all of our creative dreams.




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PLAYing HEARTily with LIFE

PLAYing HEARTily with LIFE

Many years ago, I was still learning how to swing as high as I could on a swingset by moonlight- here I am, playing in the daytime, wearing my favorite red pajamas.

My mom had this long ago photo up in her home, and would happily proclaim, “I’m the Succulent Wild Woman of my friends!”

My mom was known as the “fun mom,” and no matter what terrible things happened, she almost always found ways to make them better. She would say, “You can decide how you’re going to react to something- you can do things that will help any situation.”

Of course it didn’t always “work.” It was the idea that it might work, that carried me forward. I then created the NEW from those new places.

As any family does, we had tough and terrible things to navigate, and we did most of those playfully. It was in the play that we usually found the miracles of acceptance and grace, or at least a new perspective.

My mom was such an advocate of playing with life– she would talk eagerly to the checkers at the grocery store, tellers at the bank or people at the park- which as teenager, felt agonizing.

What I realize now is that she played with life, and life played back.

I continue to play heartily with life and now am aware that I learned so much about resilience and alchemizing the terrible things from her.

I’ve learned too that play is powerfull, and that my greatest moments and dreams have been made real through some form of play.

Do you play with life? In what ways? Does life play back? I’d love to know.

One of the ways I love to play and create is privately mentoring people to expand their dreams playfully & exponentially.

You can find out more about it HERE.

Here are some playfull moments with my mom, who I called “Marvelous Marjorie.”
She would rush to tell you, “ Now I did not name myself that! My daughter named me that.”

But then she adopted the name and loved it so much that her mail came addressed sometimes to just, “marvelous.”

When I asked her what she was most grateful for she barely paused and said….

One time she wore a button to church that I had given her that said, “please be brief, I have diarrhea”

She knew how to hypnotize a chicken and described it to us with great glee.

She let me wear pajamas to church on Christmas Eve.

She bought me the biggest box of crayons in the neighborhood, and let us invite all the kids over to read tall stacks of comic books in our breakfast nook.

The spirit of play was woven through everything we did, and part of her legacy to me is that. I’m glad that one of the qualities I’m known for is being playfull- and how much of my joyfully lived life is about that choice, and that I now am able to mentor others to do the same.

Here’s to serious subjects handled with presence and play, and let’s allow buoyancy to prevail.




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How to Keep Going Creatively

How to Keep Going Creatively

We all have creative desires.

Creativity is in all of life- it’s in the babies and the flower gardens, in the kitchens and our dreams.

If you close your eyes and think of where your heart sings- it is where your creativity is too.

Being in nature nourishes our creative spirits.

Giving to others in fresh ways is creative.

Our real lives call for so many things- and there doesn’t seem to be “time to be creative.”

There isn’t unless you create some.

We often don’t think that time can be created- it sometimes feels like time just sits there, linear and stubborn- and immovable. Yet desire moves time. When we create time with our DESIRE, time moves.

Bring your creative dreams and desires to this thread, I want to know what they are, and where you are with them. What do you dream of doing, being or having?

Then join me on Facebook Lively on Thu/18, 11am Pacific, where I’ll guide you playfully through how I’m actively creative every day, and ways you can express your dreams more often. Bring markers if you can!
Register here and you’ll receive the rePLAY if you can’t be there live.

It doesn’t take long, or much energy at all to create time for your desires and dreams.

It takes a perspective shift.

First, allow that you and your life are already creative, then give yourself permission to explore this.

Next, choose a creative desire- what would you enjoy spending more time doing if you had all the time in the world?

Now, envision yourself doing that.

This includes doing “nothing.”

Your creativity will grow with this type of thinking.

Your real life will become and feel more and more creative to you.

There will be a certain glow in your face.

People will wonder if you’re newly in love.

And you are- with your very own creative life.

Creatively yours,



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3 Lessons Learned (and relearned-so far) From My Wake Up Fall

3 Lessons Learned (and relearned-so far) From My Wake Up Fall

I recently fell and broke my ankle, and am learning a lot from the experience. If you didn’t see that post, you can read it here. 

This photo is of me using the iwalkfree 2.0 device, that allows for hands free walking- which feels miraculous. I’m using it in addition to crutches and a knee scooter. I’m sharing resources here that I find of value, for the sole purpose of sharing information. Of course, take only what resonates with you. 

