Calling You & Your Interior Creator

Calling You & Your Interior Creator

CS_6057_MagicCottage_5x3Dear Creatively Alive Soul,

When we think of interior design, we generally think of decorating. But what about the “furniture of your mind?” Often we keep the furniture the same inside our heads, and then feel like life isn’t new, exciting or creative.

Most people would like to feel creatively alive and awake more often, and most people benefit from creative support and community in order to do so.

There’s a fabulous community right now just waiting for you and your creative gifts. Especially if you’ve procrastinated or quit or decided that your dreams probably don’t matter.

They DO matter. And in the right conditions, your dreams and ideas can be made REAL, really quickly.
It’s right here & it’s all for you.

I’ll be teaching and mentoring, along with my beloved Dr. John Waddell, the whole weekend of September 18-20, a virtual writer & creator & happy life livers reTREAT. ​

The last one in June was such an accelerator for everyone that we’re offering it again!!

Superbly, Sublimely, Succulently,
SARK (and all my inside children)
p.s. the miracle is you and your miracle is here.




Upside Down Love + Invitation

Upside Down Love + Invitation

Dearest Gleaming Hearts,

Thank you all everlastingly for your kind & nourishing comments to John & I after my fiancé & co-author John’s recent health diagnosis & challenge. And for continuing to follow and inspire our journey.

You can read about that here if you don’t know about it. And thank you for your support for the Loveboat supporting us-it is very very much appreciated and it’s still going on!

John is home and healing now, with many more unknowns and major things to navigate.
What a wild and mysterious land.
I and we, have learned and experienced so much throughout this experience.

Death coming so close is a great inspiration, and a powerfull guide. We’re both writing a lot about it too- which we’ll be sharing along the way.

It feels like the prospect of death turned everything inside out and upside down. I’ve found out that upside down love is just as good;-) ​ 

So many of my fears about this kind of thing ever happening are being transformed.

It causes me to wonder how many other fears I’ve lived with and haven’t explored, and given so much power to.

I’m definitely learning how to be a love warrior more often, instead of a worrier most of the time.

A few other things I’ve learned and am learning from this experience that you might wish to utilize in your life;

  • Caregiving of any kind without considerable self love practices in place is dangerous to ones well-being
  • All feelings want to be heard and noticed- especially including the “unattractive” ones like guilt, rage, frustration and hopelessness
  • The way to practice more receiving is to say “I accept” before your ego can decide it’s “too much” to accept
  • Angels and other entities and animal spirits will appear to offer support and joy- allow and notice them

As John & I navigate these new conditions, we are also releasing our new book on schedule this fall, and we’ll be inviting you to participate in a variety of ways. More about that in upcoming posts and emails.

I am also offering a virtual writing reTREAT the weekend of Sep 18-20, which takes place on the phone and Internet, and inviting YOU to join me. I guarantee adventure + expansion.
You can find out all about it & sign up here.

​W​e did​ this reTREAT before, in June​, and it caused so much writing and creating to be started, continued or completed in new FUN ways, that we simply had to do another.

​Whether you consider ​yourself a “writer”​ or not, you can receive way more than ​you can imagine​. It’s really all about writing and living your new stories into existence. It’s about your life changing in wonderfull new ways.​ 

John is planning to teach at the virtual reTREAT also! Along with members of Planet SARK and LOTS of yours truly, me;-)

Bright raspberries & a chaise lounge to you-with love,

SARK (aka Sweet Susan)


p.s. let serendipity lead you to what fills your soul here.

Running Away

Running Away

White FlowersDear Rambunctious Creator,

Sometimes we just need to run away.

During the thick thickets of creating our new book on a completion schedule (I’ve opted out of the word deadline- it sounds oppressive;-) John & I realized that we were in danger of imploding.

It didn’t appear that we had any time to just take off and run away, and then it became clear that we didn’t have time NOT to.

I was up very early, and began searching for somewhere for us to run away to for the day.


My criteria were pretty simple:

Good food, good environment, good mood. Somewhere new where neither of us had been.

Somewhere where people would take good care of us.
I found a resort about an hour away and reserved a table for lunch.

He asked for the name for the reservation and I said,
“Wonderfull.” To which he calmly replied, “With one L or two?”
When I said two, he said, “You are definitely coming to the right place.”

As we drove through vineyards and rolling hills (why are they always rolling?) we drove into an estate out of time. It felt like a kind of Brigadoon- an imaginary land that might disappear in and out of the mist. There was a hobbit like glen of green & pine trees and a croquet lawn in the distance.

We sat on their white porch and ordered food that arrived festooned with edible purple flowers and a server who wore a tiny silver angel wing in each ear.
While John was in the restroom, I commented on her earrings and asked if she appreciated angels, and she said enthusiastically,

“Oh yes! And did you know that your husband is an angel?” I replied that I did, and asked her how she knew.

