PLAYing HEARTily with LIFE

PLAYing HEARTily with LIFE

Many years ago, I was still learning how to swing as high as I could on a swingset by moonlight- here I am, playing in the daytime, wearing my favorite red pajamas.

My mom had this long ago photo up in her home, and would happily proclaim, “I’m the Succulent Wild Woman of my friends!”

My mom was known as the “fun mom,” and no matter what terrible things happened, she almost always found ways to make them better. She would say, “You can decide how you’re going to react to something- you can do things that will help any situation.”

Of course it didn’t always “work.” It was the idea that it might work, that carried me forward. I then created the NEW from those new places.

As any family does, we had tough and terrible things to navigate, and we did most of those playfully. It was in the play that we usually found the miracles of acceptance and grace, or at least a new perspective.

My mom was such an advocate of playing with life– she would talk eagerly to the checkers at the grocery store, tellers at the bank or people at the park- which as teenager, felt agonizing.

What I realize now is that she played with life, and life played back.

I continue to play heartily with life and now am aware that I learned so much about resilience and alchemizing the terrible things from her.

I’ve learned too that play is powerfull, and that my greatest moments and dreams have been made real through some form of play.

Do you play with life? In what ways? Does life play back? I’d love to know.

One of the ways I love to play and create is privately mentoring people to expand their dreams playfully & exponentially.

You can find out more about it HERE.

Here are some playfull moments with my mom, who I called “Marvelous Marjorie.”
She would rush to tell you, “ Now I did not name myself that! My daughter named me that.”

But then she adopted the name and loved it so much that her mail came addressed sometimes to just, “marvelous.”

When I asked her what she was most grateful for she barely paused and said….

One time she wore a button to church that I had given her that said, “please be brief, I have diarrhea”

She knew how to hypnotize a chicken and described it to us with great glee.

She let me wear pajamas to church on Christmas Eve.

She bought me the biggest box of crayons in the neighborhood, and let us invite all the kids over to read tall stacks of comic books in our breakfast nook.

The spirit of play was woven through everything we did, and part of her legacy to me is that. I’m glad that one of the qualities I’m known for is being playfull- and how much of my joyfully lived life is about that choice, and that I now am able to mentor others to do the same.

Here’s to serious subjects handled with presence and play, and let’s allow buoyancy to prevail.




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How to Keep Going Creatively

How to Keep Going Creatively

We all have creative desires.

Creativity is in all of life- it’s in the babies and the flower gardens, in the kitchens and our dreams.

If you close your eyes and think of where your heart sings- it is where your creativity is too.

Being in nature nourishes our creative spirits.

Giving to others in fresh ways is creative.

Our real lives call for so many things- and there doesn’t seem to be “time to be creative.”

There isn’t unless you create some.

We often don’t think that time can be created- it sometimes feels like time just sits there, linear and stubborn- and immovable. Yet desire moves time. When we create time with our DESIRE, time moves.

Bring your creative dreams and desires to this thread, I want to know what they are, and where you are with them. What do you dream of doing, being or having?

Then join me on Facebook Lively on Thu/18, 11am Pacific, where I’ll guide you playfully through how I’m actively creative every day, and ways you can express your dreams more often. Bring markers if you can!
Register here and you’ll receive the rePLAY if you can’t be there live.

It doesn’t take long, or much energy at all to create time for your desires and dreams.

It takes a perspective shift.

First, allow that you and your life are already creative, then give yourself permission to explore this.

Next, choose a creative desire- what would you enjoy spending more time doing if you had all the time in the world?

Now, envision yourself doing that.

This includes doing “nothing.”

Your creativity will grow with this type of thinking.

Your real life will become and feel more and more creative to you.

There will be a certain glow in your face.

People will wonder if you’re newly in love.

And you are- with your very own creative life.

Creatively yours,



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3 Lessons Learned (and relearned-so far) From My Wake Up Fall

3 Lessons Learned (and relearned-so far) From My Wake Up Fall

I recently fell and broke my ankle, and am learning a lot from the experience. If you didn’t see that post, you can read it here. 

