Oh This is SO TRUE

Oh This is SO TRUE

We are all so deeply loved. I wrote this on my wall one day when I wasn’t feeling that way.

It doesn’t feel that way sometimes.
Some people rarely or ever feel loved.

And love is flowing all the while.

I’m reMINDing you that you are so deeply loved. Especially if you forgot or have “evidence” that you’re not.

I’m reMINDing us all that love doesn’t come from any person– it flows through them, is reflected by them, and is felt by you.

Feeling ALL your feelings deeply is the fastest path to feeling so deeply loved. Even 5 seconds of feeling what you might fear feeling will allow it to soften and change shape.

Let me know if you are feeling deeply loved, and if I can provide any kind of buoyancy for you~


I wrote this on my wall to expand open what I’d written before. Isn’t it great that life keeps expanding, and love keeps flowing forward?

You are so deeply loved, and you are SOUL deeply loved. It’s true. 



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Back to the Beach

Back to the Beach

After my ankle break in the summer, and gladly healing in all-ways, I’m back to the beach, still healing and now walking & dancing and getting merry like magic. 

Thank you for all your healing wishes and presence! 

Here are my beloved David & I, feeling so glad and gratefull at the beach

I’m also gratefull for the seconds, moments, days, weeks and months of healing, and learning to accept the seemingly unacceptable. I wasn’t always glad- I’m still practicing. 

It’s all so much to be human, in a human body, moving and learning, failing & flailing

I was asked to speak to a college class about how to navigate after graduation and I said I only had two words for them. And of course what I said applies to all of us!

My two words for that class were: 


I feel we put too much pressure on ourselves to do better and more, heal faster, GET WELL!!! 

Of course we want to feel good, do good and have good- and I believe we must spend time in the necessary healing stations to be able to truly appreciate those times and be compassionate with others. And that involves FLAILING. 

Here’s to us all in our healing stations and flailings, sharing love and wisdom along our way.  



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The Views We See

The Views We See

A kind neighbor magically invited David & I over to his deck to admire the view. 

Here I am after admiring that magnificent view and darling David taking the photograph. 

It caused me to think about all the views that we see, and of course the kinds of views that we see range all over the place, and include the micro views in our homes too. 

What view are you seeing right now, or recently? I’ll love to share in your view. 

If you feel like it, add a few descriptive sentences about it. 

Here are our GLADiolas standing so beautifully in the sun, which make me think of this quote by Diane Ackerman: 

“The great affair, the love affair with life, is to live as variously as possible, to groom one’s curiosity like a high-spirited thoroughbred, climb aboard, and gallop over the thick, sunstruck hills every day.”  
– Diane Ackerman

And this wisdom by Pema Chodron: 

“You build inner strength through embracing the totality of your experience, both the delightful parts and the difficult parts.” – Pema Chodron

Audrey Hepburn wanted to chime in with this: 

“Anyone who does not believe in miracles is not a realist.”– Audrey Hepburn

Ah, yes. 




I Send You Love

I Send You Love

I Send You Love

I Send You… Daily prayers and the constancy of love

Love is always with us

I Send You… Harder laughter and more tears

Let’s cry more

I Send You… Rich butter cookies with no calories

Shortbread is good

I Send You.. A sudden unplanned nap

Luxury Nap

I Send You…A dream in which you fully realize that none of us are alone, and that we are all seen, heard and loved just for being

I Send You LOVE




P.S. I want to appreciate and celebrate the hundreds of succulent souls who joined my membership + program Succulent Wild World, and all the people who so beautifully supported us in sharing about it! If you missed it, we’ll be open again next year. You can join the priority waitlist here.

Why I Do It

Why I Do It

Here’s why I do it. 

Not that 🙂 well, I do that too….🤣

What’s that??!

I’m endlessly drawn to people inspiring and transforming themselves

We are all just inches or moments from doing something new that shifts everything

You might know that I procrastinated writing my second book for 25 years- I had written my first book at age 10, and then fallen into traps of self destruction, avoidance and FEARS. 

Then an editor said to me, “When are you going to write your book?” 

