EnJOY Your Creative Cycle

EnJOY Your Creative Cycle


We are MADE to live our creative dreams. It is part of our DNA.




Your commitment to creative dreams, transformational practices and processes, and self-love ILLUMINATES the planet.

I see you growing and changing. I KNOW you can expand even further.

I’m asking that you do.

Awaken Your Creative Dreams with JOY

Awaken Your Creative Dreams with JOY


Creative Dreams love our joy and play most of all.

If you find yourself feeling pressured or crabby, start over! In 5 minutes or much less, you can shift your energy and mood to attract goodness instead of creating stress. Do this by clapping, breathing, stretching, shouting, moving, singing or drawing.

Call a friend and ask for a friendly reception and to be reminded of your JOY. 

Shift and you will be shifted- it’s GUARANTEED.

I love to watch you glow…..

Where Miracles Occur

Dearest Miracle Maker,

Your great idea, creative dream and vision is being WOVEN into your life. It is not separate from you. Allow the wonders to be woven in, along with all the challenging, crunchy, less than wonderfull moments. This puts you into the “marvelous messy middle” of your life, where all the juicy stuff lives. It’s in this middle place that all the miracles occur- it’s where they hang out and live. Hang out there with them, and play around. See what develops, and let me know.

I’ve had many miracles woven into my life from the “marvelous messy middle” one of my favorites was the birth of my SARK posters!  These have been re-released and I love hearing the miracle stories that arise from them.  Share yours with me here.

Speak Your Creative Dreams Outloud!

All your dreams are already coming true!

We forget that the whole universe conspires to give us what we need for our dreams, even when we’re not directly “working on them.”

Everything good does not come through “hard work.” Think about all of the support and serendipity you’ve already received.

The angels and helpers that gather to assist, are so GLAD when we show them exactly and specifically what we need, with joyfull hearts and willing hands. That’s why it’s so important to speak our creative dreams out loud and have them witnessed by other kindred spirits.

Who have you told lately?

Make Your Writing REAL

Make it REAL. Make your writing look and read the way you’ve always envisioned it. That way, it’s “real” and can travel without you.

Making your writing real might involve cutting and pasting, or writing it HUGE, or on a bedsheet, or on leaves.

Or, it might mean turning it into a bound book, with a cover and dream endorsements that you write.

I challenge you to happily make your writing REAL!


I’d also love to invite you to make your writing REAL with our amazing WINS – Write It Now with SARK community

I just hosted a call highlighting some of the processes and transformative tools that I teach to help make your writing REAL.  If you didn’t get a chance to hear it live here’s a link to the recording:  WINS Call



Allow the Fun of Flowing your Writing

Your writing will respond beautifully to you letting it flow.

Flowing is non linear, it’s full of grace and wonder.

Fresh peaches and slants of sunlight are commonly seen during times of flow.

Flowing can occur in the bathtub and in the shower, and it’s no mistake that water FLOWS, as your writing will, when you allow it.

Flow loves surprises and new environments.

Take yourself and your writing somewhere brand new- and FUN!


Your Stories Heal!

You Cannot Know The Effect Your Story May Have! When you write your stories, they can travel without you and touch others hearts, minds and spirits. This is your opportunity to share your life through your stories and be part of what transforms the world.

I give you permission to know the value of your stories and let them out so we can read them!

Let your stories tumble out. You have treasure chests of stories inside that are of great value. Let them out so others may benefit from them. Hoard nothing. And do not wait for the perfectionist to approve, or you will wait a lifetime.

The time is truly now, and your stories are needed!



Everytime you write, something valuable will occur!

Everytime you write, something valuable will occur! This is what we don’t believe.  Our minds trick us. Our minds lead us into thinking that we can’t possibly have any thing of value to write about, because we look around and see waves of “things to do.”

We decide to occupy ourselves with these things to the exclusion of writing- because we’re waiting for a “better time.”

There is no better time than now, unless it’s later 😉

I dare you to write more and energize your writing self with that!



Write, Pray, Love and Take out the Garbage

I’m so happy Elizabeth Gilbert wrote Eat, Pray, Love. Besides being a marvelous book, it’s really fun to play with the title.
I also really enjoy Jack Kornfield’s book and title; “After the Ecstasy, the Laundry” for these same reasons.

Writing is meant to fit in with our actual lives, not be separate from it.

So many people think they need to go on a sabbatical to write. The sabbatical IS daily life. Writing happens in between the prayers, the laundry, the garbage and the lovemaking.

I teach a method called MicroMOVEments that I created over 20 years ago, that shows writers how to weave their writing into their daily lives.

Tiny movements equal huge results, and it’s how I created all of my 16 bestselling books and am currently writing 4 more simultaneously.

I also live a great life at the same time! And a great life means living in what i call the “marvelous messy middle,” feeling all of my feelings as much as possible. This results in more time for experiencing JOY.

And by the way, with microMOVEments there’s plenty of time to avoid, procrastinate, watch TV and resist writing too!

Don’t Write While Driving!

Don’t Write While Driving!

Actually, this is untrue.

You can write in your mind, anywhere your mind goes.

Some of my best writing occurs in the bathtub, while washing dishes and out walking.

I’m often stopping on a walk to make notes in my little notebook, and now also in my “smartphone” notes section.

Thinking about writing *IS* writing too!

In my WINS writing program, I also encourage the participants to write less, more often.  As a result, more writing gets written and more life gets lived. Writing while dreaming is particularly effective and all it requires is for you to lie down and sleep- or perhaps just sleep.

Writing while having a conversation can also happen, although it requires you to be an “ambidextrous listener.”

Writing while writing is another phenomenon, and it means that you’re thinking of other things to write as you’re writing something else.

Writing while eating is never recommended if it interrupts the pleasure of food;-)

So you can “write” while driving as long as you keep both hands on the wheel!

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