This photo is of me using the iwalkfree 2.0 device, that allows for hands free walking- which feels miraculous. I’m using it in addition to crutches and a knee scooter. I’m sharing resources here that I find of value, for the sole purpose of sharing information. Of course, take only what resonates with you. 

I asked for your reflections about what I describe as a Wake Up Fall- thank you to all who shared so generously- there is so much wisdom in our collective. Thank you also to those who expressed sympathy, practical solutions and good humor- I truly appreciate it. 

I also appreciate learning to receive exquisite loving care and such kind attention from my beloved David. He is helping me expand my capacities to receive more love. It’s challenging at times to receive the care and help, and I’m learning and practicing at quantum speed. 

And for anyone else mending a broken bone (or anything else) I send you my love and healing energies. Here’s what I’ve learned (and relearned) so far. These lessons apply to a wide range of human experiences- not only about having a broken bone. 

There are so many gifts and blessings in this experience, and so many kinds of feelings to feel, blend and alchemize. It is tempting for me to try to rush past the challenging feelings, feel “better” and “be up and around” again. And of course those conditions are important and wanted- and, there are deeper lessons to be experienced and practiced with. 

Lesson #1 applies to my experiences with pain. One late night, I woke up in considerable pain. It was about an 8 on a pain scale of 1-10. I had already used ice and anti inflammatory things, as well as homeopathic Arnica, and the pain felt like it was raging. I felt myself in despair and terror over it, and spiraled into a very dark place. 

I’d heard about this app called Curable from my friend Amy, and grabbed my phone to download it. I started with their free demonstration, and within 20 minutes, the pain I was experiencing had decreased from an 8 to a 4- and stayed there. This definitely captured my attention. 

I had known before that all pain is in the brain- I just didn’t understand the mechanism of how my brain was working. I’ve now joined Curable and started working to retrain my brain about pain, and it’s amazing how much I’ve learned in just 2 weeks. is an outstanding resource, and I highly recommend it. Their tagline says “the app for chronic pain” and I would add that it’s also really good for acute pain. 

Thankfully I work from home, and my work of mentoring, writing and creating can be done while horizontal- and while I’m retraining my brain. I think this app can be used anywhere by anyone, wanting to create a new paradigm for themselves about pain. 

Lesson #2 is one I’m relearning, and it is that suffering always lies in the comparison. When I compared how my life WAS, before the fall, I counted all the things I can’t do with a broken ankle- and I assembled a big list of losses and frustrations. So then there was pain, compounded by suffering. In order to shift this, I’ve learned to practice with knowing and naming what I CAN do, rather than what I can’t.

Let me know if you’ve alchemized pain or difficulties, or how you think about or experience challenges- I’ll love to know. 

Since suffering always lies in the comparison, I’ve learned to stay in the present moment and collect ideas of what can be done, rather than what can’t. This alleviates suffering. 

One of the biggest losses for me has been my daily 4 mile beach walk- it is for my mental as well as my physical health. 

I have now invented various exercise routines that I can do with my broken ankle. There are good YouTube videos for this too, by the way. 

I have also created a crawling to music program- where I put on kneepads and gloves and crawl rapidly all through our apartment for 20-30 minutes- it raises my heart rate and serotonin levels, and it’s FUN. And I’m also doing yoga and stretching while in bed. 

I am reminding myself all-ways to stay and play in the present, rather than suffer in the future or past. Of course it all requires practice- which is an art more than a science, and calls for flexibility, presence and patience. 

Lesson #3 is one I’m learning and relearning and practicing with every day. 


I didn’t want to feel upset, angry or frustrated about this experience, and I did. Feelings just want our love and attention, and they don’t need much. I often still try to avoid, deny or repress my challenging feelings, hoping they will just go away. I’ve learned that they not only don’t go away, they get louder and larger. 