And something just CLICKED

I practically pushed her down to get her out of my garden so I could start that book. And I wrote that book in 2 weeks, and burst forward with dozens of books and hundreds of products, and Planet SARK was born, and keeps revolving happily to this day

This is why I do it- offering a program and membership like Succulent Wild World– which is open right now, and closing on Thu/24 at midnight Pacific. And it’s a magical place out of time that just happens to be online. 

Of course it’s loaded with all kinds of worthwhile features and benefits & FUN, and those are all great- but I do it for the CLICK that happens when people are surrounded with like hearted souls who can support, celebrate and SING them right into their click

And BINGO, people start brand NEW things and ways of being they’ve always dreamed of– just like that. 

Inspiration comes in so many forms. You and your inspiration can be activated, reactivated, tickled and encouraged endlessly by the right conditions

That’s why I created a Succulent Wild World- so that people can be together, in those right conditions, supporting each other in creating and living more of their actual dream lives

That’s why I do it, and will keep doing it, as long as people keep streaming in for the goodness, the succulence and the creativity IN ACTION. 

If you want to be more inspired, allow me to mentor and support you, and enjoy what you discover. If you want to be INspired and surrounded with great people and more magic and miracles, you’ve found your spot. 

If you want practical wisdom to apply to real life circumstances, it’s in Succulent Wild World, and you can join right here. It’s open til Thu/24 at midnight, and then thoughtfully closes again. 

Here’s an inspiring quote for you that reminds me of how spirits can connect with each other, across time and distance and travel endlessly forward. 

“I came across one of your books (Inspiration Sandwich) about 22-23 years ago when I was about 17-18 ish? Books like yours were something I have never read before, and I remember feeling like I was reading something that made me feel truly alive and excited about life. It opened up ideas in my mind/heart and made me look at my life through a completely different lens. I was young and learning about the world, and it’s hard for me to find the right words, but your books resonated with me at a deep level, and I feel like they shaped who I wanted to become. Everything you wrote, the stories you shared, the multicolor print, your drawings made me want to live life to the absolute fullest. Today, I’m 41 and and all I can think of is how I’m going to order your books for my 15 year old daughter right now, so she can have her very own copies of the first books that made me feel like anything is possible.” 

– Jenny Canino Meier

Thank you Jenny! And here’s to us all moving endlessly forward, inspiring ourselves and others with what what we dream, and what we can create to offer to this world. 




I Send You Magic

I Send You Magic

 I Send You…Turquoise water and pure white sand

I Send You…The discovery of a key on the floor of the ocean

This Key is encrusted with tiny bits of shells

This is the key to your hidden self. The one you feel cannot be seen. You are safe.

Let your hidden self float free….

I Send You…MAGIC

Your playFULL presence is requested! I’m inviting you to be my glorious guest this Thu/17th October at 5:30pm Pacific.
It’s all about you living more of your REAL dream life and we’re going to Play the Magic Way with me- SARK!

If you attend this luscious class LIVE, you’ll be eligible for a fantastically FREE 6 month membership to my online program and membership- Succulent Wild World! (must be playfully present to win, a $150 value)

Reserve your polka dot spot HERE And you’ll receive the rePLAY if you can’t be there live.




Marvelous Messy Middle

Marvelous Messy Middle

I live and teach in what I describe as the Marvelous Messy Middleit’s where I welcome ALL the feelings in my emotional family, appreciate all the marvelous, hang out pretty happily in the middle, and allow and accept the messy- sometimes very messy

David & I just returned from a week in Mendocino on a private creative visioning retreat

Being there is like living inside of a painting, and sets the stage for all sorts of creative outbursts and inflows

In the middle of our week, seemingly out of nowhere, I began experiencing significant pain in one of my teeth. 

This did not feel at all welcome- especially in the middle of our glorious time. Very messy indeed. 

Yet here was my darling tooth, calling out for help. Pain is a great motivator, and love is an even better one

I found a loving oral surgeon, and with the help of some medication and homeopathics, was able to delay having a necessary procedure until our return home several days later. I felt so relieved and gratefull that we could stay to complete our visioning time

Do you relate to what I describe as the Marvelous Messy Middle? And what’s your version? 

We returned home and I was scheduled to have dental surgery the next day. 

All my different feelings then showed up- fear, dread, despair, rage, resistance and just general upset. 