“Oh there was some jagged energy on the porch and as soon as he arrived, everybody calmed down. You can see his angelic energy immediately.” I agreed.

John returned and we sat blissfully on the porch, sharing an imaginative chocolate desert and then wandered off to see what other miracles might develop.

We found ourselves on a steep yet friendly hiking trail, and just started walking and visioning and appreciating the land.

Later we curled up on some down couches in the resort lodge and shared some lemonade & cookies.

We drove away from the estate, feeling utterly refreshed and restored-from running away.
Running away could also be running toward. Hmmmm.
I’ll ponder that.

What kinds of things do you do to refresh yourself?

Your friend,
SARK (aka Susan)

p.s. If you feel like running away without leaving home, we’re offering a virtual reTREAT for writers and creators for the whole weekend of June 26-28. You can see your invitation here and pop UP your creativity and sense of fun. All levels of writing & creating welcome.

Dads in Tutus

Dads in Tutus

Clark in tutuDear Dad Appreciator,

For Mother’s Day/month, I sent out an email called Moms in Tutus.

So here’s my friend Clark, dad to Jonah, wearing my rainbow tutu.
When I asked him if I could share this photo, he texted back,

“Absolutely. I am proud to wear your tutu.” He’s good like that.

Then I remembered what my dad said after I published my poster called Just For Mom.

“Honey, what about the dads?”

And I explained that I hadn’t yet written a poem for dads.

For years, almost every time I called or visited, he asked me where that poem was, and I replied that it didn’t exist and that I wasn’t even sure I could write it.

He and I had experienced a lot of personality challenges as I got older, and he was a traveling salesman, so wasn’t home very often.

Then one day he called me, and said,

“Honey, I’ve just been diagnosed with cancer, so I guess I’ll die now before I see that dad poem.”

No pressure there. I went right to my juicy pen and created something called “How To Forgive Your Father.” After I finished, I felt scared to show it to him, because it wasn’t just all “nice.”

When I finally shared it with him, he loved it. And he paid it his highest compliment, saying to me,

“This is fantastic honey. I’m going to get this laminated. “
(Because according to him, that’s what you did with art you planned to save.)

He was a procrastinator, so he never did laminate that art.

The day of his funeral, my younger brother Andrew and I stood at the copy shop, laminating that poster.
I read it at the service and tucked a paper copy into his suit pocket.

Maybe someday I’ll make that poem into a poster.
Meanwhile, I published it in my book Succulent Wild Woman (page 63)

Here’s to all the dads, dadding around in tutus and loving all the moms and the children.
Here’s to all the dads that have died or left or didn’t know how important they were.
Here’s to all of the dads.

SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)

Creating while also Living Life

Creating while also Living Life

White FlowerMy Very Dear Creative Spirit,

It sometimes seems that life gets in the way of our creativity, when actually we’re the ones deciding to live our lives in distinctly less than creative ways.

I was reminded of this while creating 175 pieces of original art for our new book- on a schedule, with all sorts of “real life” subjects entering in.

These subjects included some health issues, business challenges, and periodically feeling really discouraged about the amount of work and the feelings of pressure about the timing in which to do it all.

And it’s really challenging when you TEACH what you are then experiencing the opposite of 😉

I’m so glad that I’ve always chosen to be transparent about what I’ve learned and what I’m still learning.

As my friend Val says, “Some things are just plain hard.”
And some things are.

How we experience that level of hardness and what we creatively do and think about during those times is entirely up to us.

And the creativity and creative ways of thinking are always there!

We just need to open to new ways of seeing and acting.

Which is the LAST thing I’m drawn to when I feel stressed or pressured.

And of course I also know that there are joyfull solutions that I can create. And I frequently am able to create them- even during stressfull times.

Here are a few other ways to allow new kinds of solutions to emerge during times of stress, overwhelm or pressure:

  1. Locating whatEVER will take the pressure off- even briefly- and doing less, or doing whatever it is just “good enough.”
  2. Quitting. Just stopping & quitting. 
  3. Exploring what kind of feelings you DO want to have, and then finding a way to provide those feelings for yourself- in even tiny ways.
When I practice shifting my energy and attention in these kinds of ways, all kinds of new solutions pop up in all kinds of unexpected creative ways- people appear to help, someone makes me laugh at just the right moment, the world presents little signs that remind me that all is well. 
We can create all kinds of new things when we practice responding differently to circumstances of life and of living- they will appear like beauti~full flowers.
What are you creating in your life? How do you navigate both living and creating?
Creatively Yours,
SARK (aka Susan)
p.s. if you are creating new things and would like support and inspiration to do so, we’re offering a brand new virtual weekend reTREAT called SARK’s Pop Up Writing & Creating Retreat and you can see more about it here 


Grace Notes for You

Grace Notes for You

The abbreviated version: Life Happens & what you can do about it & our new book is almost DONE & you are delightfully invited to our free Love BEAMS community mentoring call on Thu/4 June 5:30pm PST


Love Beam Flower

Dear Miracle Finder,

This glorious flower face was one of my healing views as I recovered from dental surgery over the past few weeks. 