If you’ve read me for awhile, or are in my Succulent Wild World membership or Magical Mentoring program, you know that I teach about the value of having an Inner Feelings Care System- to care and tend to all the feelings in your emotional family skillfully, with love

We can all do this every day, like brushing our teeth or taking vitamins. I teach various methods for this and the 5 second method is a good place to start. 

As soon as you’re aware of a “negative” or challenging feeling, say it’s name out loud or under your breath. For example, you might be aware of feelings of anger. 

Simply say out loud or inside your head: 

“Anger, I see you, I hear you, I acknowledge you.” 

This allows feelings of anger to soften and change shape. The immediate effect in your life will be that you feel differently- perhaps a more spacious feeling. Anger will return later of course, and it will have shifted and changed with your care and attention. This sets up a care system internally so that you have a way to manage and experience your feelings differently. 

Here’s to us all feeling our feelings more often, and sharing our experiences! Let me know how you are learning or growing in any of these realms- I will love to know. 




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Wake Up Fall

Wake Up Fall

In my Succulent Wild World program and membership, the theme for this month is JoyFULLY Receiving June, and I’m certainly practicing! I believe that we always teach best what we most need to learn. 

On my daily beach walk last week, with my darling younger brother Andrew & sister in love Jennifer- they were visiting me with their 8 month old yellow lab Oliver- I experienced what I describe as a “wake up fall.”

Oliver and another larger dog were so exuberantly and sweetly playing on the sand, rolling and tumbling together in happy forward motion

We commented with the other dog owners on how important it is to watch carefully as bigger dogs play like this, because they can inadvertently crash into humans. We even told the women with the other dog, “keep your knees bent & keep your eyes on the dogs!” 

Then Andrew & I got engrossed in a conversation and the next thing I knew, I was crashing down hard, and my right foot became entangled in the deep sand, and as I was flung backwards, I heard something snap and fell sobbing onto the sand. 

Fast forward to Oliver trying to lick my face, an angel named Mary helping me off the beach with Andrew, and him driving his car illegally onto the beach path to get me, Urgent cares, X-rays and a pair of crutches, and recommended surgery. 

I had broken my right ankle. So why am I calling it a wake up fall? 

I believe that I can learn something from every single thing that happens to me, and I practice living in the marvelous messy middle of life, blending and alchemizing the terrible and wonderfull into a brand new healing mixture. 

Of course, sometimes I resist all of that and just act like a victim;-) 

Learning from the wake up fall is more interesting. Which is distinctly different from thinking that “everything happens for a reason,” which rather annoys me. 

It is always so tempting for the mind to try to make things either/or bad or good, and disregard the nuances and contributive teachings woven into it. 

I’m healing well, and my beloved David and many healers are helping me to take exquisite care of myself. It turns out that I don’t need surgery- which was discovered after I intuitively got a second opinion. 

Here I am, balancing an amethyst crystal on my head, in between bouts of uncontrolled laughter. In the below photo, I show off my cast.

Send me visions of beauty, magic and laughter, and reminders that these few months of changed mobility will be stuffed full of love and healing- I’ll be doing the same. 

Lots of time for writing and creating, some much loved teaching, mentoring and dreaming, as well as doing lots of glorious reading and of course doing no-thing. 

I gratefully receive your good wishes! 

I’m feeling blessed, gratefull, angry, frustrated, impatient and appreciatively curious as I continue to explore this wake up fall experience. 

I first learned about the concept of a wake up fall many years ago from my mentor and friend Patricia. She pointed out one time, that an accident I had experienced as terrible, had great gifts in it- akin to a wake up call. She proclaimed that it was a wake up fall. What had it awakened me to? It took me some time to figure it out, and I eventually did. 

In that instance, and many others since, I avidly practice finding what could be described as the “silver lining” in every experience, and see how it could be contributing to my life, rather than seeming to take away from it. 

This blending work is not about positive thinking, a quick fix or spiritually bypassing the necessary excavations and repairs. Much more than looking on the bright side, it’s about being willing to be and live with, the bright, dull and in between sides. It’s kind of like having rainbow vision. 