I finally realized that my inner children all wanted to express their feelings, so I encouraged them to stomp around the house shouting things like, “It’s not fair!” “I’m not going and you can’t make me!” 

Thankfully I know how to welcome and love these aspects of myself, as well as others, and know that their expression makes way for me to be able to bring my marvelous messy middle adult self more whole heartedly to experiences like dental surgery, IRS audits, DMV’s, and all the other life stuff that is not characteristically thought of as marvelous. 

I appreciate being able to blend and alchemize the terrible and wonderfull things into a brand new healing mixture. 

And I’m so glad to be able to teach and share what I know about living and playing in these ways. 

And the surgery? In addition to his doing an excellent job, I was laughing during it, as was he, because the Pandora station I chose was playing 70’s music that correlated perfectly to what was happening- like “Dust in the Wind- all we are is dust in the wind…..” 

I’m gratefull to be pain free and experiencing better dental health than I was before- and there is always more to learn

Let me know how you’re living and playing, I’ll love to hear. 




P.S. My Succulent Wild World membership and program is reopening in October and you’re invited! Go here to be on my priority list and receive more information~

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Living Your REAL Dream Life

Living Your REAL Dream Life

After my fiancé John died 3 years ago, a lovely soul wrote to me with her condolences and said, 

“I hope your house is filled with flowers and that you are dancing every day.” 

Her note made me swoon with longing. 

At that time, the house was filled with flowers, but I wasn’t yet dancing. I couldn’t imagine then how I ever would again. 

Now there are both flowers and dancing and so much more.

My beloved David took this portrait of the flowers on our table with a peek of the Transformation Game board, which we play avidly and frequently. It’s a game about the way you play your life. 

I believe that our lives are delivered along with dreams, and that we are filled with them as we live. Many people aren’t living their dreams because they don’t know “how.” 

We can become overstuffed with things and practicalities and the survival stuff of life. 

People wait for more time to appear, or someone to show them how. Neither of these works well, because neither of those conditions matter to the dream.

And, the soul of the dream isn’t being seen or known. 

Meanwhile, a deep undercurrent of desire for our dreams being made REAL runs. I appreciate this quote by the author Julia Cameron: 

“Dreams don’t go away. If we do not tend to them, they go to our grave with us. They do not go away. At 80, if you wanted to write a novel at 20, you will still be carrying that unborn novel with you. People intuitively know this. “

-Julia Cameron

It can feel scary to live more of our real dream lives- it can feel like there are so many obstacles and oppositions. 

In 1998, long before Facebook(!) I created something called the Marvelous Message Board. 4,000 souls embarked on a journey of conscious community together, with people creating their dreams, and helping others to create theirs. 

It was a resounding success of dreams being made real and I didn’t have the business infrastructure to continue maintaining it, and I made mistakes in how it was being managed. I didn’t know then how important boundaries were- especially on the internet. I learned tough lessons and received a strong education. I so wished that the Marvelous Message Board membership could have continued working and growing. I’m so glad for all the souls who experienced it and received so much goodness

Over the next decade, I went on to write more books, develop my main core teachings and I still dreamed about creating a new kind of membership community that would really work for people- and after that last experience, I felt so scared that it wouldn’t work. 

Still, the dream persisted. 

In November of 2017, I was called to create that dream again- a loving and creative community who could learn and create and grow together. I named it Succulent Wild World: Live Your REAL Dream Life with SARK

Now it’s really working! 

A whole community of vibrant souls who love and support each other in living their REAL dream lives. We live in what can be described as the Marvelous Messy Middle, with all of the feelings in our emotional families, and practice with the substantial tools and processes that I’ve developed in over 30 years of doing business and life living. 

It’s all carefully guided and curated, and the results are substantial. People are writing and publishing their books, finding their purposes, creating new ways of living, experiencing more love and creativity, and connecting with other members- beyond online

I teach video classes and mentor people in their real lives, so they can live their real dreams


I’m reopening this Succulent Wild World membership and program in October and you’ll receive an 💌 invitation. 

When we speak or write of our dreams, they become more visible. What’s one of your dreams that is, or wants to become more visible? Let me know here.  Or let me know what you wish you were doing or dreaming- I’ll encourage you. Reply and I’ll read your response, and your dream will revel in being seen.




