Books, Books, and More Books!

Books, Books, and More Books!

You might know that I read- a LOT.

It all started in one of my parents laps, and in first grade when my teacher dared me to read a book a day for a year and I did.

It continued in the library and the bookmobile (the first kind of mobile word magic) and in every kind of nook, corner and bed I could lie down in.

I kept it up on trains, planes and even sometimes in cars until I felt wobbly dizzy.

I read books while I lived inside the bookshelves at Shakespeare & Company bookstore in Paris, behind a purple velvet curtain.

Books are my best (not human) friends.

Then of course I write and publish books too. I’ve published 18, have created several that are in various stages, and have sketched out ideas for the next 50.

I’m doing more loving and living than book writing these days, and it feels good. If slow is the new fast, then I’m as fast as ever.

I’ve been slowly writing a new book in between naps- thank you to everyone who has asked! I’m envisioning a really new kind of way to share my new book, and you’ll be hearing more about that.

Do you love books? What are you reading? Let me know- I’m curious.
Also, do you like reading ebooks or actual? Or a mixture? Do you like listening to books?

Ah, it’s difficult to pick just 3!
I’ll say 3 for just right now.

Drinking From the River of Light
By Mark Nepo
“With that, he made me realize that as we only see a dolphin when it breaks surface,
because it spends most of its life out of view in the deep, so it is with the poet and the artist and the lover aching to be loved.”

Big Magic
By Elizabeth Gilbert
“The patron goddess of creative success can sometimes seem like a rich capricious old lady who lives in a giant mansion on a distant hill and who makes really weird decisions about who gets her fortune. She sometimes rewards charlatans and ignores the gifted. She cuts people out of her will loyalty served her for their entire lives, and then gives a Mercedes to that cute boy who cut her lawn once. She changes her mind about things. We try to divine her motives but they remain occult. She is never obliged to explain herself to us. In short, the goddess of creative success may show up for you, or she may not. Probably best, then, if you don’t count on her, or attach your definition of personal happiness to her whims.
Maybe better to reconsider your definition of success, period.”

By Maria Popova
“Each that we lose takes part of us;
A crescent still abides,
Which like the moon, some turbid night,
Is summoned by the tides.”
Emily Dickinson

And you? Do you have books or passages to share? Send and I will read and savor.



Breathing is like dreaming

Breathing is like dreaming

All of our breathing is a gift.  I try to remember this as often as I can.  So often I’m taking it for granted- it’s easy to do, and it’s good- I’m also receiving the gifts of my breathing.  Just for this moment, breathe in and out with your full awareness Then again.  I think that dreaming is like breathing- respiration is close to inspiration.
Here are some questions for your pondering 🌀Who or what inspires you?  🌀In what ways do you inspire yourself?  🌀What dreams keep floating in for your consideration?  🌀Whose dreams are you dreaming?  I’m endlessly inspired by all the creative dreams being made REAL in our world All of the babies born & growing, inventions invented, words written, art created, love made & remade, feelings felt & alchemized, miracles asked for & received, music played, dances danced, pain transformed, suffering eased, hope rekindled, joyfull solutions created & offered.  What’s your dream? And another?  Your unique gifts are your blessings to bestow, and you are the channel for the divine to flow through. No matter what, your dreams matter.  Let me hear your dreams– sharing them makes them more real and visible, and gifts us all~  Happy winter solstice in the Americas Love, 


P.S. I’m convening all delicious dreamers in a fabulous 2 day Revolution of Love + Joy online video ReTREAT Sat/18 & Sun/19 of January, and YOU are invited. Go HERE to learn more and sign up today!
Inspiration Sandwich- Eat this Book

Inspiration Sandwich- Eat this Book

Inspiration Sandwich is the second book I’ve written and created. I published it in 1992 and wrote “Eat this book” on the cover.

I created my books to be like ripe fruit- where you can take a bite from anywhere and receive nourishment. It also contains food for your soul.

This book is also my younger brother Andrew’s favorite SARK book. I asked him why, and he said,
“I don’t know why, it just IS.”
He can be quite plain spoken.

All my books are my favorites for one reason or another. Inspiration Sandwich
is full of stories to inspire our creative freedom.

You might know that most SARK books are handwritten & drawn, and this book is that. It was done at the time in signatures of black and white pages, mixed with full color, so many people took the opportunity to color in their black and white pages- and I love this!