My rainbow vision is helping me see that as part of this most recent wake up fall, I am benefiting from extra practicing with three lessons: patience, presence and receiving. 

And there is so much love to receive! I’m practicing scooping it up with all 4 hands- and feet. My happy left ankle is wiggling around, and the left is mentoring the right, as I alchemize this one. 

Know that I feel blessed in this, in most ways, and will be still unwrapping and illuminating the gifts of this particular wake up fall. Let me know if you’ve ever experienced a wake up fall- literal or metaphorical- and what you learned from it.  




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After 25 years of Procrastination

After 25 years of Procrastination

I used to be a master procrastinator.

In retrospect, I believe I just needed more time to marinate in all that I wanted to write and share with the world. Also, I had a lot of healing and living to do.   

I’d written my first book at age 10, after my 80 year old best friend Mr. Boggs had gotten sick and gone into the hospital.

My mom told me he probably wouldn’t be coming back.

I wrote him something every day for a month and mailed the misshapen packages to him in the hospital.   

He did get out.

And he said to me,

“I think you saved my life- no one else called or wrote while I was in there, and I had to get out to see you.”

I ran in my house and told my mom,

“I’m supposed to be a beacon of hope and write books for the world!”

She told me to eat my peanut butter sandwich. I ate that sandwich and many others as I wrote my first book “Mice From Mars,” that summer of my 10th year.

Then I fell silent as so many people do.

For 25 years, I dreamed of writing the rest of my books.

The dream didn’t leave- it stayed simmering in my soul, waiting for me to allow it forward, to stop saying “how” and start saying NOW.

All that we dream is inside of us.

I wrote my book “A Creative Companion,” in just 2 weeks, after 25 years of dreaming.

What are you dreaming of doing, being or creating? I’ll love to know.

My first published book was born in the Magic Cottage, amidst dozens of candles burning, and me praying that the pages would reflect my heart.

When I finished, it looked so crooked and odd- but it glowed the way my heart felt.

I showed it to a publisher who said,

“We have to publish it just like this- with no changes!”

 I was glad, because it felt complete as it was. Later I learned to work with editors, and greatly appreciate what they do.

For A Creative Companion, I can still feel the way my heart expanded when I wrote it, and how my dream was made REAL.

I went on to write and publish 17 more books and have about 50 more that I’d love to write. I have so many different kinds of dreams in process and in progress.

I’m now making more of my many dreams real and helping others to do that too- mentoring people is one of my greatest joys. 

We are all treasure chests, stuffed full of wonders, in various stages of readiness- our dreams are resilient and just need a human channel to bring them into form

Here’s a favorite excerpt from this book:

When I was young, and desperate to escape family dysfunctions, my only free creative time was at night.

I am a reader, a writer, a child who won’t go to bed at night. I stay in my room, reading and reading some more. By crack of the door light, flashlight, night light, moonlight but almost never the light in my room. My father took all the lamps out of my room, for fear I would never sleep! I said, “sleep is fine, even sublime in the daytime, but not at night time, cause that’s the best time!”

I saved up bread from dinner, rolled it into little balls and balanced them on my nightlight, cooking them there. They tasted toasty and sweet. Delicious things happened at night…

Doorbells glowed, rhubarb beckoned, grass crew extra green and juicy. The world fell dark and secret. It was when the stairs create loudest. Comic books and poems, a list of dirty words, moonbaths is in bed. No rules! The air was full of the dreams of the sleeping people.

Excerpted from a work in progress.

Considering that I wrote this book in 1991, it amuses me that this excerpt is still a work in progress in 2019! I think my whole life is a work in process:-)

Here’s to all of us, to all of our dreams, and all of our souls daring and dreaming and allowing treasures in and out– and for all the times we hide and wait and fear saying NOW, and say now anyway. May anyway lead us further.




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Happy Furthers Day

Happy Furthers Day

Father’s Day isn’t a celebration for everyone. It can be challenging to either join in or ignore the holiday called Father’s Day if you experienced any of the following with a father or father figure; difficult, distant, absent or challenging fathers, or abusive, lost, mentally disordered, unloving or rageful fathers.