Life (and dental work) definitely happens, and it often feels messy and inconvenient! It certainly didn’t fit in with our book completion schedule. 

I’m glad to say that I’ve healed well and upgraded my health in general. And our wonderfull publisher and team at Planet SARK accommodated our book schedule changes- and the book is beautiFULL (you’ll see it this fall!)

I’m offering you 3 grace notes for any healing times you might be experiencing or when “Life Happening” might be feeling messy or inconvenient;

1. It’s really not personal (whatever it is)

This one is always challenging for me, since I tend to take most things personally. I remind myself that it isn’t personal, being done TO ME. It may be happening to me, and I can choose to see it as an assault- or some kind or a happening- and that I can give that happening a positive meaning just as well as a negative one. 

2. It will change or end (whatever it is) 

Of course you know this, and you might forget, so I’m reminding you;-) and me.

3. Whatever is happening can be shifted by you (whatever it is)

The shifting is in your mind. It really is an inside job. If you look at “what is happening” and react with fear or resistance, it will feel worse. When you can positively shift, even a little bit, how you experience what is happening, there is room for love and grace and miracles to pour in. 

Let the pouring begin! 

We’ll be sharing our wisdom and insights in Love BEAMING and mentoring with you in our free Love BEAMS call on Thu/4 June, and you are most delightfully invited. Bring your “Life is Happening” questions and we’ll provide answers and perspectives.


SARK (aka Susan) and Dr. John Waddell (aka John:-)


p.s. Join John and me in our free Love BEAMS call on Thu/4 June at a new earlier time of 5:30PST to 7pm. Go here to sign up (you’ll then receive the recording to listen to later too.)


Happy OTHER’s Day

Happy OTHER’s Day

Dear Wildly Liberated Everybody,

This is especially for everyone who isn’t a mother of physical children. For everyone who wanted to be, but didn’t or couldn’t. Or wanted to want to, but just didn’t.

For everyone who never wanted to be, but sometimes wishes there was a holiday for them too. For everyone OTHER than and in addition to, the wonderfull mothers.

For everyone who helps mothers mother, and everyone who is behind the scenes for all the mothers and the children, and those that love them. For all the godmothers, aunts and uncles and all the mothering with animals too.

So here’s to a new holiday I’m calling Other’s Day, and of course it fits for Mothers too, because they are not only mothers mothering.

And here’s to the never mothers who relish the idea of being an other
and the others of EVERY description who didn’t fit in, or didn’t play a role that everyone could see or understand.

Here’s to all of us unique, illuminated, astounding human BEANS, bouncing along and BEAMING our love, no matter what day it is, or what it’s called.

Happy Other’s Day makes me smile, so of course I wanted to share it with you.

SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)

p.s. We have SARK poem blankets on sale right now here for Other’s Day:-) Happy Othering!

Moms in Tutus

Moms in Tutus

Dearest Fun Appreciator,

I am celebrating ALL THE MOMS doing fun and funny things with themselves, their kids and partners, for Mothers Day and every day.

In honor of all the moms and those that love them, we are having a great SARK blanket sale here with Just for Mom, How To Really Love a Child, Loving is the Whole Point & well, we couldn’t resist – the whole collection.

I love turning my art & words into blankets, and these blankets are the best ever. Bright colors, machine washable, 100% cotton & the perfect napping weight.

Mom in Tutu

This is me and one of my favorite Moms wearing tutus in Las Vegas! I can’t say more about it, because of course it was Las Vegas;-)

Her name is Kathryn, and she’s the mom of my sister in law, Jennifer.
Jennifer actually made us these tutus and gave them to us for Christmas, in a giant box.

We had NO idea what could be in a such a giant box, and tore open the wrapping paper and screamed with absolute delight to find 2 multicolored tutus inside.

We immediately wore them out to dinner, and of course can’t say more about that either, because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas- except of course our tutus!

Marvelous Marjorie

My mom Marjorie (aka Marvelous Marge) was known as the “fun mom” in our neighborhood and church. In fact she let me wear pajamas to church! She was an early Succulent Wild Woman.

What fun mom memories do you have of your mom or a mom? I’d love to know.

And of course it’s all a mixture – a marvelous messy middle of every feeling.