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GrateFULL for Every Step

GrateFULL for Every Step

Here I am happily standing in my new rainbow shoes- a wonderfull surprise gift from friends Val & Eric.

After breaking my ankle over 2 months ago, I’m so glad to be standing so strongly now, having had my last doctor visit this week, where he told me I was “good to go.”

Now I’m considering very carefully where I’m going.

If you read my Magic Blog last week, you’ll know that I wrote about healing happening in spirals and layers, rather than like steps on a ladder.

I think it’s both- steps and spirals and layers- and sometimes crawling

I’m always wanting to measure forward progress, and I’m learning to both stop measuring, and to measure differently.

The author Thomas Moore said, 

“The soul needs regression as much as it needs progress”

These words have captivated me for years as I’ve lived my forward slanting life. 

I’ve wanted to DO IT ALL and often became discouraged by what looked like setbacks, delays and what seemed like lack of movement. And all of the abundant successes have their timelines and requirements too- I’m practicing choosing differently now as I blend my doings with my BEing.

I’m focusing even more on what I want to do, why I want to do it, and who will most benefit from the doing. As I prepare to reopen my Succulent Wild World membership next month, I’m carefully considering how I and it, can be of most luscious service.

I’m even more gratefull now for every step, and every kind of step. I’m still healing my tendons and ligaments from the injury, and it’s much slower than I had originally planned. My new plan is to follow what my body needs, rather than my leaping gulping “mind over matter.”

I understand now more than ever that it’s as important to whisper as it is to shout, that singing is good for all occasions, and dancing is a great mode of transportation. I’ve also learned (again) that how I start my day affects how I live my day.

I’m practicing going slower to get where I want to go faster.

Can you relate? Let me know. Or just include a word of encouragement if you wish- I’ll soak it right up.

It’s so tempting to reach for the phone in the morning, and I’ve learned that it’s more nourishing for me to reach into my heart and begin the day in my breath and the light of a candle. (Of course sometimes I feel rushed or forget, and just get the phone;-)

When there is a bit of spacious time, here are 3 of my favorite morning activities, and I invite you to join me if you wish, or let me know how you like to begin your day in a nourishing way:

1. Self hugging: This is where you wrap yourself up in a great big hug- really feel the contours of your body and squeeze deeply. Then kiss your arms and shoulders and say endearing things about yourself- to yourself. This will raise all your endorphins, and you’ll get out of bed feeling like 10 good friends have just hugged you.

2. Love lifting: This is how I give to myself so I can give more to the world. I activate more love to share by saying or writing things I appreciate about myself or others, using the alphabet as a guide- A is for the delicious apple I cut into segments and enjoyed in afternoon light, B is for Brigette who left me the most soul satisfying voicemail… I sometimes do a few letters, or occasionally the whole alphabet. This practice is so fun and energizing and produces more love.

3. Intention asking: This is where I ask for the day to provide what will most nourish myself and others. It can be a simple statement or in the form of a prayer- “Dear day, I ask you to ease the way for everyone’s healing, and for more love to flow into every corner and place. Illuminate hearts to open and creativity to flourish. Deliver nourishments, sweet surprises and indelible faith. When conditions and circumstances are challenging and despair arrives first, surround everyone with grace. Thank you.” This practice creates a place for love to live, and expands the chances for it to express and be expressed.

It’s also so much fun to create something new- here are some love notes I left for David. 😉

Here’s to all of the love that is constantly circulating, and here’s to us being able to feel it, and use it to create even more.




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Healing In Spirals And Layers

Healing In Spirals And Layers

After I broke my ankle 2 months ago, I began trying to recover full mobility just like a steps on a ladder. My doctor had given me a timeframe and an order of things, and I set up a schedule to follow it. 

My ankle and foot hurt every day, and I thought that was just a necessary part of the process. I kept marching along to “get better faster.” 

I did my exercises 4 times daily for a prescribed amount of time, started adding time and weight in increments, and elevated my foot, and treated my ankle like a problem to be solved. And I was sure I could solve it

My body thought differently. 

