John and SusanDearest Illuminated Be-ings,

Thank you all SO MUCH for your responses, insights, intuitions, wise words and overall outpouring of LOVE, for me and for my beloved John. 

Thank you forever for your very generous contributions to our Loveboat, which is helping everything stay afloat. We are so honored by all the creative gifts being offered, and so incredibly blessed by everyone helping.

If you haven’t seen what happened, go here

I read and reread your words, letting them fill all the spaces that  fears and worries were trying to occupy:-) Please know how much your love and care matters. There are so many miracles, and so much healing is occurring. John and I are astounded by love and surrounded with support- thank you.

On this very day, 3 years ago, John said,

“I want you to know that I’m qualified to adore you.”

And he was, and he is.

I found out that I was also qualified to adore him! 

Love flows through us, between us and fills us up to overflowing, and we share it everywhere that we can. And we are learning how to share more.

We had planned to be on Martha’s Vineyard for this third anniversary, having located a cottage near the sea.

Instead, John is receiving his third Kimo, in a hospital near the bay.

And even though it’s not what we planned, it is welcome. 

I feel like I Married Adventure (wonderfull title of a book from 1940 about the lives of Osa & Martin Johnson.) and that there are more adventures for us, and that this is just one of them.

Seeing John in his lavender t-shirt by the bay, near a window with a view, kissing and laughing together, we could be anywhere. 

The fact that there are cords and tubes in his arm seems incidental, and not so unusual since he’s known as “the cord guy,” who has every conceivable electronic device cord:-)

He’s likely to come home for the first time since this whole journey began, on Saturday or Sunday, and our home is thoroughly clean, and will be stocked with fresh food, fruit and flowers.

And LOVE. Lots of love.

Love to flow through the windows and the rooms and the air that we breathe. 

Love to heal & mend and uplift. Love to give and receive JOY.

Love to be in the room when fear and uncertainty come to visit, and love to help them on their way. 

Love to surprise and delight and remind us of our true purposes. 

Love to whisper kind words when each of us experiences impatience.

Love when we wonder why we’re here, and love all around for every little thing. 

Love for the new sprouts of awareness and for the giant redwoods of knowing. 

Love for the waiting, the tending, the driving, the doing, and  the creating of new joyfull solutions.

Love for the brand new paths and the old familiar routes. Love whenever we doubt. 

Love trumps fear, and may we practice avidly.

Love, Susan (aka SARK) and John (aka John;-)

p.s.– so many people are practicing Love on our behalf too.  You can see all the wonderful love offerings here – and it is all so very, very helpful!

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