“This book is meant to be nibbled and tasted in no particular order. If you can manage to be in pajamas while reading it, that would be wonderfull, and lying in bed with pajamas on is even better! But, if you happen to be in the clothed, vertical world, at least take your shoes off.”

It says on the back cover;
“Remember the sandbox? All you needed was bare toes in warm sand, and maybe a good bucket. Then you could build your own world. We all have wonderfull new worlds to build.”

What’s inspiring to you? What wonderfull new worlds are you building? How are you inviting yourself to be delighted? Let me know, I’ll love to read and celebrate.

Inspiration Sandwich invites you to choose a number between 1-46, and then that’s the chapter that you begin reading first.

Chapters include:

     1) Invite someone dangerous to tea
     2) Swing as high as you can on a swingset by moonlight
     3) Learn to watch snails
     4) How to take a miracle walk
     5) Make friends with freedom and uncertainty
     6) Drive away fear

Here’s an excerpt from chapter 46, Find Inspiring People:

“All of my friends inspire me too. I believe that inspiration can illuminate tiny parts of ourselves and help them to grow. When we speak I have a dream, or creative idea, and inspirational friend can help give it the juice to take shape. How can you tell if a friend is inspiring?

After spending time together, you will feel lighter, happier and bursting with some new kind of energy. It can be quiet energy, and it may not reveal itself until later, but you will begin to recognize the feel of inspiration.

Then you can expand upon it, search it out, spend time there.

Bask in the light of inspiration. Soak up the slanted rays of its energy.

Once we begin to spend time with inspiring people, we will become more inspiring ourselves. It will stick to us. I wish you absolute inspiration.
It’s rare
It’s free
And makes us full.”

I send you absolute inspiration and the courage and willingness to be that for yourself and others. Let me know who and what inspires you- it will expand all of our creative dreams.




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Like Lava Creating New Land

Like Lava Creating New Land


Thank you for drawing 🖍 my attention to something I wrote last month about how loss creates opportunities for new love to grow. Here’s an excerpt from what I wrote;

“The love I am able to experience with David is directly related to the both the love and the loss I experienced with John.
(For those that don’t know, John was my fiancé who died.)

That loss actually generated new kinds of love. I’m convinced it’s similar to how lava creates new land, and is no less tumultuous in its process of arrival.

I’d always heard “love never dies” and it baffled me, because how could it go on if the source of it had ended?

Now I believe and know that it’s because love doesn’t only arise from a source- love comes through a source. And in that way, there is truly no end.”

It’s remarkable to me that last year at this time, I hadn’t yet met my beloved David, or his son Ben or brother Andy. Here we are last week with Ben at his chiropractic graduate school, sharing love- “like lava creating new land.” These 3 men are healers, creating more love whenever they go. I’m honored to know and love them, and participate in our neverending love story.

Life is amazing like that. And so is faith.
We keep moving and growing despite all the evidence that has us believing that things are getting worse.

And of course, some things are terrible and getting worse. I remain convinced that our ability to alchemize and blend those terrible things into a new healing mixture, is our greatest opportunity as humans. So how do we actually do that?

How do we do that kind of blending and alchemizing, in the face of horrifying things?

Here’s a process I created for a book I’m writing called Living Wonderfull; The Surprising Gifts of Terrible Things.

It’s called Inner Alchemy. Use this process to blend and alchemize any terrible thing. This includes doing the important work of allowing certain things to remain terrible.

The Inner Alchemy Process by SARK

1. Locating and naming a terrible event or experience
Acknowledging what happened gives it a place to be, and to be worked with.

2. Identifying how you feel and acknowledging those feelings
Identifying your feelings allows inner alchemy to begin. Say the feelings out loud and say to them by name, “I see you, I hear you, I acknowledge you.” This gives your feelings the love and attention they are seeking and will allow them to soften and change shape. When they’ve changed shape, they will move more easily.

3. Reducing the terrible
It is important to stop here if you cannot find any way right now to reduce the terrible.
It may be too soon to move from terrible. There is great value in really being with the terrible and allowing it and your feelings to just be.
If and when you are ready, move slowly towards reducing. Using gratitude and appreciation, look for something good- and it might be very tiny. Being gratefull and appreciative for any tiny thing gives space for other gratitudes and appreciations to grow.