I started having more pain and feeling a lot of discouragement about “how long it was taking.” I began to despair about getting “back to normal” and did even more researching about “faster healing from a broken ankle.” I wanted to just skip anything uncomfortable and get to the end result. 

I have an inner drill sergeant- it could also be described as one who pushes. This part is not bad, it’s just not as usefull in the spiral nature of healing. I’d learned a lot about emotional healing over the years, and didn’t have nearly as much experience with physical healing

I knew that when I tried to push myself emotionally, my emotions pushed back, and that way just slowed whatever healing was trying to happen. I’ve learned to dance with these variables throughout my life. 

For years, I’ve been writing about how true healing happens in spirals and layers, rather than like steps on a ladder. We always teach best what we most need to learn. 🙂 

I realize now more than ever, that I’ve consistently used my mind to try to overrule my body– and this healing experience with my ankle was the most noticeable time that it wasn’t “working.” 

In the past, I would pretend to listen to my body, to get what I wanted, but I wasn’t actually listening- I was telling- or even yelling. If there was an image of this- it was me yelling at my ankle- or other body part- “Hurry up! What’s taking you so long?” 

Enter my enlightened physical therapist, who I’d wisely hired, and she educated me about the power of healing from the inside out- instead of the outside in- and helped me to equip myself with new abilities to heal differently. 

She also said, “Let me armor you with some science. You have tendons and ligaments that have been injured. When you use a tendon or ligament and it has had enough, it simply closes a door and sends a signal to your brain to not use that part. You have been trying to pry open the doors.”

This changed everything. 

Here I am, contemplating life and healing in the garden. Let me know if you relate to pushing yourself, or what you know or have experienced about the spiral nature of healing– I’ll love to read and ponder. 

After expressing my frustration at the amount of time this was all taking, I said to my physical therapist, “How much aching is normal?” 

And she smiled gently and said, “How about no aching?” 

“Great!” I replied. 

And then I said, “I don’t believe that it’s possible to heal without aching.” 

I didn’t realize until then that I had such a deep belief in “no pain, no gain.” I’d done weight training before, and I knew about tearing muscle fibers in order to build new muscle. Why wasn’t this the same?

And of course it’s not the same to heal as it is to build muscle. 

She explained about deeply healing by actually listening to my body and really following that, instead of a clock or a schedule. This felt quite surprising and alarming to me. Having pushed myself and my body for so long, it felt like this “no aching body listening” method certainly couldn’t work as well- could it? 

Oh, it might feel better, but wouldn’t I just stay at some kind of plateau, being coddled into oblivion? I asked her every question that had been building up in my mind. 

We also talked about all the things I felt like I was missing out on until I was “all better.” David and I had gone on a fun spontaneous picnic a few days before, and a cascade of other fun activities to do flooded into my mind as I sat on our blanket in the sun. 

During this epic talk, she said many other inspiring things, including encouraging me to have more enriching experiences along the way instead of waiting, did her incredible lymphatic massage to reduce swelling, and used a cold laser to bring oxygen to the area, and sent me home. 

On our way home, we stopped at a magical lookout, and then went to the beach, and I sat on a bench in the sun, while David took a run on the sand. 

I realized then that the whole world is available to me during this whole healing process– just more in micromovements right now- which is also what I teach. 

There have been more picnics, mini expeditions in nature, and adventures around the house and in our neighborhood. 

I woke up the next morning and couldn’t tell which ankle had been injured- there was no swelling or aching at all! Then I started being able to drive the car pain free, and am experimenting with my walking practice with no clock or schedule. I’m learning to really listen to my body now and responding to it with love. There is more dancing. 

I’ve experienced little to no aching since that session a week ago and am healing faster than before- except now I’m not measuring and counting for speed- I’m measuring how my body feels- actually how my whole “vehicle” feels- mind, body and spirit. And it’s feeling peacefull and glad

Of course, this is all a big fat metaphor for healing of all kinds, and it’s changing how I work and think too. Working without the pusher part of me being so active is going to be interesting- I’ve long been challenged by the right ratios- for me- of structure and flow, and felt reliant on pushing to “get things done.” I’m looking closely at what I was actually getting done, and for what reasons. It’s all quite fascinating and I’m sure I’ll be writing more about it.




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