I asked for your reflections about what I describe as a Wake Up Fall- thank you to all who shared so generously- there is so much wisdom in our collective. Thank you also to those who expressed sympathy, practical solutions and good humor- I truly appreciate it. 

I also appreciate learning to receive exquisite loving care and such kind attention from my beloved David. He is helping me expand my capacities to receive more love. It’s challenging at times to receive the care and help, and I’m learning and practicing at quantum speed. 

And for anyone else mending a broken bone (or anything else) I send you my love and healing energies. Here’s what I’ve learned (and relearned) so far. These lessons apply to a wide range of human experiences- not only about having a broken bone. 

There are so many gifts and blessings in this experience, and so many kinds of feelings to feel, blend and alchemize. It is tempting for me to try to rush past the challenging feelings, feel “better” and “be up and around” again. And of course those conditions are important and wanted- and, there are deeper lessons to be experienced and practiced with. 

Lesson #1 applies to my experiences with pain. One late night, I woke up in considerable pain. It was about an 8 on a pain scale of 1-10. I had already used ice and anti inflammatory things, as well as homeopathic Arnica, and the pain felt like it was raging. I felt myself in despair and terror over it, and spiraled into a very dark place. 

I’d heard about this app called Curable from my friend Amy, and grabbed my phone to download it. I started with their free demonstration, and within 20 minutes, the pain I was experiencing had decreased from an 8 to a 4- and stayed there. This definitely captured my attention. 

I had known before that all pain is in the brain- I just didn’t understand the mechanism of how my brain was working. I’ve now joined Curable and started working to retrain my brain about pain, and it’s amazing how much I’ve learned in just 2 weeks. is an outstanding resource, and I highly recommend it. Their tagline says “the app for chronic pain” and I would add that it’s also really good for acute pain. 

Thankfully I work from home, and my work of mentoring, writing and creating can be done while horizontal- and while I’m retraining my brain. I think this app can be used anywhere by anyone, wanting to create a new paradigm for themselves about pain. 

Lesson #2 is one I’m relearning, and it is that suffering always lies in the comparison. When I compared how my life WAS, before the fall, I counted all the things I can’t do with a broken ankle- and I assembled a big list of losses and frustrations. So then there was pain, compounded by suffering. In order to shift this, I’ve learned to practice with knowing and naming what I CAN do, rather than what I can’t.

Let me know if you’ve alchemized pain or difficulties, or how you think about or experience challenges- I’ll love to know. 

Since suffering always lies in the comparison, I’ve learned to stay in the present moment and collect ideas of what can be done, rather than what can’t. This alleviates suffering. 

One of the biggest losses for me has been my daily 4 mile beach walk- it is for my mental as well as my physical health. 

I have now invented various exercise routines that I can do with my broken ankle. There are good YouTube videos for this too, by the way. 

I have also created a crawling to music program- where I put on kneepads and gloves and crawl rapidly all through our apartment for 20-30 minutes- it raises my heart rate and serotonin levels, and it’s FUN. And I’m also doing yoga and stretching while in bed. 

I am reminding myself all-ways to stay and play in the present, rather than suffer in the future or past. Of course it all requires practice- which is an art more than a science, and calls for flexibility, presence and patience. 

Lesson #3 is one I’m learning and relearning and practicing with every day. 


I didn’t want to feel upset, angry or frustrated about this experience, and I did. Feelings just want our love and attention, and they don’t need much. I often still try to avoid, deny or repress my challenging feelings, hoping they will just go away. I’ve learned that they not only don’t go away, they get louder and larger. 

If you’ve read me for awhile, or are in my Succulent Wild World membership or Magical Mentoring program, you know that I teach about the value of having an Inner Feelings Care System- to care and tend to all the feelings in your emotional family skillfully, with love

We can all do this every day, like brushing our teeth or taking vitamins. I teach various methods for this and the 5 second method is a good place to start. 

As soon as you’re aware of a “negative” or challenging feeling, say it’s name out loud or under your breath. For example, you might be aware of feelings of anger. 

Simply say out loud or inside your head: 

“Anger, I see you, I hear you, I acknowledge you.” 

This allows feelings of anger to soften and change shape. The immediate effect in your life will be that you feel differently- perhaps a more spacious feeling. Anger will return later of course, and it will have shifted and changed with your care and attention. This sets up a care system internally so that you have a way to manage and experience your feelings differently. 

Here’s to us all feeling our feelings more often, and sharing our experiences! Let me know how you are learning or growing in any of these realms- I will love to know. 




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