4. Adding the wonderfull
Appreciating anything that’s good multiplies the good.
And if wonderfull is too far of a stretch, see if you can move from okay to better to good and then perhaps to wonderfull- or perhaps not. Allow your feelings to guide you and don’t “rush to feel better.” Feeling terrible is essential to be able to welcome any wonderfull feelings. Let love surround you as you feel terrible.

5. Integrating and blending
Noticing the old and new parts of you adjusting and taking in the new information, creates more spaciousness and room for transforming.
Highlight for yourself any transformation that’s already occurring. Describe yourself in new ways- how have you changed, grown or awakened? How and what do you want to be able to transform?

6. Who are you becoming as a result of this experience?
Blending the terrible and wonderfull into a brand new healing mixture you can use in your life gives you freedom to feel differently and take new actions as a result. The new actions you take will be supported by the love you’ve created.

Thank you for blending and alchemizing and being human, and for taking new actions.                                     




p.s. If you are outraged by the recent events in Alabama, consider taking action to support the ACLU or one of these organizations:

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Happy Mother’s & Others Day

Happy Mother’s & Others Day

My mom was called Marvelous Marjorie. I named her that, and she initially resisted, thinking it might be thought of as bragging. Over time, she came to accept it and even introduced herself that way.
I profiled her in my book Succulent Wild Woman– which she read three times. We didn’t ever discuss what she thought about that book, but she informed me that SHE was the original Succulent Wild Woman, and she was certainly known as that among her friends.
She physically left in 2003, and her lifeprint glimmers on…… they leave us and yet they never do.

And, welcome to my holiday I’m calling Others Day, in addition to Mother’s Day.

This part is especially for everyone who isn’t a mother of physical children. For everyone who wanted to be, but didn’t or couldn’t. Or wanted to want to, but just didn’t.

For everyone who never wanted to be, but sometimes wishes there was a holiday for them too. For everyone OTHER than and in addition to, all the wonder~full mothers.

For everyone who helps mothers mother, and everyone who is behind the scenes for all the mothers and the children, and those that love them. For all the godmothers, aunts and uncles and all the mothering with animals too. And to all the others who don’t have names, or standard names. Here I am loving the amazing Alice, daughter of Annie & Kyle.

So here’s to a new holiday I’m calling Others Day, and of course it fits for Mothers too, because they are not only mothers mothering.

And here’s to the never mothers who relish the idea of being an other and the others of EVERY description who didn’t fit in, or didn’t play a role that everyone could see or understand.

Here’s to all of us unique, illuminated, astounding human BEANS, bouncing along and BEAMING our love, no matter what day it is, or what it’s called.

The holiday of “Happy Others Day” makes me smile, so of course I wanted to share it, and my love with you~




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The Magic of Connection

The Magic of Connection

Every day for more than 25 years, I’ve had the privilege of listening to the collective consciousness in the form of audio messages left on my Inspiration Phone Line. 415 546 3742. It’s available 24 hours a day and it’s one of my gifts to the world.

I originally created the line to connect and communicate with readers of my books, and it expanded to be anyone touched by the art, words and spirit of SARK.

The name SARK was given to me in 1982 by one of my “paper mentors,” the author Henry Miller. It’s an acronym for my name Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy. It’s also the form in which I receive and share my creative gifts with the world.

Every day on the Inspiration Line I hear from people from all over the world, calling to share their feelings, dreams, thoughts, tears, wishes, songs, prayers or just calling to ask me to witness some part of their lives or experience.

I invite people to listen to my outgoing message and hang up, or leave me a message at the end. Many people use the line as a bedtime ritual or morning way to uplift themselves.

I record my outgoing message when my Inner Wise Self advises me to do so, and I don’t plan what I’m going to say- so it’s always a surprise;-)

It’s so magical to connect with other souls in this way. Their “voiceprints” move me so deeply. Occasionally I call people back- there is no criteria for this- I just call when spirit moves me to.

Recently a young woman called to ask me to celebrate something with her- that she doesn’t have much family and she knew I’d be glad to hear about it.

She called to say that she’d been reading SARK for years and that had inspired her to create a life different than the one she had been living. She said, “I was working in a call center in a town in the desert and it just wasn’t my life. So I changed it! I contacted Disneyland and got hired! I’m moving back to the beach and to work at Disneyland, and I wanted to celebrate with someone, so I thought of you.”