The imprint of challenging fathers calls for a lifetime of integration, and I decided to create a new holiday tradition, and I’m calling it Furthers Day. It’s all about how many fathers further great things, and how you can carry that furthering further, even if there are, or were, challenging aspects of your relationship.

For all the wonderfull fathers who furthered someone or something, THANK you.

My dad did a lot of fabulous furthering, and we were also challenged by the difficulties of relating to, and loving each other.

I went further because of the challenges of our relationship. When I told him I was going to be an author and write books for the world, he sarcastically said, “Dream on, kid!”

And so I did.

When he was absent so much of my childhood, I learned better how to love myself.

When he couldn’t express or share his feelings, I created innovative ways to feel and express mine and help others to do that too.

And my dad helped me to further so many good things in my life. From him helping me ride my first bike, to later in my life supporting my ideas and dreams, I always felt his love, and I went further because of that love, and I believe that he did too.
Did you have a father or father figure who helped you go further? I’ll love to know~

My father furthered my love of myself and belief in partnership by my witnessing his 46 year marriage to my mother, and he was so often the “secret investor” behind the scenes, when I would be starting a new project. His reticence to show his love furthered my insistence that we speak of our love, and show it too.

I shared this quote with him after we cleared up so many grudges and withholdings of love, and I feel it still for him, myself and so many others.
This is the primary way I learned to further love my dad, after he physically departed in 1996.

“And throughout all eternity, I forgive you, you forgive me”
William Blake

When my dad was still alive, he asked me to write a poster for all the dads, after I’d written one for Moms. I wrote this and published it in my book Succulent Wild Woman.

I do want to add a note here about forgiveness. I do not believe it’s necessary to forgive, in order to love. I also believe that some people rush to forgive as a form of spiritual bypassing to avoid feeling all the feelings first. Forgiveness happens over time, and in layers, as we disentangle from embodied memories and experiences we had.

Here’s to going further with it all.

How To Forgive Your Father

I’m not daddy’s little girl.
I’m a mountain lion in a skirt with prayers in my heart.

When I asked my dad what he wanted in a “dream daughter,” he said, “I wanted a daughter who would wear an apron and make soup from a ham bone.”

I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t cook.

My “fantasy father” would be super literary and work at home.
My father was a traveling salesman who struggled with spelling.

When I was 4, my dad’s head was as big as the world! I rode on his shoulders, clasping his forehead with my tiny hands and laughing as we ran through the grass.

Together we were taller than God.

My dad held my red Schwinn bike as I balanced my first solo trip, and ran alongside before letting me go to pedal into a new world.

My dad always got mad at dinner and I thought it was because of me so I sat up straight and tried to do it all perfect and he still yelled.

His dad got mad at dinner too.

I finally learned that when I could show softness, my dad could show support. I wish I’d had more time to be with him.

I remember whisker rubs and “serious talks” and standing on his feet to dance around the kitchen.
He tied my ice skates double-tight, and there was always love- large and raw and imperfect.

When I prowl through all the prayers in my heart, and in certain photographs in a special kind of light, I can see my dad’s face inside my own, saying “Stick with me kid!”

I know now that he loves me in his language– that the past stuff is just fog on the mirror- that the little girl inside never stopped loving him.
She feels the love and forgives the pain.

Hey dad! I’ll love you forever you know.

In memory of Arthur James Kennedy- my dad.




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Lit UP by Love

Lit UP by Love

What does it mean to be and feel lit up by love?

It’s easy to see and be love when we’re looking at loving people, places or things.

Here are David and I, lit up by love on our recent 1 year anniversary trip.

How do we continue being lit up by that love when we return home and the myriad of tasks and

What then?

It’s tempting to brush feelings aside, put them under the rug, or just try to snap the bulging container of your emotions shut.

Of course those ways don’t work, and emotions come seeping, bubbling and leaping out- usually at very inconvenient times, and with people that we love.

