CS_6057_MagicCottage_5x3Dear Creatively Alive Soul,

When we think of interior design, we generally think of decorating. But what about the “furniture of your mind?” Often we keep the furniture the same inside our heads, and then feel like life isn’t new, exciting or creative.

Most people would like to feel creatively alive and awake more often, and most people benefit from creative support and community in order to do so.

There’s a fabulous community right now just waiting for you and your creative gifts. Especially if you’ve procrastinated or quit or decided that your dreams probably don’t matter.

They DO matter. And in the right conditions, your dreams and ideas can be made REAL, really quickly.
It’s right here & it’s all for you.

I’ll be teaching and mentoring, along with my beloved Dr. John Waddell, the whole weekend of September 18-20, a virtual writer & creator & happy life livers reTREAT. ​

The last one in June was such an accelerator for everyone that we’re offering it again!!

Superbly, Sublimely, Succulently,
SARK (and all my inside children)
p.s. the miracle is you and your miracle is here.




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