I called her back and had the privilege of connecting deeply voice to voice.

After hearing that she’s also a novelist who was yearning to be in creative community, I invited her to be part of my Succulent Wild World membership so she can receive ongoing celebration and support.

I love the magic that happens when we can connect with each other. Here are some other morsels of GOODness about the Inspiration Line:

“Your books are like my soul inside turned out. I just discovered a Creative Companion. You and your book have reawakened my soul. I haven’t done anything creative for years because I always think it’s not the right time. Now is the right time & I am going to paint a painting I’ve already titled as JOY.”

A woman from South Carolina

“I’m so glad you read that poem by Mary Oliver about the peonies. You have no idea what this means to me, so I’ll tell you. My mother had just died, and before she did, told me that she would come to me in the form of peonies- that way I would know it was her.”

This was after I had been “supposed to” change the inspiration line message for weeks and hadn’t- which confirms that my Inner Wise Self always knows the “best” timing!

SARK & the Dalai Lama– a man called to say that he had met me 20 years ago & my smile had changed him, and that his two heroes are SARK & the Dalai Lama.

The art teacher & his whole class calling- a male teacher called to say they’d found my book a Creative Companion in a garbage bag in SF, had never heard of SARK. “We are all calling to say, shout and sing THANK YOU.”

Thank you for connecting with people and inspiring them- we are all inspiring you know, and we all have so much magic to share.




p.s. I also share magic over at Instagram, and invite you to join me there too ~

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Valentine’s Day/Life, Getting Sick/Well Loving is the Whole Point (Again)

Valentine’s Day/Life, Getting Sick/Well Loving is the Whole Point (Again)

We are all a big beautifull Valentine to ourselves, and it’s helpfull to remember that self-love is the opposite of selfish.

I like to write about self-love around Valentine’s Day and remind and inspire us all to DRENCH ourselves consistently in love- especially if we don’t know how, or if we feel depleted.

We can learn and practice new ways of showing ourselves love.
It’s tempting to think you have to be part of a couple to fully participate in Valentine’s Day, or have a Valentine Life.You DON’T!

Loving ourselves fully means loving even when we don’t know how or even want to. Self-love is an art to be explored and practiced in every kind of condition.

Above is a joyfull photo of David & me happily on our way to the Caribbean. There were also less glamorous chances to practice loving myself later when I got sick after our vacation.

Our lives are full of every kind of condition and chance to practice. Each year of my early adult life- and I was often single- my mom would send me a Valentine’s Day card with a really crisp $20 bill tucked inside. She told me that she had specially requested that crisp bill at the bank, and I appreciated her thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

In that tiny, but significant way, she was teaching me a new way to love myself too- by paying attention to details and giving myself little gifts that mattered to me.

She also taught me to buy myself gorgeous flowers, rather than wait for someone else to do that. I began and continued living life as my own Valentine, and I highly recommend it!

Now that I’m in a romantic partnership again, I can feel the machinery of the expectation of the other trying to get started….. oh he “should” do this or that, or I should. Being part of a couple does not diminish my commitment to loving myself.

If we are each fully our own Valentine, there are literally no expectations, unless we put them onto ourselves, or allow others to do so.

I’m sending you expanded love abilities RIGHT NOW, no matter what you have or haven’t done, or who is in your life in addition to you- I’m sending you a WHOOSH of sparkling, extraordinary, and ordinary love.

Leave me a little love note. I’d love to read it! Let me know something you are loving about yourself right now, or want to be loving. I want to love myself even when I get sick- especially then- and not turn on myself, or my body, for having symptoms.

David & I have recently returned from a week’s vacation on an island in the Caribbean. It was our spiritual honeymoon #5, and it took place with his darling parents, at their second home there. We feasted and fested and enjoyed ourselves, each other and the gorgeous views of the ocean. We were also supported by one of my favorite things ever- they have a rule that anyone reading be left undisturbed by anyone talking in that general area!

e also played a 4 day marathon version of my all time favorite board game Transformation, which inspired us all, and brought us even closer together to each other.

The Transformation Game is a joyfull way to understand how to play the game of your life, and this is my enraptured recommendation of it- just because I love it so. Joy Drake & Kathy Tyler are the amazing creators and can be found here. You can say that SARK sent you if you want- just for fun.