You may know that I live in the Marvelous Messy Middle, with all of my feelings, and love living lit up by love as often as possible. I also share what doesn’t work, what sometimes fails spectacularly, and how being human is

For myself, and the people I privately mentor in Magical Mentoring, I teach and share my Inner Feelings Care system- where you are shown how to lovingly and skillfully tend to all of your feelings quickly and more consistently.

To care for feelings, here’s the short 1 2 3 version of what I do & teach with private clients and in my Succulent Wild World membership.


1. Fully feel what you feel

By fully, I mean all the way through. Most of us stop short and just say we’re annoyed, when we actually feel enraged. Fully feeling is like taking a deep breath.

2. Name or describe a “negative” feeling in some way when it arises:
You might say, “Anger- I see you, I hear you, I acknowledge you.” Anger is just trying to get your love and attention, and when you acknowledge and name it, it can soften and change shape. It can then move differently, and move on when you’re ready.

3. Receive the relief of having an inner feelings care system.
Gather the benefits of tending skillfully with love to your feelings. The results will be that you feel better much more often and so will the people around you. This is the real “clutter clearing” to do- clear the clutter of untended feelings and release yourself from their clamoring for your attention.


You will then feel more free to be lit UP by love, no matter what circumstances occur.

Let me know what feelings care you are practicing and if you are- I’ll love to know and support you.



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Why Create Anything?

Why Create Anything?

I’ve been creating as SARK for almost 4 decades now, and I feel more creative than ever! Here I am dreaming new creative dreams under a bower of wisteria in San Francisco.

I recently sent out some questions about being SARK and what I’m creating next-THANK you so much if you responded. If not, you still can, right here.

So why are we drawn to dream and create?

I believe it’s an expression of our love and our very living souls.

I believe we have unique ways of seeing and being that can only be created through us.

It’s easier in some ways, to go along in our lives, avoiding creating.

“Creating something” is far more than books, paintings, songs, architecture, or new software.

These are some physical manifestations of our creativity.

Our creative urges, desires and dreams are energetic, vibrational and part of something far larger than we are. Even if they never become physical. The way we actually live life is creative.

And our creative dreams don’t die or go away. Even when we ignore, avoid or resist them.

Creative dreams placidly wait for us to notice them, with periodic uprisings.

Those uprisings often get louder as we grow older.

We wonder if it’s “too late.”

It is not.

We wonder if it’s “worth it.”

It is.

Our creative visions can rise and swell like oceanic waves, when we let them. These waves can swirl in and around our “ordinary” lives.

We create to live. We create because we wonder why.

We create for no reason and every reason.

We allow our creativity to flow through us, or we allow it in dreams or when we see the laughing eyes of a new baby.

We create because we’re here. What are you creating? What will you allow to flow through you?




Leave a comment, I’ll love to know.

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Like Lava Creating New Land

Like Lava Creating New Land


Thank you for drawing 🖍 my attention to something I wrote last month about how loss creates opportunities for new love to grow. Here’s an excerpt from what I wrote;

“The love I am able to experience with David is directly related to the both the love and the loss I experienced with John.
(For those that don’t know, John was my fiancé who died.)

That loss actually generated new kinds of love. I’m convinced it’s similar to how lava creates new land, and is no less tumultuous in its process of arrival.

I’d always heard “love never dies” and it baffled me, because how could it go on if the source of it had ended?

Now I believe and know that it’s because love doesn’t only arise from a source- love comes through a source. And in that way, there is truly no end.”

It’s remarkable to me that last year at this time, I hadn’t yet met my beloved David, or his son Ben or brother Andy. Here we are last week with Ben at his chiropractic graduate school, sharing love- “like lava creating new land.” These 3 men are healers, creating more love whenever they go. I’m honored to know and love them, and participate in our neverending love story.

Life is amazing like that. And so is faith.
We keep moving and growing despite all the evidence that has us believing that things are getting worse.

And of course, some things are terrible and getting worse. I remain convinced that our ability to alchemize and blend those terrible things into a new healing mixture, is our greatest opportunity as humans. So how do we actually do that?