Here’s to having Tutu Much Fun,
SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)


p.s. The blankets are here for you at a very special price for moms day & moms month! (why just have a day?) So you can’t be late if you’d like to get one!

The Construction of Magic

The Construction of Magic

The abbreviated version: our book is like a construction project, a root canal that didn’t hurt, and you are invited to our free Love BEAMS mentoring call on Thu/Mar 19th.


Dear Miracle Maker,

This is a photo of a construction project not far from where we live.
We’ve been watching it now for months. The machines move, the people move, the dirt moves and the big hole is still there.

As John and I complete the editing phase of our new book, Succulent Wild Love, it occurs to me that it’s like a construction project.

1. It’s messy

Our house is certainly messy. Neither of us is dusting and the vacuum cleaner has been sitting in the corner for weeks. We both manifested illnesses while creating our book. These have been very messy.

2. It’s over budget

When we started, we thought we’d finish sooner and not have as much to do. HA! It’s a big bouncing book that is requiring more time than originally planned to edit and rewrite. And then there is the planning of the marketing of the book so that people can find it and utilize the ideas in it.

3. It seems unlikely that it will ever be done or look like anything

There are over 90 pieces of original art in our book and 22 photographs.
There are 24 chapters. It’s all in pieces on screens and in my art studio.
How will it ever turn into a book that we can hand to you?
Yet it will.

And one day, the construction project near where we live will have a filled in hole and a building there. And our book will be on shelves in libraries and bookstores and homes.

Everything is under construction.

I had a root canal the other day, and that tooth has been a construction project.

We build and create and change plans, we tear down and begin again. And these construction projects are messy, often over budget and don’t always look or feel pretty in every phase.

Yet we keep on constructing. There is magic in all the construction projects. There is magic knowing that something will come together just as it has been apart.

During my root canal, I was listening to random music on my phone and it turned out to be Hawaiian healing chants- I felt so gratefull to hear these sounds in my ears as the dentist drilled away. I felt that I was being restored as the construction project continued on my tooth. And it helped that there was no pain.

After the procedure, I looked at my phone to see what that fabulous album of Hawaiian healing music had been, yet it wasn’t there! I looked through every song. There was no such album on my phone. That magic had appeared just for the construction project on my tooth.

We are all constructing magic everywhere. We are guided and led.
We are lost and found.

Join John and me on a free mentoring call on Thu/19th of March, 6-7:30 pm pacific time.
It’s called Love BEAMS- because it does you know.

We will beam you all our love and you can sign up here. (You’ll receive a recording after if you can’t be there with us.)

You can count on magic and serendipity, fresh perspectives, wisdom you can use, and good surprises.

SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)
Dr. John Waddell (aka fiancé of SARK)


Blanketed with Love

Blanketed with Love

Susan Holding Blanket SmallDear Envisioning Soul,

When I first started writing and publishing my books, I thought of the pages as free to go and be other things, and they became fabulous SARK posters. The joy and inspiration was multiplied through this transformation from page to posters, and literally millions have been inspired to Be An Artist and to Really Love A Child, among the other expressions of love.

Then those posters became incredible blankets, and I watched with joy as they flew around the world, wrapping people up with creative dreams and love. I got photos from friends and readers – from all over the world – sharing that love with me, and it was warm and comforting, just like the blankets themselves.

And those blankets and that love multiplied until the company that wove the blankets went out of business.

For years I slept & napped under one of those original blankets and dreamed of a way to share that blanket love again. Then last year, a wonder~full new company let us know that they bought the looms from the previous company and could create SARK blankets again!

My wonderfull fiancé, John, inspired me and helped me to bring these blankets back, and I’ve been painting and creating new posters and blankets, and watching the love multiply yet again.

Since so many of my holiday memories involve these fabulous blankets, it’s always this time of year that I begin to think of sharing these thread beams of love far and wide. I’m SO GLAD to share with you my newest creation – a new SARK blanket design!

You know I love writing, and believe that everyone is a writer of their life and soul. Being a Happy Writer of life and love is what I support people in doing, and I’ve created a special blanket all about that.

I’ve just received the new bundle of joy and am loving experiencing the creativity expansion when I nap under it!

I have a vision of people tucked into their blankets, reading, writing, napping, resting, creating, surrounded by love in all directions. I love seeing people doing just that and wanted to share a few of my favorite images with you.

Here are two of my friends and favorite writers of life and love; Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen and Dr. Lissa Rankin


Here is one of my favorite sparkle-faced friends, and joy appreciator, Annabella


I’ll be sharing inspirations with you more over the coming days – including a very special holiday opportunity for you to get this new blanket – or any one of the 11 colorfull designs – at a very special price, just in time to share the inspiration and love.

May we all feel supported and inspired by what we surround ourselves with, and give ourselves soul nourishment.

Love, SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)