When we returned home to San Francisco, I got horribly sick with a cold & cough and felt absolutely miserable in every way. Of course my resistance to being sick has caused the most suffering. I love this quote,

“The reason we haven’t found a cure for the common cold is that the common cold IS the cure.” 

Or my new favorite that I invented: 

My cough has turned productive, which pleases the high achiever part of me.”

Meanwhile, I couldn’t breathe without coughing- and all of my potions, remedies, homeopathy, acupuncture, reiki, energy medicine, tinctures, essential oils, tapping and REST, did not result in the symptoms going away as quickly as I wanted them to. I’m feeling much better now.

And since we are newly living together, I was faced with being at my absolute worst, in front of David for the first time. I also had to cancel a major work week and chose to surrender fully to his care, since he offered, and had the time and energy to do it.

This is/was not easy for me to do.
I have been much more comfortable being in charge and doing most things myself. Becoming interdependent with another is a challenge for an independent type, and allowing more love IN requires practice receiving.

You may know that I teach about receiving too, and this is something we will be focusing on in more depth in my online membership called the Succulent Wild World. It doesn’t mean that I’m great at it, or great at it all the time! It means that we can practice a lot more- together.

I have discovered during this illness, that David’s care is a great blend of neither hovering or ignoring me, and I have gratefully received his foot massages, baths being run, beautiFULL love messages put on my wall, neck massages, meal cooking, dishwashing, vegetable juicing, book reading out loud, movie watching, library book returning & picking up, and just generally being such a dear darling soul.

Daffodils and lilies have appeared, cards were written and I am (mostly) reveling in it all. Mostly is because I’d rather have no symptoms at all, and just feel good.

I’m also aware that over the long term, we’ll both be caring for each other- perhaps less comprehensively or at least differently, than this first time.

As we further become life partners, we will see each other in sickness and in health and in all of the marvelous messy middle places in between.

And OF COURSE there are areas of disarray, places where one excels and the other doesn’t. There are forgettings, leavings, refusals or misunderstandings that arise out of proportion- one or both get “triggered” and who forgot what again, and how to allow our differences to shine past the fog of idealizing. It’s all about micro truth telling, joyfull solution creating, and letting our Inner Wise Selves and God lead the way.

We are experiencing life day to day as perfect playmates on an eternal play date- the REAL version- with all of the feelings active in our emotional families, and by allowing ourselves to break down, fall apart, confess fears, and share our big tender hearts as fully as we can with each other, and with everyone.

For we are each committed to dating and loving the world- as part of our partnership and lovership- to living in a state of Loving As the Whole Point, and to being our own Valentine’s Day/Life people.

We invite you to join us- leave a little note so we know you’re on board.



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p.s. I play around on Instagram now too- you can find me there SARKifying life! You can join me here.

Why Limit Happy To An Hour?

Why Limit Happy To An Hour?

One of the greatest blessings of loving and being loved by David, is that I am privileged to love and be loved by his family as well.

This is a napkin that his mom used for her birthday party, and of course, the message on it delights me- and I thought it would delight you too.

I love finding more ways to expand happiness, and you probably know that I practice doing that everywhere- even at the dentist, in traffic jams, or in line at the post office. It’s all part of my “marvelous messy middle” way of being.

David and I are on our way to spend a week with his parents at their home in the Caribbean, for our 5th spiritual honeymoon, and our 8 month anniversary together.

We are loving living life together in San Francisco, and are creating all sorts of fresh systems and lovely traditions together, as well as shape shifting our home at the speed of love.

I was going to title this “Love defrosts the freezer and lets in the light”, because we defrosted the freezer (I know, it’s an older freezer;-) and David uncovered a light in the back of the built in refrigerator I hadn’t known was there for 23 years! I now hear angels singing when I open the door.

We are laughing with chaos, we are cooking healthy delicious food, and we are creating all kinds of wonderfull new things to share with the world.

Here’s what our living room looked like last weekend after I taught one of my online video reTREATS- I love offering these powerfully magical gatherings and am already planning the next one for the spring.


And here we are with our dear friend Jennifer joyfully visiting us. Laughter and play are part of how we expand happiness, how do you? LET ME KNOW!



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