How do we do that kind of blending and alchemizing, in the face of horrifying things?

Here’s a process I created for a book I’m writing called Living Wonderfull; The Surprising Gifts of Terrible Things.

It’s called Inner Alchemy. Use this process to blend and alchemize any terrible thing. This includes doing the important work of allowing certain things to remain terrible.

The Inner Alchemy Process by SARK

1. Locating and naming a terrible event or experience
Acknowledging what happened gives it a place to be, and to be worked with.

2. Identifying how you feel and acknowledging those feelings
Identifying your feelings allows inner alchemy to begin. Say the feelings out loud and say to them by name, “I see you, I hear you, I acknowledge you.” This gives your feelings the love and attention they are seeking and will allow them to soften and change shape. When they’ve changed shape, they will move more easily.

3. Reducing the terrible
It is important to stop here if you cannot find any way right now to reduce the terrible.
It may be too soon to move from terrible. There is great value in really being with the terrible and allowing it and your feelings to just be.
If and when you are ready, move slowly towards reducing. Using gratitude and appreciation, look for something good- and it might be very tiny. Being gratefull and appreciative for any tiny thing gives space for other gratitudes and appreciations to grow.

4. Adding the wonderfull
Appreciating anything that’s good multiplies the good.
And if wonderfull is too far of a stretch, see if you can move from okay to better to good and then perhaps to wonderfull- or perhaps not. Allow your feelings to guide you and don’t “rush to feel better.” Feeling terrible is essential to be able to welcome any wonderfull feelings. Let love surround you as you feel terrible.

5. Integrating and blending
Noticing the old and new parts of you adjusting and taking in the new information, creates more spaciousness and room for transforming.
Highlight for yourself any transformation that’s already occurring. Describe yourself in new ways- how have you changed, grown or awakened? How and what do you want to be able to transform?

6. Who are you becoming as a result of this experience?
Blending the terrible and wonderfull into a brand new healing mixture you can use in your life gives you freedom to feel differently and take new actions as a result. The new actions you take will be supported by the love you’ve created.

Thank you for blending and alchemizing and being human, and for taking new actions.                                     




p.s. If you are outraged by the recent events in Alabama, consider taking action to support the ACLU or one of these organizations:

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Happy Mother’s & Others Day

Happy Mother’s & Others Day

My mom was called Marvelous Marjorie. I named her that, and she initially resisted, thinking it might be thought of as bragging. Over time, she came to accept it and even introduced herself that way.
I profiled her in my book Succulent Wild Woman– which she read three times. We didn’t ever discuss what she thought about that book, but she informed me that SHE was the original Succulent Wild Woman, and she was certainly known as that among her friends.
She physically left in 2003, and her lifeprint glimmers on…… they leave us and yet they never do.

And, welcome to my holiday I’m calling Others Day, in addition to Mother’s Day.

This part is especially for everyone who isn’t a mother of physical children. For everyone who wanted to be, but didn’t or couldn’t. Or wanted to want to, but just didn’t.

For everyone who never wanted to be, but sometimes wishes there was a holiday for them too. For everyone OTHER than and in addition to, all the wonder~full mothers.

For everyone who helps mothers mother, and everyone who is behind the scenes for all the mothers and the children, and those that love them. For all the godmothers, aunts and uncles and all the mothering with animals too. And to all the others who don’t have names, or standard names. Here I am loving the amazing Alice, daughter of Annie & Kyle.

So here’s to a new holiday I’m calling Others Day, and of course it fits for Mothers too, because they are not only mothers mothering.

And here’s to the never mothers who relish the idea of being an other and the others of EVERY description who didn’t fit in, or didn’t play a role that everyone could see or understand.

Here’s to all of us unique, illuminated, astounding human BEANS, bouncing along and BEAMING our love, no matter what day it is, or what it’s called.

The holiday of “Happy Others Day” makes me smile, so of course I wanted to share it, and my love with you~




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